The Monkeybar Mafia – Auditions – July 29th & 31st

I’m going to keep this short and sweet – a rarity on these pages.

We are merely two weeks (and change) from the auditions for ‘The Monkeybar Mafia‘ – the original play that I wrote and will be produced this Fall by the Gateway Players. What once seemed so far away is now unbelievably close. Here’s a link to the Audition Page, if you would like to know more, but I wanted to give you all the basics.

The Monkeybar Mafia

A World Premier!

Written by: Ed Humphries
Directed by: David Corkum
Produced by:  Bill Guy

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, improv, and singing. Performance dates are October 26-28, and November 2-4. Tentative rehearsal schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays – likely 6:30 pm. Rehearsals would begin in late August and run through the end of October.

There are roles for 3 men ages 28-40, 1 man age 45-60, and 1 man any age, and roles for 4 women ages 28-40 (one role must be able to sing), and 1 woman age 20-25. For more detailed information on the characters, please send an e-mail to

Ryan Coulton spent his adult life as a corporate drone; a career that took him far away from his true passion – writing. When he finds himself displaced,  another victim of a crumbling economy, Ryan’s wife encourages him to clear his mind of the arduous daily job search by reconnecting with his kids. His daily trips to the playground bring him into the orbit of The Monkeybar Mafia  – a collection of Stay-at-Home Moms bound together by their shared love of friends, family and a good Appletini. Ryan soon develops a close friendship with one Mom in particular; a woman who shares his regret at having left true talent behind for other pastures.

As the two inspire each other to rekindle sparks of their own creative passions; a triangle forms that threatens to derail Ryan’s journey. The Monkeybar Mafia is a humorous and poignant look at joblessness, restlessness and the paths we choose and those we leave behind as we travel this road of life.

Auditions will be held on Sunday evening – July 29th – at 6:30 pm ET at the Gateway Theater in Southbridge, MA. Additionally, there is a second date of auditions on Tuesday July 31st at 6:30 pm ET. Same place. You only need to attend one audition.

Gateway is located at 111 Main Street, Southbridge MA. Click this link for directions.

I’ll be on-board as Assistant Director; basically an apprenticeship. I aim to learn from the main man, Dave Corkum, and therefore I defer ALL questions to Dave. I’m there to be seen, not heard… and learn. And the occasional rewrite if necessary. This is his show and I know he’s going to make it a great one.

I’ll say this… I feel like I am on the verge of a very special time in my life. I’ve lived my life in love with writing. I’ve never published ANYTHING but now, I’m on the precipice of not only seeing something I wrote come to life – but also spying on the audience as they experience it. It’s a potent mixture of excitement and slight fear – a tightrope act – but honestly, I’ve been living my days for this moment.

If you have a hankering to act – whether you’ve been doing it all along, or once graced the stage way back in High School or just want to throw yourself a curveball and swing at something new – come out and audition.

It’s a small commitment for something that may just prove so meaningful.

It certainly means a lot to me.

And with that, cue some sappy music and a giant hook to haul me off the stage.

See you soon!!!