Forty for Forty – #18. Andi at Whatever

Editor’s Note:   I’ve decided to pop this post into my Forty for Forty series. Why? Well, for starters – it gets me one step closer to the finish line. Every little bit counts. And secondly, she’s my wife. And if I’m talking about my life – then my wife is certainly a very important tile in that mosaic. She’s helped craft the guy you see today. Yup – she robbed me of my hair!!! OUCH – Where did that frying pan come from?

And so it begins. The Humphries Birthday Season kicks off in earnest with the arrival of Andi’s birthday – one which coincidentally falls on the same day and date as my good college buddy Justin – whose family is so tightly woven with mine. Seriously, he and Andi were born on the same day in the same month in the same year. Then he married his wife two weeks before I married mine. His first child came one month before Colin and his second a couple before Aria. So, it’s just good fortune on my part that I married the right person otherwise I’d be here prattling on about Justin… which I guess I am doing right now.

Fortunately, fate fell the right way and I am mere moments away from cobbling a nice breakfast together, with my assistant Colin by my side. The snow is fallen ever so lightly outside, giving the surrounding woods a seasonal whitewash and providing the perfect backdrop for Andi to just hang inside the house, cozy in her PJs – snuggled up against our little peach, Aria, watching their DVR’d copy of American Idol as Colin and I get all the birthday breakfast trimmings just right. If you MUST have a winter birthday than LET it be Saturday and LET IT SNOW. ♫Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.♫

Anyone who’s been coming to this site before knows that each year, I make it  tradition to write a little birthday post in tribute. And they are always titled “Colin at [INSERT AGE]”, “Aria at [INSERT AGE]”, etc. But I’m not crazy. I’m not outing my wife – even if I am perfectly content at dropping my own digits at every chance I get. Hence, the “Whatever“. That said, it doesn’t matter how many turns around the sun we’ve experienced or the number of Christmas Mornings she’s woken too. No, today, she’s waking to the right age. Whatever it is (and I know but I’m keeping the secret for fear I get whacked with a frying pan) – she looks amazing. Seriously; there’s real truth to good living reaping great rewards. And I tell her all the time. The older we get, the better we look. (Quiet!!! I can hear you laughing at me… and I’m all the way over here in the Internet.) Well, it’s true about her.

When I met my wife, she was beautiful to start. That’s what always draws two people at first  – attraction. Then you get to know each other better and you hope you like what you see. And then years melt, and you start to see all those crazy angles that most people try to shield the real world from. And if you’re still around – then you know – you’re seeing the person in a whole different light; a rare sight. Well for me, at every turn, and with every year, my wife only grows more beautiful in every facet of the world.

I say it all the time on these pages and if it’s become cliché… well, that’s what a cliché is – an oft-told truth. I am in complete awe of everything Andi does to keep our house running. While the two of us work well as a team – grabbing the mantle and running with all those little errands that come along with home ownership, child raising, bill paying, family gathering, friendship making, relationship building… and everything else that falls into the cracks or lingers at the fringes – the simple truth is I head out each morning to punch my nine-to-five and Andi grabs the reins for the majority of the day. And in that time, she does the Herculean – or the Amazonian. And on top of all that, she volunteers at the schools, sings her heart out in various choirs and shows, works her waitressing shifts and still finds time to snuggle down alongside me for Modern Family or Parks & Recreation where we can laugh the stress off and just enjoy the good life we’ve built together.

And that’s the greatest gift we give each other year after year. Sure, we got her a Kindle this year (don’t worry – she already knows). And we’re headed out for dinner tonight to celebrate. And the kids have crafted cards. But the greatest gift of all is a healthy, functional family. They say the most precious gifts are those that are personal. And I can’t think of any gift that hits closer to home. Year after year, day after day – that’s the package we unwrap – each of us grabbing an end of the ribbon and pulling – watching with wonder to see what surprise is in store that day.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

And it’s one that’s only made possible by my beautiful wife by my side.

Happy Whatever Birthday Andi!!! Next year is the big Whatever so enjoy this last year of your Whatevers!!! 🙂

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  • Yah, the big 30 is coming up, so I guess I better enjoy 29. again. I enjoyed my chocolate chip pancakes and all the stuffed animals that the kids put out for me. They are my beany babies from when I was younger. I saved a couple of hundred just in case I had kids. All caught up on American Idol. But the best part is being here with my awesome family! They are the best part of my life and I thank God every day for them. I wish I could write as eloquently as Ed. I am not sure I even spelt that word correctly! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and I know it!

  • Happy birthday, sweet Andrea! You both know what’s important, you both value your family so dearly, and you both unwrap life every day together. Who could ask for more? Happy Whatever, Andi…hope you get carded at dinner! 🙂