The Lost World – Auditions

It’s Saturday morning, January 5th. Normally around this time of year in New England, we’re just starting to feel the first stings of winter chill. In fact, the last few Christmas Eves have found me outside by a fire pit – enjoying the temperate 50 degree weather while sipping a fine beverage and remarking on the absence of bugs whose sole purpose seems to wreck such idyllic moments like that. Sure, that may be proof positive that The Day After Tomorrow is NOW but if it means I can clink Moscow Mules without a pesky horsefly buzzing my tower, than I’ll take the early Ice Age.

And now I take that all back because as we all know, Global Warming has a wicked backhand. The unseasonal Christmas Eve gave way to a post-New Years tundra. It’s presently -1 degrees at 9 am in Auburn, MA. The wind chill is predicted to drop that to -23 degrees. Ah, my kingdom for molten lava.

Which brings me here – to my handy, dandy MacBook with a nice hot coffee at the ready and some warm L.L. Bean slippers doing their best to prove their worth as the best Christmas Gift ever. With the wind howling outside and blowing all that snow we steadfastly removed from the driveway the other day right back to its original location – I’d rather hunker down inside where it’s all cozy and warm and look ahead to the Spring – when my play The Lost World will once again find its way to the stage. We’re opening in mid-April; which compared to the now will be veritable shorts weather.

Auditions are a mere three weeks from this weekend. I find I can’t hardly wait. I produced this play before and we had a great experience BUT in the years since (and even after writing and producing another play) – I’ve found my thoughts drifting back to The Lost World with greater frequency. It’s the second play I wrote – my middle “child” of three – and while I know it’s bad form to choose a favorite, I have to admit that this one is it.

So, I turned all of my attention back to The Lost World and tweaked it a bit – adding some texture here and there. What we’ll present this April 13, 14, 20, 21, 22 will be the definitive version.

The play is about a 20-Year High School reunion attended by only six people. Not just any six, mind you – but six people who claim to have hated High School the most.  These six are compelled to come by a fellow classmate – a cop who never strayed from their small town. Through a twist of fate, they find themselves at the reunion sans their former classmates. Thrust into one room – a discount hotel ballroom – twenty years after they last said their goodbyes, the six find themselves confronting the past while spying surprising connections in the here & now.

To add texture to the show, I wrote a series of flashbacks which serve to bridge scene changes. These interludes – essayed by teen versions of the principal characters – provide greater insight into their past which helps to color the present. Since presenting this show originally, I have revisited the teen roles and added some new material that gives each of the teens more to do; making their roles so pivotal to what comes next.

The sixteen-member cast consists of 4 women and 4 men in the principal roles; ages late 20’s to early 40’s. There is one additional role that calls for a woman – any age. In addition, seven teens are needed to play younger versions of some principal characters. Mid-teens to early 20’s are encouraged to audition for those roles.

REILLY McINIS—–a cop; having never left home he remains the one constant link to his hometown for so many of his former classmates
HANNAH BELLE—–“the artist”; she lives on a rural farm; off the grid – making her living and art from the land
PARKER KNOWLES—–“the jock”; it’s been downhill ever since school let out
JAMIE CONNOR—–“the theater geek”; he and his domestic partner bought a run-down movie theater and restored it, creating a profitable revival house for classic films
DANIELLE TENNEMAN—–“the princess”; now a mom with so many kids she doesn’t know what to do
MICHAEL DONATELLO—–“the brain”; 12 years of bullying and abuse have left their mark
HALEY PIERCE—–“the town slut”; for 20 years she’s tried to shake that reputation.
ALYSON HUTCHINS—-“the class president” – now a Fortune 500 CFO; she still retains that sweet persona that served her well back in school
MILLIE – a small town coffee shop waitress

Auditions will be held on Sunday January 28th at 4:00 pm ET and Tuesday January 30th at 6:30 pm at the Fellowship Hall of Elm Street Congregational Church, 61 Elm Street in Southbridge, MA. The entrance to the Hall is at the back of the building. This comedy/drama will be directed by me (Ed Humphries) and produced by David Corkum. Auditions will consist of live readings from the script along with some light improv. Rehearsals will be held on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Performance dates are April 13, 14, 20, 21 and 22. For more information please contact Ed Humphries (508-930-5392), e-mail, or David Corkum (508-729-3999), e-mail

And as a little teaser, I made this Audition Announcement video. Hope to see you there!!!