What a difference a year makes.

Last year, right around this time, I was taking my first fledgling steps into Forty and realizing quite quickly that it’s not so bad. In fact, the water’s kinda’ nice. Join us… won’t you.


Sorry, it’s way too soon to bust out the spiked Kool-Aid. Let’s lull you into a false sense of security first. 😉


Anyway, when I turned Forty I had just put the cap on a year-long project; that Forty for Forty series where I wrote Forty posts that said something about my life. It was exhausting and there were days where I thought I would never find forty unique anecdotes that said something notable about my life (I am not THAT interesting). In fact, when I was about 16 deep, I sorta’ hung up the towel – and didn’t write another post for about 7 weeks which completely threw me off schedule. If I was going to complete the project in one full year, I had to publish one at least every 9 days or so.

Then I received a random note from a High School friend – one of whom I haven’t seen since Graduation BUT have heard from plenty since getting reacquainted on Facebook. She lobbed one simple BUT potent inquiry.

When are you going to post your next Forty for Forty?”

Right there and then, I knew I had to continue. My mission statement has always been that so long as ONE person not named Mom is reading these things, I’ll write ’em. So – with one subscriber on the hook – I let my fingers do the walking and hammered out 24 additional posts AND one bonus post. Yup, I eventually had so many ideas that when I was facing down the final post – I realized I had one additional piece I had to write ahead of that – so I ended up publishing a Forty for Forty – #39 & 1/2.

This year seems a bit more sedate – and that’s largely by design. For starters, 41 means nothing.

I look the same.
I weigh the same.
I think the same.
I drink the same.

(*And that, Dear Readers, is how the Poor Man’s Dr. Seuss was born.)


Last year featured Forty for Forty, the premiere of my play The Monkeybar Mafia and my freakin’ divorce!!!!

This year, well… ummm…. hmmmmm….

OH, I joined the gym!!!


I’ve enjoyed a necessary reprieve that I’m now rearing to break free from. I’ve got some things cooking with one major announcement coming real soon once I clear one final hurdle. More on that very soon. Here’s a hint.

What once was “Lost” has now been Found. 😉

Things are looking up and maybe – just maybe – I’ll prove that 41 is a little more than a forgettable age.

Stay tuned!


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  • Excellent. So, you’ve teamed up with Carlton Cuse on his next project and are now his head writer. Yes, I’m happy to be your publicist;-)

    • That is a FANASTIC but you know, I’m totally cool with a stint in the writer’s room of Suits or Graceland if you can swing that too!!! Tha way I can get my feet wet and then work up to Cuse.

      That said, if I sell these two plays to Hollywood, I’m totally bringing you on staff.

      AND I really should have followed in your footsteps at UMASS. With all the grassroots promoting I’ve done of this website – imagine what I could do with a budget. 😉

    • It was all a dream in Vincent’s head. The last shot is him twitching his hind legs. His owner assumes he’s chasing rabbits but the audience knows the truth. It’s the Smoke Monster. 😉

  • I thought you were going to write song lyrics like that other number song my daughter keeps singing