Back from the Dead

The Ed Zone

The Ed Zone is officially 10 years old. Normally such a huge milestone would be cause for a celebration – doubly so since I’ve been gone since May of 2015, so my return to writing is sort of like finding out Amelia Earhart is alive and well and living in the South Pacific. Before you bust out the “He’s Back” banner or return that tombstone with my name on it that you had on layaway, I think I owe you a reason to pop by these parts on a more frequent basis.

There’s going to be a few changes around here. For starters, in the age of Twitter – I realize I’m never going to grow my readership if I can’t Keep It Simple Stupid (the old KISS method) – or at the very least – a little more brief than has been my style. In the past I’ve written full-length magazine article posts. That’s just the way I am hard-wired. I aim to change that a bit.

A recent lunch with a friend delivered more than good eats around the table. It also provided food for thought. See, he posts for a series of Blogs – some centered on the doings in his local digs; others designed to provide music, writing and foodie fodder. He told me that when he writes, he prefers to keep each post about the size of one screen (laptop length is preferred – there isn’t an iPhone around that can contain me and my ramblings). Still – it made sense. I’m not convinced I can keep each post to one screen but I should be able to maintain a “one page scroll per article” policy.

I’ve also decided to pick a specialty and stick with it. Simply put – write what you know.

So, if you want to know what I’m thinking about with what’s happening in the world of movies, TV, books and music – this is your spot. I’m open to suggestions, too. If you want me to check something out and write all about it, fire away.

I’m thinking of starting some recurring features too – resurrecting my old ‘Netflix Notes‘ column to write about some of the cool original content they are churning out. I’ll also offer a series called ‘One Thing I Love Today‘ – a concept borrowed from one of my favorite online writers (Drew McWeeny at Hitfix) where I tell you all about something I’ve found on the web that either hit me in the feels, cracked me up or has me drooling in anticipation for its release. Finally, I was thinking of starting an interactive series where a reader suggests a movie that I have to watch (and then post my reactions to) and then they in turn have to do the same for one of my recommendations. We’ll write it up and then post both in the same article. I call it ‘Watch This’. Hopefully I’ll get some interested parties – and I think it’s something that would lead to some great “conversation” on the site – including commentary from you, the readers.

I’m excited and rejuvenated. I think this is going to be a ton of fun. I promise you more frequent content than ever before – written in my voice – only this time, you probably won’t need a full lunch to get through each article. Your boss thanks me.

Stay tuned!!!

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  • Sounds perfect. I especially like the Watch This idea. I will participate in that one.