Colin at Eight

Now this is getting ridiculous. No sooner do I put the final period on Colin’s 7th annual post does he up and drop another calendar on me. And worse yet – we’re now much close to the heart-racing teen years than we are to his first fledgling steps forth into this world. I’ve said it before and I’ll be saying it with frighteningly increasing frequency – Time Flies, Baby.

So with Colin turning eight, I wanted to pay tribute to a few of my little man’s milestones. These years fly because they are so full of event and discovery. Any parent will tell you that.

For Colin, his biggest move was graduating from the first real school he’s known (that which held Preschool through 1st Grade) to the larger Elementary School where he’s booked from now through 4th Grade. It was a huge step forward as he’d become quite the Big Man on Campus at his last school, so naturally Andi and I were feeling the slight stir of nervous trepidation. Would he adjust to life under a new roof? Would he continue making the great strides that those years surrounded by familiar faces has helped coax out into the open? Too many questions swirled in our collective sub-conscious.

Worry is what parents do best and as much as you try and keep a lid on it – it’s a Herculean feat to lockdown our own inate forecasting. Fortunately it was all for naught. Colin made the jump to 2nd Grade without need for course correction. And here we are – with almost one full year in the books – and already he’s well known and loved in the school. And most importantly he’s cultivated a small collection of good friends – kids he loves to make laugh. Four years ago, I never could have predicted that.

This past year, I saw my little guy grab the big stage at two separate events. Once again – these are moments that give most children pause – and can certainly prove to be Everest-sized encounters for children with social/emotional delays. And both times out, Colin summoned every ounce of his strength and stood tall in front of packed auditoriums.

The first time out was married to his greatest fear – singing in front others. He was given a brief speaking role at the beginning of his Spring show; one where he had to work his way to the microphone and recite a few lines to kick-start the event. As I wrote about then; he took those lines and made them his own. And once again, he proved how foolish Andi and I were for ever worrying in the first place.

The second time out; he was before a packed group several hundred deep, as he joined his peers in a martial arts demonstration. Feeling infinitely more comfortable with The Way of the Warrior versus “The Warbler”, Colin worked though his 6-minute routine with nary one sign of nervousness.

His courage strengths me.

And now at Eight, we look ahead to the next year; at what dreams may come. We have some help as our family alongside my buddy Justin’s are heading out for a 10-day excursion to Disney World and the Disney Cruise just after the kids exit school for the Summer. It’s our giant birthday gift to Colin and Aria – and a little celebratory prize for coming through that 1-year bout of unemployment, tighter than ever. It should be a great time for all.

It’s a fitting destination and a great place to end this for when you wish upon a star, it’s boys like Colin that provide proof positive, wishes and dreams do indeed come true.

Happy 8th Birthday Colin!!!

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  • I have been told that it’s in the parent’s job description to be the worrier… but sometimes, parents just have to trust a higher power and have confidence in their children… and get surprised with the result. You’ve discovered this first hand over the past year with your little man (and he must be taking after you if he loves to make his friends laugh) and I hope and pray that the coming year you’ll enjoy a lot more cheerful memories… and surprises with him.

  • As a parent who is reaping huge rewards for all of the work and worry we put in back in the day-it is all so worth it! You are doing a great job!

    @ Disney World-stay hydrated and build in some down time!! Your sister, Noelle, was witness to one of Uncle Ron’s “Clipboard Of Fun” adventures down there! She will attest!!

  • Nice job Ed! My youngest also just turned 8! Colin is so lucky to have such great parents! Enjoy Disney!

  • I love you little man! I don’t care how big you are, you will always be my little man. Also, when you read this some day, I want you to know that any time I mention your name to any teacher at DES, the first thing they say is, ” I love Colin, he is so cute and he makes me laugh!” You are leaving your mark on the world already!