Lost – ‘The Package’ – 6.10 – Hijacked by Sean Edition

Humphries has voted himself off the island, so I am going to pinch hit this week so this thing can keep rolling. In case you missed his post yesterday, be sure and read that first before continuing on here.

Now, when the man says he is out, he is out. That means he wouldn’t even clue me in to where he procures the sweet HD screencaps, so you’ll have to suffer with what I could pull together. (Although, maybe they are also on hiatus since there weren’t any last week.)

Oh, and last disclaimer, going forward I will do my best to keep with the traditional Wednesday post, but no guarantees. At the very least I should be able to post it by Friday. If any other regular contributors want to take a swing in the remaining weeks, I wouldn’t be opposed to that either. Let me know in the comments.

That said, let’s get Lost!

1. This episode is titled “The Package” and I am sorry for you ladies that love Sayid and/or Sawyer, but it had nothing to do with either of them. Instead, it focused on figuring out which Kwon is the candidate. Will it be Sun or Jin?

2. Not for anything, but all you women love the bad boy, don’t you? I mean, where’s the love for Jack, Jin or Hurley? Wait, Jack is kind of brooding, which is a bad boy thing, and Jin was pretty much in the mafia, sooo… Hurley then. Where is the love for Hugo?

3. Anyway, maybe one of you can remind me exactly why no one has told Sun or Jin who and/or where the other one is so that they can hook back up already. Well, I guess Jin tried that out, but we see where that landed him, right? Those pesky polar bear traps, that’s where! I’m thinking Sun might want to find him as soon as possible because it is only a matter of time before that thing gets infected, right? Or, will the island/Jacob heal him up quick because he is the candidate?

4. Meanwhile, Sun chillaxes on the beach some more until she realizes she’s had enough of bug-eyed Ben and runs off into the jungle. Straight into a tree. Knocks herself out cold. Or worse, dead. At least concussed because I’m thinking that a swelled brain is going to be the end of her. As Ed said before, Jacob is an obvious chauvinist and would never choose Sun as The Kwon.

5. Yup, you heard it here first, the candidate was Jin, but both are going to die without ever being reunited/together forever.

6. Except in the alterna-timeline where the producers/writers are just burning off some final season time because ABC had to have an additional, shorter season because of the WGA strike.

7. You ask me, they could have wrapped this up last year, or at the very least, this year as a two day, six hour mini-series. Get this over and done with so we can move on to watching other shows while trying to maintain some form of guessing game as to what it all really means. Don’t try to pass off some fluffy alternate reality as meaningful to the reality of the past five seasons.

8. So, yeah, I have been slacking off on watching the last few weeks because the draw isn’t there like it used to be. Some of you echoed the same thoughts in the previous post comments! Not much to figure out when they are revealing answers instead of leaving questions. Why not sit back and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about it. Only five episodes left.

9. Our DVR wouldn’t have to choose between Lost and NCIS: Los Angeles while we are watching American Idol. Of course, I don’t watch AI because I’m not a chick, but I do watch NCIS: LA while Lost is recording, at least when I am home.

10. Ideally, ABC would have finished Lost off last year, or done my mini-series idea, and we could be treated to V and FlashForward back-to-back instead of offset throughout a season. I will take Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin over any of the women left on Lost. Then we wouldn’t have had to deal with the stupid animated V logo all episode long because it is not like I’d be watching FlashForward.

11. Maybe they could have cast Sawyer or Sayid to get the women watching instead of the other Party of Five guy. Probably less opportunity for them to have their shirt off here though.

12. Oh, sorry for the tangent. Back to the recap.

13. So, Agent Hanna (LL Cool J) pulls out an amazing R-S-E run after being down to Agent Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) H-O-R-S to win. Callen congratulates Hanna on his comeback to which he responds, “Don’t call it a comeback!”

14. At first I wasn’t sure why Hanna and Callen were playing said game in the gym in the regular NCIS offices, but it became clear when Hetty called up Jethro to have him get her boys on a plane back to LA.

15. Yup, Hanna had to call off his lunch date with DiNozzo because he was “going back to Cali.” DiNozzo didn’t think so, but really, Hanna did need to get back to work there.

16. Back in LA, in the much sweeter, non-stuffy hacienda/office setup, Hanna finds out their next case deals with a squad of Marines back from overseas that are experiencing mobile phone and automobile issues. It seems they are exploding.

17. Hanna drives his decidedly government issue Dodge Challenger over to the boathouse/safehouse to pick up Callen so they can begin their investigation.

18. Of course, once they find out one of the squad is Muslim, they decide he is the prime suspect. Surely he was seeking revenge on his squad for being disfigured in the war because they were too busy handing out candy bars to old ladies instead of watching his back.

19. I on the other hand knew it was the tight-laced bible thumper as soon as they interviewed him. They are always the suicide bombers.

20. Hanna sneaks up behind the guy as he is distracted by the token hottie on the team–I forget her name–and knocks the guy out, because Mama, I mean Hetty, said to.

20. As usual, I turned out to be right and another case closed.

21. Then, we find that the Man-in-Black made it off the island, but is still evil. Yes, he’s a lawyer, or rather, an evil DA that has ousted Mr. Big from his job by putting him in jail.

22. So, Mr. Big’s wife helps the Man-in-Black’s wife divorce him vis-a-vis a little black mail. Oh how the tide has turned.

Next week, no more baseball metaphors. Also, are you as lost as I am without Ed? Leave some comments below!

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  • I’ll go first!

    Where did you get the figures in the first picture??? And why hasn’t my action figure devoted son gifted me with Sayid-over there in his classic wife-beater????? I implore the Easter Bunny to find my basket and adjust accordingly-white chocolate bunny be damned!!
    Speaking of packages… I got really confused, until I saw the pictures of Chris and LL…which jolted me back to a sideways realty of sorts…don’t ask where I went in my head.

    And Hurley will always have the love…he’s rich in BOTH universes!!

  • That is actually a cake! So, not action figures per se, but in-line with white chocolate bunnies, in that you can eat them. I did a quick Topeka search to see if the Lost line of figures included a Sayid, but sadly he was to be in Series 3 and the line was canceled after Series 2 due to poor sales.

  • Well Sean I have to say that I have never been a Jack girl because I can’t get over the “Charlie Salinger” thing.. How could he treat Kirsten like that!!! Just kidding! (sort of) I don’t think I could keep enough buttons closed to make Jin happy.. And Hurley would make a great best friend! 🙂

  • Wow. Nice job Sean. I think you pleased a lot of people there with those shots. Personally, I love Julianna Margulies so thank you.

    I’m with you with a few points- dang that thing has got to get seriously infected soon and the two of them need to just find each other already.

    If this keeps up AFTER April Fool’s I would love to take a crack at it. Specifically, I’ll take Tuesday, April 13th if you’d like a break but by all means have at it if you’re on a roll.

  • I think I saw that cake on “Ace of Cakes”….so sad….

    Weren’t you supposed to tell us who the story is next week?

  • @Carlos: Sounds good to me.

    @Aunt Sharon: Oh, I guess I forgot that part. It is a Nikki and Paulo centric episode. They awaken as zombies from their seaside graves and it looks like they chase down Miles to get back their bling. And because they heard him call them jabronis. No, wait… Desmond wakes up on the island. Yeah, that’s it.

  • @Sean – Bravo, I say. We may not have caught as many flies today but we certainly did yesterday, and for that, I say it was a success.

    I’m ending this madness now. The statute of limitations on April Fools has expired and the REAL post will be up shortly.

    I’m Back Baby!!!

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the record,I was certain that it was an AF joke yesterday,especially after Sean’s attempt at the post ( which, BTW, was brilliant on its own)…then, Ed said he had gotten this temp job and I wanted to check with him about losing his benefits and he might not want to do that…and I was ACTUALLY GETTING WORRIED that our Ed was in a funk.

    Well played.

    Now, let me go read this thing!!

  • and ed, thank god this was a joke. i totally thought you were in a funk….i kept going from worried about you to ticked off at you for abandoning me! lol!

  • What are the odds that the random show Sean picked for him to cover would just so happen to have the MiB as guest star? That is some weird island Mojo. He seriously picked NCIS Los Angeles last Friday as we hatched this over beers at the British Beer Company and we had no clue what it would be about.

    My marching orders were as follows:
    1. I would post something on the Wednesday following the show that I was giving it all up.
    2. Sean would later swoop in as the white knight and say he would continue the tradition.
    3. Sean would basically review Lost as if he had only seen last week’s 30 second preview and then would make an awkward segueway to NCIS Los Angeles or anything else that his Jolt-addled mind could dream up.

    It was fun but now we’re back to business, people.

    And Sarah – I only get in a funk once a decade and I had that about 1 & 1/2 years ago so you guys are good for about another 8 and change.

  • MiB is actually on The Good Wife, which is on after NCIS:LA. I only point this out because while I watched half the NCIS:LA episode, I watched all of The Good Wife. I am not really sure why.

    Also, I still haven’t watched “The Package” yet, and frankly, I am just a little disappointed that all the Lost fans didn’t call me out about not getting details right, at least for what little I did talk about Lost! 😉

  • That just goes to show that they don’t pay any attention to the show as they know they’ll get the Cliff Notes version here.

    And I’m glad that I can’t tell the difference between The Good Wife and NCIS Los Angeles… and I shudder that you can.
    : )

  • Well, other than having watched the one time–which was kismet that MiB showed up and I was all like, “this is perfect for the joke!”–it is hard not to know that Juliana Margulies stars on the show if you watch anything on CBS. The ads are constant. That’s why I threw the extra screencap with her in it, so people might pick up I switched shows without saying it. Of course, I am pretty sure you don’t watch any shows on CBS, so that explains that!