Colin at Eleven


This past weekend – to celebrate his impending eleventh birthday – Colin and I grabbed a little guy’s time and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. It was Colin’s call and that’s his new favorite restaurant – one that marries his two favorite, newly acquired tastes; baseball and buffalo wings. With over 5700 channels and everything on – he knew he could catch the Sox game there. Once at our table, he took his sweet time triangulating his seat choice to allow himself the perfect angle to see the game on the largest TV broadcasting it. That we were jockeying for pole position with the Bruins playoff game made for a nice bonus bout.

But my boy is a Boston Red Sox fan first and foremost; something that he came to a little later in life (just over the past few months) albeit much earlier than I did as a boy (I didn’t start following “the sporting news” ’til easily 15 or 16).

Every year I marvel at his changes.

At the age of 3, he was barely speaking… and then he was. We’ve been over that before and where we are now – that seems like a lifetime ago. So much positive change in so few years.

At the age of 6, he was in First Grade – starting to peek from his shell and taking to the home playroom to teach his little sis everything he learned that day in school. That Aria is now reading at a grade level somewhere three levels above MINE is testament to his mad teaching skillz.

At the age of 9, he really put himself out there – stepping onto the stage in front of hundreds of people over-and-over again, to deliver his first theatrical performances – something I thought I’d never see. At that age – braver than me.


In the last year, he made the big leap from elementary school to middle school and weathered a few early rocky days by diving in and committing to learning these new routines and meeting new people. In a few short weeks, Colin had made that Middle School his own – joining the Cross-Country Team and making sure to attend every single afterschool event – including his 4th dance of the year, this past Friday.


Today – at age eleven – we received news from his teacher that a couple school friends came in early to decorate his locker for his birthday. The pic above was late breaking news; as Colin was still in transit. No doubt, he’s in for a great, festive day.

The leaps and bounds from Cinco de Mayo 2003 to today are far and away much higher and greater than I ever thought possible.

And we’re only at eleven. Who knows how far this boy goes? From where I stand – to the moon and beyond.

Happy 11th Birthday, Colin Edward.