Cheaper by the Dozen – The Trailer


Looks like my little karaoke shenanigans from last weekend have paid off. A few days ago, I booked a gig* to film a trailer for The Gateway Players’ ‘Cheaper by the Dozen‘ – which opens next Friday April 5th at 7:30 pm. We shot it this morning. I edited this afternoon and premiered the final production a few moments ago; leaving you to buy your tickets by morning.

*Oh – and by “booked a gig” I totally mean, “got suckered into doing something for free“.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun and done as a favor to my friend (and former director) Mary Gahagan – who has brought this classic comedy to life. Instead of filming a few scenes from the play and calling it a day, I decided to do something conceptual and fun – something that riffed on the play BUT gives away nothing. So – I popped on over to the theater earlier this morning, met the cast all decked out in character and took over for a couple hours – sending their leading man Alan and his brood running to and fro their lovely decorated set.

Hope you enjoy the trailer and if you are in the area – I encourage you to buy a ticket. I’ve done many shows with Gateway and they are simply the best. Top-notch in every community show they do. More importantly, they are friends and family.

The show opens this Friday April 4th and runs the 5th, 11th, 12th and 13th. Friday & Saturday shows: 7:30 pm ~ Sunday at 2 pm.

It’s being performed at the Gateway Arts Barn, 111 Main St., Southbridge MA.

Tickets are $13 adults, $11 Seniors & Youth.
Contact 508-764-4531 to reserve tix or check out the website at

And now – my little contribution…

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