Mother’s Day


Whenever I peruse my Facebook news feed on any given day, I’ll routinely see updates from women who at some point or another moseyed into my life. I mean – that’s obvious. Nothing against dudes BUT I happen to like the company of ladies first and foremost – so it stands to reason that at least 50% of my Friends List is gonna’ come equipped with the double-x chromosome. And I’m no social scientist BUT I have a sneaking suspicion that the same holds true for all of your walls, too. It’s just the law of averages.

There’s one girl who I knew pretty well in grade school but lost signifiant touch as time took over. That’s the beauty of Facebook – it folds time. Anyway, back in 2nd Grade, when I was just the new kid in school – she used to make fun of my teeny, tiny handwriting style.

“It’s like ants walked through ink and then onto your paper”.

Decades later, Aria would symbolically take up her cause.

“Daddy – you write so small. My teacher would make you rewrite that.”

There’s another girl who I met around the same time in my upbringing – if not a little bit earlier – when my family moved from the big city to the peaceful small town under cover of Summer. She became my first best friend at the absolute perfect moment. For two-to-three glorious years – positioned at that perfect time in your childhood when your imagination is primed and firing on all cylinders – we spent every beautiful day exploring the wilds of our imagination. We would set out each day; traipsing through the woods that surrounded our neighborhood – finding new ways to Choose Our Own Adventure.

Another girl was great friends with my sister (the two of them – one year my junior). Then this girl and I started working together and occupying adjacent lockers. You never see these sudden shifts ’til years later but this girl deftly transitioned friendship from my sis to me. Somehow that all led to a series of platonic prom and homecoming dates. These were all of the “just friends” variety BUT sometimes that’s the best kind. The kind that leads to good memories that linger long after you leave those hallowed halls.

Then there is my sister Jenna – who again, being one year younger than me – was always somewhere in my orbit; making us frenemies more often than not in those early, formative years – even if deep down, that love was always there. You’ll be happy to read that it burns bright today – both of us card-carrying members of the mutual admiration society.


There is another girl who I worked at Papa Gino’s with and became fast friends. That was during my college years – when I came home on break and gobbled up the extra hours from all those high school miscreants who had come along and stolen my shifts while I was off at ZooMass perfecting my keg stand. This girl made an instant impression as she couldn’t be in the same car with me whenever a large group of us would head out for a night on the town. The reason? Everyone feared for their upholstery and resale value as she claimed my incessant joking would LITERALLY make her pee her pants.

Then I got a little older and began to meet girls at work (OK – WOMEN at work). One in particular became my great friend at my first ever post-college job. When we could, we would escape the rigors of the day; meeting up for lunch in our company’s surprising robust and bustling caf – where we would spend the hour talking about everything from Buffy and The X-Files theories to shared music tastes to my writing and her poetry to the larger, overriding question:

“Why the Hell are creative types like us working in the financial services industry in the first place?” 

And it goes without saying that I wouldn’t be a Dad to the two great kids I love without having met a girl who became a great Mom. After all, she’s the one who brought them into being and helped raise Colin & Aria to be who they are today – two amazing children who continue to surprise with every second that passes.

I’ve got good memories and stories for each one of them and so many other great girls that you can find on my Friends List but the one thing that unifies them all is that somewhere over the years – and at different times for each one of them – they became mothers. In the years since, through reasons equally obvious and subtle – I have marveled at the great Moms these “girls I know” have become.

Life can stagger you in the smallest measures. For me – seeing someone I knew back before true responsibility took hold – blossom into these nurturing, loving mothers today – so singularly devoted to making sure that their children grow up to be good people – well, that just brings me to my knees.

And I see it day after day. These girls are doing a bang-up job at being Moms.

Finally, there’s my Mom. Well – needless to say – this Status Update would not be brought to you, were it not for her. I love you, Mom.

And I love that all those great girls grew up to be awesome Moms. The world is better place thanks to all of you.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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  • No fair making my eyes leak before I have finished my coffee!
    This is powerful. It immediately made me think back into so many “eras” of my life and think of some very special friends. FB is great for keeping ties with those we do not see on a regular basis. Thanks for reminding me to celebrate those who have made my life richer.