Forty for Forty – #10. Your Song

Editor’s Note:   By now you know the drill. I turn 40 on June 6, 2012. As a little challenge to myself, I’m spending the next year writing 40 posts that say something about my life. Well, I’d say the fact that one woman in this world actually took a chance on me is pretty damn important. So – this post is all about that lovely lady, Andi, with whom today I share an Anniversary.

It’s a little bit funny… this feeling inside.

But here we are, eleven years from our wedding day and it’s stronger than ever. And although those eleven years have seen their fair share of the ups and downs, as I’m sure all of our married friends of so many years would cop too, I have that funny feeling inside that the best is yet to come. After all, we’ve still got two kids to boot out of this house eventually so we can get on with grabbing back some of that precious free time we squandered. 🙂

I kid, of course. Andi and I brought forth Colin and Aria for one sole purpose. We have such love for each other – we might as well share. And since that sweet little boy and that dear little girl entered our lives, we have felt that warm, snuggly feeling that can only come from one comforting refrain.

We are family.

Over the years, I’ve heard all manner of wedding songs. I even once saw a bride and groom dance the night away to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. For Andi and I, when it was time to pick our song, it was a no-brainer. Elton John’s ‘Your Song‘ neatly summed up our station in this life – one where each of us has sipped a bit from that well of creativity, she in song; me in verse. It’s a little bit funny that where our paths should have crossed on Broadway or Sunset Blvd, they met amidst row after row of cold, utilitarian cubicles. Neither one of us was cut out for financial services work nor did our dreams ever point our feet towards Wall Street, but post-college – she in West Bridgewater and me in Weymouth; both of us not knowing the other existed – took a job because we needed the money. And we both took it with the same ideal in mind; “this isn’t forever“.

Well, time has a funny way of slipping away from you. That was fifteen years ago and while I am no longer at the same company, I am toiling within the same industry. Andi was able to break free a little bit. The important thing is the life we have created together has fostered a creative environment – so Andi gets to get her song on through the various church, wedding and funeral gigs she’s harvested in the area and I keep my thoughts fertile by sowing the fields here; on this Blog and in the various little ancillary projects I always try to have cooking; hence next year’s gala premiere of my first-ever produced script, “The Monkeybar Mafia“.

That actual day job may not have been the love of our life but were it not for that necessity, neither one of us would have found that true life-long love. Each other. And there’s a nice little bit of kismet right there.

Your Song‘ just fits our life perfectly. Sure, we manage to get by on the money we make but it’s her song and my words that bind us together. It was the only song we wanted. The only song we needed. And every time it comes on the radio, as few and far between as those rotations may be these days, we both lock into it. It’s like they always say about the best songs; they form that emotional bond. They become your anchor; your constant. They transport you back to a specific time and place that you wish you could keep frozen in time – that when it’s all happening, you wish it simply lasted an eternity.

That was our wedding day. I’ve spoken so much about it on these pages; especially as we reconvene here day and date each time the Earth completes another rotation ’round the Sun. For those of you who are frequent readers, you know October 14th will bring forth another misty-eyed reminiscence of that picture perfect mid-October day. Words never do it justice. The temp was 80 degrees. No humidity. No breeze. The sky a brilliant blue. The foliage at complete peak – providing a blazing orange, yellow and red backdrop to so many of our stunning wedding photos. Every bride worth their salt has their version of the fairy tale wedding. Andi has always been a modest soul so this picture-perfect New England day was the setting she yearned for. And she got it; a day that she richly deserved, if only for the fact that she’d have to put up with me for the next five decades and change (if we’re lucky).

That day came flying fast and furious at me this past weekend. On the last day of our little weekend sojourn to the South Shore, we decided to take the kids to Borderland State Park in Easton. Before we had kids, Andi and I used to take Abby and Chatham there for frequent weekend walks. It’s an awesome stretch of forested real estate, with a ground trail that runs through the woods and around the lakes that dot a few hundred acres owned by the historic Ames Family. Their century-old mansion sits on the property and somewhere in time, they decided to leave these grounds to the local people to enjoy. The layout is similar to Walden Pond, although Borderland gets the edge with some large, grassy fields that are perfect for a picnic or pick-up round of Frisbee Golf.

We fell in love with the place when we lived South of Boston and on our last day, as we were grasping for something to do before heading back home, desperate to take full-advantage of this inspiring late Indian Summer, Borderland popped to mind. We wanted to share it with Colin and Aria; as Colin was an infant – packed in a Baby Bjorn –  the last time we strolled through.

After we completed the walk, and enjoyed a little celebratory snack under that unseasonable October warmth, we piled into the car – rolled the windows all the way down, and pointed our nose home. I got to thinking about our wedding day. The day had that kind of effect – it was so similar in almost every way. And then, ‘Your Song‘ played –  just a random selection on a randomly selected radio station and it all suddenly made perfect sense.

It’s eleven years later and though it’s been two houses and two kids and two dogs; somedays it feels like we’re still right there; dancing alongside our friends and family and wondering what the future holds.

Well, eleven years in, we’ve had our little glimpse and so far, we’ve had it so good. But as bountful as our life has grown, I can’t help but feel the best is yet to come. And so long as we keep that feeling, we’ll always sing ‘Your Song‘.

Our song.

Happy Anniversary, Andi!!! I love you, always.

“I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words.
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”