What Goes Around… Comes Around

“It’s something unpredictable But in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.” Those lyrics – and that song, Green Day’s (Good Riddance) Time of Your Life, was on heavy rotation in my head the entire year it took me to gather my thoughts before cobbling together ‘The Monkeybar Mafia’….

Coaching Up

“Hey, Coach – How many baskets do we have?” I must get asked that question about 25 times a game. And each time, I always take pause. For starters, it’s an instructional elementary school basketball league made up of 2nd to 4th Graders so there’s no official scoring going on (even though the kids usually…


Well this takes me back. Earlier this week, Colin & Aria showed up at the apartment after school bearing a gift. As they were cleaning the basement back at their Mom’s house, they unearthed a rare glimpse of me way back when. I mean WAY BACK!!! It was a slight baby book – just a…

My Top Five* Favorite Movies Seen in 2012

Why the asterisk? Every year I do this and every year I have a hard time picking just five. It’s the same way I feel about all my illegitimate kids. So hard to pick a favorite when you’ve got one in every port. 😉 I kid… I kid… well, about the baker’s dozen KIDS thing….