Colin at Ten



That was the first word slotted atop Colin’s bonus round of vocab for this past week’s Spelling Test. We had just run through the main list of 25 words, which to my delight he aced, when we rounded the corner and focused on the five extra-credit words that always kick things up a notch.

Homage jumped out at me.

For starters, I thought it was just so random – not really sharing any characteristics with the other words that made up this week’s list (although – that’s sort of the point of the Challenge Words – to throw them a curve ball).

It was also so fitting. Homage means quite simply – to pay tribute.

And here I am, once again, paying homage to my brave little boy who isn’t exactly so little anymore. These years fly so fast and furious.

Shortly after the clock strikes 10 this evening, he’ll have logged a full decade on this planet. Ten years of great memories.

Ten years seem like the right distance for looking back and taking stock. Just check your local networks every time we crest a new decade. They’re chock full of grand, sweeping montages aimed at encapsulating all the highlights that made the past decade what it was. It’s important.

It’s meaningful.

After all, Colin was born in an age where the world still thought The Matrix was cool!!! Nowadays, I struggle to recall which pill you’re supposed to take (“Is it the red or the blue?”) to forget you ever saw those Matrix sequels in the first place. 🙂 The day Colin was born, Keanu’s mug was plastered to the cover of every periodical I paged through while waiting in our hospital room for the anesthesiologist to pop in and get the show on the road. It’s funny the little things you remember about a day – and it seems like every world-changing event comes adorned with a number of little details that shall forever be wed to memory.

So – for me – I remember reading Time’s cover story on The Matrix Reloaded – and thinking there is no way on Earth I’ll be able to get out and see Summer 2003’s Most Anticipated Sequel. (Turns out – when Andi and I finally got a well-deserved night out from child-rearing, we grabbed dinner and caught THAT flick. It could have been SAW 6 and we still would have enjoyed it – for what was that but an oasis; a rare night’s respite from those hazy, crazy early first days).

As I look over the years that span from there (from which so many memories are documented on this site), I am forever in awe at how clearly defined my little boy’s personality was then and is now. He’s always been so unique. Such a kind soul. A beautiful, creative mind. He’s always got some wild plan in motion – usually involving the full-scale reconfiguration of a room to match his dream. He’s a role-player, even from his youngest days.

Early on, he would come home from school and modify his playroom into a classroom; leading Aria and their stuffed animals in a recreation of whatever he learned at school that day.

These days, he is obsessed with home improvement shows – making HGTV and DIY networks his stomping grounds. If it wasn’t for Colin’s joy in seeing someone take a run down shack and convert into a McMansion on the cheap, I would have no idea there was something called The Bronson Pinchot Project. But there you have it…


I used to think Colin had electrical engineering in his future. Now, I believe it’s home renovation. In fact, he’s told me that when it comes time to buy a new house, I have to avoid new construction and look for a place on the cheap – and then he’ll take care of converting it to my dream home. He says all he’ll need is an additional $50K and about a 1/2 hour (minus commercials) and he’ll have the whole thing fully demo’d and then rebuilt to my exact specifications. I guess I have the Property Brothers to thank for that.

But I love it. I love seeing him driven and enjoying something constructive. And sure, this road may turn over the years into something new and exciting, but that’s the fun of having a child. Sure, we do it to keep the species thriving, but seeing their hopes and dreams manifest – and then doing our part to try to make those a reality – that’s where the true joy comes from. That’s why we sign on.

Ten years in and my boy continues to surprise me in so many ways – great and small.

Now let’s hope the next ten years brings me that custom-crafted, Colin-designed dream home. The Colin Humphries Project.

Happy 10th Birthday Colin Edward!!!

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  • Happy birthday to Colin! Let him know I CAN’T WAIT for him and his crew to get here August 9 and get my living room and stairs done. So sweet! 🙂

  • They grow so fast, huh? My son Jesse turned 10 on May 2nd! Loved this post!! I love how you describe the unique qualities of your children and how you describe your pride in them.