I Am What I Am


Left to my own devices, sometimes Karaoke in Cars happens.

Believe me – it’s not lost upon me that when he was the age of 41, it’s highly doubtful my Dad was cruising the strip, singing along to show tunes and recording every painful moment. How could he? That was at least two decades ago. Do you know how large the iPhone was back then? You would have needed an entire camera crew to hold it AND an actual woman named Siri to sit shotgun and narrate the damn thing. šŸ˜‰

I’m not going to delve too deep into the whole “we wear many hats” thing – suffice to say… I think I do a pretty good job of fitting into each role I play in this world. I know when it’s time to work. To parent. To pay taxes. To bust my hump. And to bust a move.

But I am so fearfully cognizant that “tempus fugit”. Time flies, baby.

I’m 41. I’m going to be 42 in mere 3 months. With each year I have more responsibility than ever, far fewer free moments than the year prior and somehow accomplish so much more than the day before. I look at those free minutes on my schedule and instead of just shying from the day and hunkering down to do nothing of consequence, if the mood strikes – I’d rather get out there and play. I’m cursed/blessed with a creative brain that gets a silly little thought from time-to-time and when I do – I seize it. Those moments are few and fleeting. Ya’ gotta’ catch ’em all.

More than anything – I am so palpably aware that we have but one life – so let’s make it a good one. I’m of modest means. Not living paycheck to paycheck nor living large. I’m right down the middle – making it work – but not making mad bank either. There’s a part of me that would love nothing more than to just pick up and travel the world whenever the fancy strikes… but… there’s a larger piece of me – wedged somewhere closer to my heart that realizes the only riches worth coveting in this world are personal experience and memory.

It’s why I set this site up way back when – to have a wall where I could pin my memories… my own little digital scrapbook left open for all the world to see.

So, where once upon a time – and a long time ago, at that – I was a painfully shy boy who stuck to his small circle of friends and never really put himself out there… over the years I moved from those reservations and decided to take more chances. I took a few roles in plays. I took on more public speaking roles in the work place. I opened this site up and jotted down every little notion my feverish brain cobbled together.

And yesterday, I grabbed my camera phone, recorded a little impromptu karaoke jam and within minutes edited a slightly tone-deaf ode to Disney’s Frozen.

I do it because it makes my kids laugh.

I do it because it makes me live.