Film Flam 411 – Round 5

Here we are at Round 5, the final round, of this new week-long contest. If you missed the rules, you can find them here.

Today’s Hint: Any excuse to take his shirt off!!!

Send me your guess as to which actor(s)* are in the pic above, what movie it’s from and/or what scene it is and you could score up to three points.

*PS:   Only one of these three is a star. The other two are clearly bit players. Just give me the main man’s name.

I’ll award one point if you can guess the movie. Two points if you guess the actor as well. And a total of three points is possible if you can correctly guess the scene.

There will be a new pic up each day this week (starting today). I’ll post the answers, the results and the winner on Friday. Everyone has until 9:00 p.m. EST Thursday March 31st to send me the results for the week. If you miss a day, you can certainly send the answer the next day or anytime this week as the results won’t appear until the end of the contest.

Answers can be sent to or via message on Facebook.
Don’t do as others have done in the past and submit your answers as a ‘Comment’ on the post as EVERYONE will see it.

The winner will get either two tix to an upcoming Red Sox Home Game (any game from May through Auguest except the Yanks) or $100 towards a local team’s game (if you’re not from this region) or tix to some other venue if sports ain’t your thang.

That’s enough disclaimer for now. Send me your answers and come back tomorrow for the answers and the WINNER!!!

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