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So – we’re a week away from the big Lost World audition date. Every since I opened the gates last Monday – officially spreading the word, printing and hanging announcement posters, and opening Facebook Event pages (one for the Aug 12th Audition and the other for the Nov 1, 2 and 3rd production), I’ve been surprised at each turn by the sheer speed in which word spreads.

There’s a passage in the play where one character bemoans our ever-connected society.

“Everyone is so connected and just – ON – always. Everything is instantaneous. There’s no chance to digest things. To process information. To just sit and mull it all over or stew in your thoughts or simply take the time to find the right words. News tweets the moment it breaks.”

I wrote those words and then stuck them in someone else’s mouth. I’m sure some part of me believes some piece of that BUT there is a huge part of me that is completely reliant on the constant and instantaneous spread of information. Little ol’ me – and my small but swiftly growing cabal of amazingly talented collaborators – are building this show from the grass roots. Facebook, social media and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing are what will make or break this thing.

In the last week, I’ve done everything I wrote above and more – popping into a few local merchants to throw some coin in their coffers and bend their ear about what we’re trying to do. And each one of them has responded so favorably – offering to display a poster and spread the word about the auditions and the main event to their loyal customer base.

That’s how we’re gonna put on this show – by marrying the old-fashioned with the brand, spanking new.

The poster above is one of the first props I’ve completed. It appears on stage – fleetingly – plastered to a wall in the flashback Prologue that kicks the story off. It’s on-then-off in all of 4 minutes. It will be stuck to a wall. YOU’LL NEVER SEE IT. Well, that’s not exactly true. You’ll see a character come on stage and hang a few of them on the walls – and then swiftly make her exit. It’s just a little set dressing detail that helps build the illusion.

That’s where I can make the lead up to this a little fun. There are some major plot developments that I am keeping close to the vest. Much of the story, dialogue and set-pieces will remain a mystery to all but those involved in the production – until the curtain raises. But – whereever possible – I aim to give you a little peek behind the curtain; just so you can get a little taste of how the recipe is coming together. That’s where this constant connectivity can help an independent production like this flourish. Good thing my name is all over this site!!!

Things are just getting heating up. Once we complete auditions, I’ll let you all know who we’ll see at the reunion (i.e. the cast list) and then it’s radio silence for a little while (for the most part) until it comes time to shake you down for ticket money.

On that note – if you want to make a reservation – shoot me a message, e-mail, text or leave a Comment on the official Facebook Event Page (search ‘The Lost World – play premiere‘ to find the official page. Show dates are:

Friday November 1, 2013   ~   7:30 pm
Saturday November 2, 2013   ~   7:30 pm
Sunday November 3, 2013   ~   2:00 pm

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  • And yes, I Googled that date. We’re historically accurate. I don’t need any history geeks jumping up midway through the show to cry foul.