The Lost World – 2018

In the last few days, every leaf on the trees ringing my house hightailed it South for the winter. Two weeks from now, it’s Turkey Day (actually – by that point we’re past the food coma and knee-deep in decking these halls). That leaves the breathless run to Christmas and New Years. When that bedazzled crystal ball makes it’s own journey southward in Times Square and the clock strikes 2018 – I’m mere weeks away from auditions to the new production of my play – ‘The Lost World‘ – this time returning home to The Gateway Players, the fantastic community theater that welcomed me in 2008 and changed my creative life for the better ever since.

We’re looking at holding auditions over two nights during that last week in January (right around the 28th). Exact dates and times will be announced soon.

To build a little buzz, I whipped together this little audition announcement video (embedded below). Hopefully it reaches a wide audience. I would love for someone to see this – perhaps someone who feels that slight itch to get creative BUT doesn’t know what to do to break from the normal nine-to-five routine – anyway, that’s the person who might see this and get that little bit of courage to step outside their comfort zone and give this audition a try. Hey – it’s what I did a few years ago, when for no good reason, I joined the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – my first time on stage since the 1990 Rockland High School performance of ‘Annie‘. (In my first and only role on stage – I scored the role of Rooster Hannigan and LOVED it!!!) My experience in Cuckoo’s Nest led to me taking other roles in local community theater projects before writing The Monkeybar Mafia, The Lost World and Lost & Found - all of which have been produced in the last several years.

Of them all – I am most proud of ‘The Lost World’. It bursts from a very personal place. There’s a little of me (or people I’ve known) in each of these fractured characters – who we catch up with 20 years after they exited High School; still haunted by those four fleeting years spent in those hallowed halls. As much as they are Children of the Eighties, this isn’t meant to be tied to that specific decade. Every graduating class from the 40’s to now have known (or have been) these kids.

We’re looking for people – teens (mid-teens to early 20’s) and adults (late 20’s to early 40’s) – to come out and audition. I’ve had fantastic casts perform these roles in the past but am enormously excited to see a new cast makes this their own; giving the audience an evening that is funny, poignant and touching.

For the teen roles, I have added some new material to the play – little dialogue interludes which were not in the prior original production. These new “scenes” add some additional texture and background to the play; while integrating the teens more fully into the play. It should give those who have seen the show before something new to enjoy as well.

Keep watching this space for more developments.

Let’s get Lost.