Closing Time


I’m still plugging away on finishing up the DVD for The Monkeybar Mafia. It took me 5 days to write the play. We ran it over 2 successful weeks. It should be about 4 years before I finally finish this thing. My glacial pace can be blamed on a potent cocktail of holiday craziness and post-work laziness. Hey – I had a busy year. I’m due some down time.

Anyway – all of the creative work is now complete with today’s premiere of the end titles. After this, I just need to stitch the actual scenes together – which is really the grunt work – burn these things and send ’em out to TMZ.

A few weeks back, I premiered the opening titles – which I’ve embedded below. My concept there was to put us in Ryan’s mood at the beginning of the play – hence the stark black & white photos. I backed it all with that great Mumford & Sons song that we opened the play on – “The Cave” – a track that neatly summarizes Ryan’s lot in life at that stage while allowing a little ray of light to shine through.

For the end credits, I wanted to flip that on it’s end – hence the color photos of similar backdrops. I backed it with a different, more hopeful Mumford & Sons song – “I Will Wait“. And then, I colored it with some of the more character-driven lines in the play. (Sorry, New Guy. Not much to pick from your THREE).

Now, not every character is feeling great at the end of this thing – and I purposely left the story open-ended to allow you to choose your own adventure and decide where Ryan’s path leads. That said, there is no question, he’s grown up a lot by the end and I wanted a song that hinted at a potential bright future.

Is it with Paige? Kate?!? THE INTERNET?!?!?

I’m not saying. You’ll have to wait for the sequel – ‘Playground Posse‘.

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  • Love the differences in tone between the opening and ending. The the choice of songs is perfect!