Rediscovering The Lost World – 2014

Lost World 2014 Announcement 1

What once was lost… has now been found again.

Last November – I was thrilled to premiere my original play – The Lost World. It had its debut showing at the Webster Town Hall in Webster, MA on Friday November 1, 2013 and played to full audiences throughout that weekend. All told, we pulled in about 400 audience members who seemed genuinely entertained and touched by my story of a 20 year High School Reunion attended by only 6 people… and not just any six people. Six people who claimed to have hated High School the most.

I heard from a lot of people who felt a connection to the show. Though my play focuses on the grown up children of the Eighties (a.k.a. my homies) – I wrote it so that it transcended generations. These archetypes become cliché for a reason. Whether you grew up in the 50’s, 70’s, 80’s or today – you knew the jock, the princess, the basket case, the geek and the criminal – or you were one of them.

I think that’s why that great John Hughes flick ‘The Breakfast Club‘ – of which my play pays loving homage too – resonates so deeply and is one of the few Eighties flicks that wasn’t dated the second we mothballed the parachute pants in favor of flannel once the clock hit 1990. Those kids spoke for all generations. Stick 6 different people in a room and eventually they’ll get to talking… and once that happens – the walls come tumbling down.

In the wake of the show, two things happened.

One – I got real lazy, real fast. It helps that my show pulled us right into the holiday season so I could dispense with all the work I had heading into the production weekend and just filled that empty spot with lots and lots of pie. The furthest thing from my mind was staging it all over again.

Secondly – it seems everywhere I turned, I ran across someone who saw the show – and not just the people I know. Sure, they were mostly locals so my fifteen minutes of fame was decidedly low-key (I’ve yet to have anyone buy me an iced coffee let alone a drink in this town). That said, I received some great comments from people both near and dear and those whom I had just had the pleasure of making their acquaintance.

One of my favorite comments came from a local friend. While picking up my daughter Aria from a birthday party, this woman crossed the room after noticing I had walked in the door. She was also there to pick up her daughter – one of Aria’s classmates.

“I expected I would laugh. I never expected I would cry.”

That’s the greatest review I could ask for.

The other thing I’ve heard – often – is that while word of mouth spread… it was a moment too late. We only ran one weekend so once people found out what was going on, we had already struck the set.

Well – I’m here to make a big announcement.

The Lost and Found Theater (the little theater company I kinda’, sorta’ started) in conjunction with the Eighty Ates Banquet Facilities at Indian Ranch (Webster, MA) will re-stage The Lost World this Fall.


One of the little perks to this is I get to polish the show a bit and smooth over some of the things that didn’t quite work for me the first time out. For starters – we’ll mic the principal actors which will prevent some of the dialogue loss we had the first time out. Also, I’m reworking a few pieces of dialogue and adding a few new surprises. So – even if you saw it before – it will be worth your while to come again.

Show dates are Friday October 17th and Saturday October 18th at the Eighty Ates Banquet Facilities at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA.

We’re planning this as a full evening event – with dinner catered by Eighty Ates to kick things off at 6:00 p.m. The show will then start at 7:30 p.m. In addition to the wonderful catered meal (menu to be announced later this Summer), there will be a cash bar on premises which means I can now answer the obligatory question “Can we drink?” with an enthusiastic “Yes!!!“.

I’ve announced open auditions as it will be a full year since the last show and I would like to open the doors to more of the surrounding communities to get involved. So, there may be someone who saw the show last year who wants to come out and try out for a role. Of course, I have told my wonderful cast to come out and fight for their roles too. We had an amazing cast and I have no doubt, we will put together an equally wonderful crew for this second production.

I’ll keep you updated as things develop – including Audition dates and ticket info BUT for now – mark the dates and tell everyone you know. Make it an event. Pencil this in. It’s one weekend only and it’s expected to be a great event.

Oh – and as a little teaser – if we’re successful this Fall, I’m premiering my new original play – ‘Lost and Found‘ in the same place next Spring. That one – while standing on its own – has little hooks and tethers to ‘The Lost World‘ – acting as a spiritual sequel. So – let’s make this one count.

Thanks for all of your support!!! More to come. Now enjoy this little announcement teaser.

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