Future // Tense 2 – Time Out


Another weekend… another grinding film shoot.

Despite our staunch protests that we remain tethered to our indie roots, the second someone said sequel and the money men came pouring in – ladling on the cash in a bid to make everything faster, bigger and louder – we bit. So that’s how Colin and Aria found ourselves back to the playground yesterday – where we spent a good hour hitting our marks and getting enough coverage for a sequel trailer guaranteed to plant asses in seats. After this, I fear I am fresh out of ideas; having completely spent every effect I could find on my iPhone.

One little interesting side note to yesterday’s film shoot. When we first got to the playground, the kids decided to play for a bit while I just grabbed some pine and watched – while intermittently catching up on some e-mails. The playground was well populated – which was a bit of a surprise for such an overcast day – and a complete 180 from last week when we descended on it during a glorious stretch of late August sunshine and found nobody but ourselves.

After a bit, the playground vacated – leaving only one young couple and their two toddlers (who stuck to the little kid side) along with the kids and I. They ambled over to me and said they wanted to make the movie – leaving us to divide and conquer. We kept to the big kid side of the place so as not to disturb the others at play.

First we had Aria deliver all of her dialogue scenes, which took a mere few moments. Then Colin. Then the effects shots. Finally – I handed the camera to Aria and she filmed my stuff. About 5 minutes into our little shoot, the younger couple left. Nothing outwardly strange about their departure but I definitely felt the eyes of the Dad upon me as they left. This was the same Dad who took a perch along the fence-line staring at his phone as his wife chased their two toddlers all over the playground.

About 10 minutes after they left, a police cruiser pulled into the parking lot – came up close to the fence – idled for a few moments – and finally drove off. Now, I’d like to think it was all just part of his route BUT if this dude left and called the police to report nefarious activities – shame on you. We life in an age where kids don’t get the free time to just run into the wild or the woods with friends and dream up anything their imaginations can conjur. That’s how it was when I was a kid and by gum, my poor kids just don’t get the same luxury… wait, did I just say by gum? 😉

The point is – if two kids want to run around the playground with their Dad and pretend a dinosaur is on the loose – so be it. All the effects are done in camera so it’s not like the guy would have any clue I just “blew up” my rental car or let a Yeti loose. Especially since I had the volume completely off. So, all he would have to go on is lines like “I’m from the future”… “That was a rental car”… “I’m not afraid of a stupid Yeti”… Oh, maybe that’s it. I said the “s” word – STUPID STUPID ME!!! Either that, or I had forgotten my place and wasn’t standing sentient along the fence – leaving someone else to do the child rearing.

Oh well, I’m still here. And even if I had been incarcerated for letting my kids’ imaginations run wild, I just would have let loose an “Uh Oh, Better Call Saul” and rang up Walter White’s favorite attorney.

The risk was worth the reward. Without further adieu, I present ‘Future Tense 2 – Time Out’.