Coming Sunday – New Contest – ‘Film Flam 411’

In two days – I’m hosting my own brand of March Madness to kick this dreaded month to the curb. I’ve written at length about my disdain for these dregs of the year – so what better way to celebrate the dawning of true Spring with a new fling.

On March 27th, I am going to launch ‘Film Flam 411′; a new mini-contest that will run for one week only. Each day, starting Sunday, I will post a new movie still on my site (with a link at Facebook) and all you need to do is guess what movie it’s from. The trick is – all actors in the scene will have their faces digitally erased – making it a little trickier to guess the movie. If you’ve played the party game Scene It, you’ve probably seen this before.

I’ll award one point if you can guess the movie. Two points if you guess the actor as well. And a total of three points is possible if you can correctly guess the scene.

I’ll run five of these pics, one per day, from Sunday through Thursday – and then I’ll reveal the pics and announce the results on Friday. As I post each picture, I’ll make sure to broadcast a reminder. As always, I will implore you to do this using only your brain. No Google. No Bing. No Yahoo. Nothing!!! Just you and your wits.

Now for the big news and the real reason I plead for you not to cheat.

There’s a prize on the line – and a pretty freakin’ sweet one if you ask me. Thanks to a generous benefactor, we’re offering up two tix to a 2011 Red Sox game. These are box seats down the right field line – not too far from the field – and they come my way via a friend of the site with Season Tickets to burn. He offered them up as “payment” for years of enjoyment here at The Ed Zone and wanted me to work them into the program. So, thanks to him, you’ll have your choice of pretty much any home game from May through August with the exception of the Yanks. Anything else is fair game.

That being said, I realize that not everyone who comes to this site is from around here… so, we’ll sweeten the pot. If someone wins from a region outside New England, we’ll spot you $100 towards a game in your own hometown. Or if the winner hates baseball but wants to take in a Broadway play – $100 goes towards it. That’s close to face value of these seats and I’m all about playing fair.

With that said, I want to keep people in the dark. No leaderboard or results will be posted until that Friday. I want to keep everyone engaged through the entirety of the contest so we keep the playing field level. If I suspect cheating is going on, I’ll simply disqualify. Usually – I could care less – but with a prize on the line, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. We need this legit.

But beyond the sweet seats, this should be a lot of fun. And if the contest proves to be a hit, I’ll look to integrate it into a future challenge.

See you Sunday!!!