The Lingerie Year

Earlier this week, a little birdie helpfully reminded me that my Blog has been in operation for 12 full years. Only in this tale – the little birdie is a giant stork named Sean who is not only my tallest (and earliest) friend – he’s also the designer of this site. I asked Alexa if he was right and while she was a bit mum on the subject, she did helpfully inform me that the 12 Year Anniversary is “…traditionally known as the silk and linen anniversary. Common gifts include lingerie. It also known as the Pearl Anniversary.

Far be it for me to title this post Pearls of Wisdom when lingerie is dangled before me.

But it’s all true – The Ed Zone has been in operation since January 29, 2006. My first post can be found here – a slight opening salvo quickly etched on digital parchment while my brain feverishly tried to figure out how I was going to fill these pages week after week.

The dream was born at the world’s worst tailgate. Sean and I arrived at a Patriot’s game completely unprepared. He had scored two sweet tickets pretty much last minute so we had to cobble together the essentials in rapid-fire fashion. We visited the local grocery store and grabbed meat (then got busy shopping – buh dum dum – I’ll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress.) We then went to secure some libations (or “hit the packie” as is traditional in these parts). Finally, we scored a cooler to secure our burgers and beer – and somehow had the foresight to borrow a small propane grill.

If only we remembered to bring a spatula, lighter and beer opener.

No worries – we would MacGyver the hell out of that day. There isn’t a beer bottle that won’t spill its secrets to a car bumper provided you angle it just right. A little pillow talk helps, too. The cardboard flaps on a case of Winter Warmer make for a nice makeshift spatula. And rub two sticks together over a pile of dried leaves and you got yourself a… OK we borrowed a lighter.

In fact – 20 minutes into our mockery of a pregame display – a random guy wandered over from his tailgate and offered us the use of his bottle opener and spatula. He had laughed his ass off at our bad fortune enough for one day and finally the time had come to take mercy on our hapless souls.

Once Sean and I rejoined modern civilization – he hit me with his bright idea. He was getting serious about web design and wanted to build a space that he could tinker with. The thing is – he’s not a writer so he needed someone to provide content. A deal was struck. He would build the house and I would make it a home.

That was 12 years ago and in that time, I’ve written close to 700 posts (with this one we’re at 680). There have been times where my mental synapses have been firing on all cylinders and I’ve written a post a day. Other times, I’ve taken close to a year off. It’s just nice to know that when the mood hits me, this site is out there for me to jot my thoughts and let you read all about it. Fortunately for you – this is an “On” Year – especially since I’ve made it my resolution to publish at least one post a week.

To celebrate – I curated some of my favorite posts. There’s no rhyme nor reason to the order (and there are others out there I like just as much – as surely as there are those that make me cringe). But this is a pretty-good cross section of what I’ve been up to in the last dozen spins around the sun. If you haven’t read these before or want to take the time warp again, have I got the posts for you.

  1. A Boy and His Dogs

    This one runs the gamut from happy to sad. I wrote it about my beloved labs – Abby and Chatham; the first (and only) dogs this boy has ever had.

2.   Underwire: One Year Undercover with the Monkeybar Mafia

A couple of years after I wrote this post, I would write my first play – The Monkeybar Mafia. I totally forgot I wrote this piece. I always say that play is 90% fictional (and that’s true) but I see so many threads from this that ended up tying the whole play together.

3.   Off He Goes

I wrote this after Colin headed off to his first day of kindergarten. Still hits me right where I live.

4.   This Used to be My Playground

In this one I take my own little trip back; reminiscing about the great neighborhood I grew up in – one that I wish my kids (and children of their ilk) had these days. Seeds were planted way back then – and those grew into The Lost World.

5.    Monster Garage

Halloween is best spent on the razor’s edge of creepy and fun. In this post I recount a Trick or Treat excursion with Colin & Aria that ended up at a “haunted garage”.

6.     Top 5 Scary Movies

I checked it out and yup – my list still holds up. They may not be SCARY per se (it takes a lot to scare me – I ain’t afraid of no ghost) but these are my favorite horror movies. Somewhere on my site I list my favorite comedies, top 5 movies that made me cry, etc – but this was one of my favorite rundowns.

7.     Home Movies

Oh wait, these are the Top 5 Movies That Made This Grown Man Cry!!!

8.     The Streak

In college, I joined the No Boxer Rebellion. That’s just a coy way of saying I went streaking – in an age just before camera phones really would have sunk the political aspirations I never had.

9.     The Adventures of Gutt and Pole

Sean is the big, tall thin one so I guess that make me the Gutt. This is the tale of how my longtime bestie and I first became friends. Spoiler alert – we didn’t always like each other so much.

10.    Along Came a Ryder

But eventually we became friends and later, roommates. Who knows what fate holds for us in the future. It is our Silk & Linen anniversary, after all.

11.    Fourteen

My parents got divorced and my beloved grandfather died. Age 14 was a big year for me. This is that story.

12.    Theater of War

I once got punched out for real on stage. Show Business is a bloodsport. Fortunately I lived to tell all about it.

13.    Where the Wild Things Are… Dead

The incredible true story of an ill-fated housesitting excursion. Nobody told me I would be watching animals in the House of a Thousand Corpses.

Now where’s my silk teddie?!?!?

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  • There will be no boxes arriving with cards that are to “Someone Special.” And I don’t think you are giving my engineering ingenuity its due with that cardboard spatula. Genius stuff right there!