Aria at Nine



My sweet little Aria Leigh is now 9-years old.

Or… at least she will be around 5:30 p.m. today – as this little smarty pants reminded me this morning when I wished her a Happy Birthday!!!

“Not for another 9 & 1/2 hours, Daddy!” 

That works for me. We’ll somehow squeeze a screening of Maleficent, a little clothes shopping and a celebratory birthday dinner in the mere 6 & 1/2 hours she’s allotted herself for the big day. 😉

I’m joking of course – this FULL day is all about my little princess. Coincidentally, that’s the title I gave her inaugural birthday post when I published it way back in 2006 – just a few months after I started this Blog. Although I began this site with little in the way of a mission statement (save for my self-imposed “No Politics. No Religion. No Drama.” edict that follows me all through life) – quite quickly, I found a great niche using this space as a pretty cool little digital scrapbook.

On Aria’s first birthday I published A Little Princess – a tribute to my little girl on her first birthday. A few weeks prior, I had kicked the annual series off with a post paying homage to her big brother Colin as he hit his big three. From there a tradition was born and each year on their birthday – I settle down with a cup of coffee and pen a few words in their honor. Think of these pieces as virtual pencil marks on my wall.



So here we are at nine with my daughter’s personality in full bloom. She is beautiful (grabbing the best genes her Mom and I could offer – mixed just right to form such a pretty little girl). She is smart and sassy – with a quick wit and serious silly side (wonder who she gets that from). She’s 6 years into her dancing career and loving every moment – this year dancing with her Intro to Company Class to High Gold merits.

She is everything I hoped for and more when I signed on for this tour of fatherhood duty.

Time flies. It’s a cliche but what is a cliche but a truth ‘oft told. I’ve said that before because I mean it – and feel it – so very much. So, I’m not springing any surprises when I tell you that one moment I was holding this tiny little girl in my arms, securely cupped in the football fold – and the next I’m escorting her into weekly dance classes – looking back as the top of her head is bopping just an inch above my shoulder line – with the gap between my head and hers filling way-too rapidly.


One of our little tasks today finds us hunting footwear – new sneakers and summer sandals. In a span of eight flyby months – she’s outgrown her latest kicks. As she put it – “My legs and feet just won’t stop growing.” Try as hard as I might, I can’t stem that tide.

Nor do I want to. I adore where we’ve been. I’m loving where we’re living now. And I look forward to every new step she takes. She keeps leading me to new and exciting sights. My good life has become infinitely better with her in it.

Happy 9th Birthday Aria Leigh!!!


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  • She certainly is a sweetie – and she definitely has YOUR sense of humor! Happy Birthday!!

    • Thanks Julie!!! She loves your class and both she and Colin were tickled when they found out you got cast in The Lost World. 🙂