The 2010 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 2 – Results Edition

Round 1 is in the books kids and from the looks of things we have a genuine holiday Thunderdome being waged here. 15 Men and Women Enter – 1 Man or Woman Leave. That’s how that goes, right?

Anyway, as always you have until Thursday to get me your answers. And since there are no prizes aside from bragging rights on the line, I expect you to be on your honor. No Google. No Bing. No Sexting me. Nothing!!! Just you and your wits about you.

Send me your answers to or via message on Facebook by 6pm Thursday December 16th. Answers and the new Leaderboard will be up on Friday. And then we do this all over again next week – for the last time.


1.   Which of these artists was never featured on one of those Very Special Christmas CDs?
a.   Miley Cyrus
b.   Carrie Underwood
c.   Vanessa Hudgens
d.   The Jonas Brothers
Answer: D, The Oh-So Dreamy Jonas Brothers

Correct – George, Stephen, Dan, Sharon, Kristin, Brian, Kim
Incorrect – Justin, Sean, Jim, Mark

2.   According to the movie Elf, which of these is NOT one of the three jobs available to elves:
a.   Reindeer Wrangling
b.   Baking Cookies in a Tree
c.   Making Shoes at Night
d.   Building Toys in Santa’s Workshop
Answer: A, Reindeer Wrangling

Correct – Justin, Sean, George, Stephen, Sharon, Jim, Kristin, Brian, Mark, Kim
Incorrect – Dan

3.   How many sizes did The Grinch’s heart grow in the end?
Answer: Three

Correct – Justin, Sean, George, Stephen, Sharon, Jim, Kristin, Brian, Kim
Incorrect – Dan, Mark

4.   Which of these actors has NEVER portrayed Santa Clause in a movie or TV show?
a.   Tom Hanks
b.   Steve Buscemi
c.   Don Knotts
d.   Bill Goldberg
Answer: B, The Don Knotts lookalike, Steve Buscemi

Correct – George, Stephen, Kristin, Brian,
Incorrect – Justin, Sean, Dan, Sharon, Jim, Mark, Kim

5.   Which of these is NOT an actual movie?
a.   Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
b.   Santa Slays Again
c.   Santa Claus Versus the Christmas Vixens
d.   Santa with Muscles
Answer: B, Santa Slays Again

Correct – Stephen, Sharon, Jim, Brian, Kim
Incorrect – Justin, Sean, George, Dan, Kristin, Mark

6.   In The Polar Express, what does the boy choose as the first gift of Christmas?
Answer: A Jingle Bell

Correct – Justin, George, Stephen, Dan, Sharon, Jim, Kristin, Brian, Mark, Kim
Incorrect – Sean

7.   On “The Office“, what did Michael Scott bring for the Yankee Swap?
a.   Oven Mitt
b.   iPod
c.   Dwight Bobblehead
d.   DVD of Chris Rock Special
Answer: An iPod (which he wanted Ryan to get)

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Sharon, Jim, Kristin, Kim
Incorrect – Sean, George, Dan, Brian, Mark

1.   Stephen/Kristin   (13)
2.   Sharon   (12)
3.   Brian   (11)
4.   Justin/Kim   (10)
5.   Sean/Jim   (9)
6.   Dan/Mark   (6)
7.   Andy   (5)

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  • What movie was Tom Hanks Santa Claus???
    (Please note-I won’t even google AFTER the answers are posted!!)

  • The Polar Express (he played something like 12 characters in that movie). And even though it was animated – it was done via motion capture.