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I can’t believe y’all thought I’d just up and drop this column with only 8 episodes left to go. Sure my kids gotta’ eat, but I’ve got to take care of my faithful followers too, right?

Anyway – I cooked up this April Fools trick last Friday when out with my buddies for our fairly regular Guys Night Out. As many of you know, I’ve sprung some elaborate tricks on this site in years past. Last year it was the “questionable ad content” that had so many of you clicking on a sham Ashley Madison ad. So nice to see your loyalty is more with me than your significant others. Then a few years back I dropped the bomb that Andi and I were pointing our wagon train westward – to Des Moines, IA. That trick snared quite a few flies before it all came unglued.

Anyway, hats off to Sean for stepping in and adding a whole bunch of insanity and levity to this little prank. I’m not so sure we fooled anyone today but March 31st was a different matter. Has anyone checked on Chris? : )

This year, I decided to take advantage of my real life precarious situation and target a niche audience – my fellow Lost obsessives. So, show of hands, who bought into? Let us know in the Comments below. And on that note, you people better start commenting. Let this serve as a cautionary tale against those who come here to eat off my table yet never bring dessert. : )

With that said, let’s get Lost.

1.   Well, that settles it. We’ve almost exhausted the sideways trips per character, with the exception of Hugo. In two weeks, we get an episode titled ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’ at which point balance will be brought to the force and my guess is that the last 7 hours will be focused on the end game. Speaking of which, the title for the two-hour finale (airing on a Sunday eve, incidentally – May 23rd) has just been released. Fittingly, it’s called ‘The End‘.

2.   So, here we got a twofer, showing Jin and Sun in their LA adventure – an episode that once again served the needs of the story by moving chess pieces around while also sending us a bit backwards in the sideways tale to show us how Jin ended up on ice.

3.   Prior to Sayid’s discovery of Jin in that walk-in freezer, we had seen Jin being carted off by Customs Officials in the Season Premiere, ‘LA X’. That’s where this episode opened. With Jin released from custody and given back Mr. Paik’s watch. Unfortunately for Jin, Customs was holding on to the $25K that was to accompany Jin on his mysterious errand – putting him in a bad predicament with Martin Keamy – the once and future mercenary who in this alternate tale is one of the millions who can successfully pull off a Christopher Walken impression.

4.   A few interesting wrinkles occurred in this sideways tale which sort of changes our perception of what we’ve been seeing. There are many out there who believe that everything we’ve seen in this alternate tale is a result of changes made when Jughead detonated – hence the whole idea of a splintered alternate timeline. The theory was that both timelines share exactly the same events pre-Oceanic Flight 815 departure but these changes were then effected on the back end. Of course, we’ve already seen that’s not entirely the case as in this alternate universe, Sawyer is a cop and not a crook. Nadia is alive and kicking. And now we discover that Jin and Sun never married as they pleaded with Keamy to keep their secret from Sun’s Dad.

5.   Knowing that Jacob was originally present at their wedding (where he laid his healing hands upon them), this now makes me believe that we are seeing a world where Jacob never existed – or at least one where his influence wasn’t felt. And in this world, things have changed – some big, some small – but all likely significant.

6.  The interesting thing about this alternate storyline is that the side characters are peppered with those we’ve met before. It’s almost a reincarnation sort of thing – with Charlotte popping up here and Miles there, etc. They’ve all been “recast” in different roles – although all seem to be destined to come together. I guess this brings “soul mates” into the equation. ‘The Package’ reintroduced Mikhail Bakunin – the one-eyed watchmen of The Tempest station in Season 3 who ended up fried by the sonic fence.

7.   And as fate would have it, Mikhail ended up losing his eye in this world too. Which makes you wonder, if the more things change, the more they stay the same.

8.   Unfortunately for Jin, it turns out his errand was to effect his own demise. Now, in the original timeline, Jin was on a similar errand. In that world, he’s married – but he was still on course for LA where he was to deliver a watch. Despite the fact that he is married to Sun in that world, would the end have been the same? Was he on the same date with destiny in both worlds?

9.   Bridging the gap between timelines is Sun’s sudden loss of the English language. A bump on the noggin “temporarily” removes her ability to speak English – although she does understand it. It seems like such a random thing to throw out there this late in the game, and while Jack offered up a perfectly reasonable medical explanation, I’m wondering if there might be more to it. Is this another example of the two timelines bleeding through? As we saw in the premiere, alterna-Jack wondered about his strange bruise. We know in the alternate-timeline that Sun is speaking Korean (and knowing now that it appears she is more in love with Jin in that world than in the original, it stands to reason that she might not have learned English in that timeline). And if that’s the case, is her loss of the English language a ripple effect from one timeline to the other?

10.   One thing I noted in this episode is Jack is being set up as the new Jacob more and more. For one, the more he embraces this “destiny” talk, the more calm he appears. This is the lightest we’ve ever seen the usually brooding doc. And in his conversation with Sun on the beach – in particular with the way he applied a caring touch to Sun, he exudes a calming Jacob vibe.

11.   Which brings me to MiB’s master plan. He’s bending over backwards to be cordial to the candidates and he came out and said that he needs all of them to leave the island – but I’m not so sure it has anything to do with them all leaving on a jet plane. I think his plan is to get them all under his sway and then simply kill them all. Now, you might ask, why not kill them all off now? Well, personally, I think if he starts killing them off one by one he only strengthens the opposition. I think it’s in his best interest to get as many of them trusting him before lowering the hammer. And then nail them all in one fell swoop. They are key to him leaving the island because with Jacob gone, supposedly they are the last remaining candidates to become shepherd to the island. Meaning, he can’t ever leave. So, if he kills every last candidate – only then is he free to go.

12.   It was nice to revisit Room 23 and while it was a cool little scene with Jin bombarded by the DHARMA Initiative’s mind-control malarkey, I think this was just the writers’ attempts to check another mystery off their master list. Like I said earlier in the season, I don’t need every “i” dotted – just the important ones – so  I hope they don’t feel the need to shoehorn every last item into the remaining episodes. That said, this was a pretty neat way of knocking one down.

13.   That ancient map that the Trickster Tina Fey produced was pretty cool. So, Widemore needs Jin to locate pockets of electromagnetic energy on the island – areas he helped plot as a DHARMA employee back in the 70’s. It’s interesting that Widemore has officially been recast as one of the Good Guys – for the most part – and with the last minute reveal of his “package”, I think I see where they are going with this – or at least some hints of his master plan. More in a moment.

14.   There was a nice little scene between MiB Locke and Widemore where Locke threw his own words back at him. “War is coming to this island.” And by the looks of it, it’s imminent, making MiB’s calming rationale to Sayid, who worries that he feels nothing, all the more chilling. “That will help you with what’s to come.” With Sayid playing errand boy, is murder next on his dance card?

15.   Finally, there was the last second revelation of the package – which I called the second I saw that secret room last week. No Magic 8-Ball was needed either – not when Henry Ian Cusick’s name has repped top billing in the credits week-after-week with only the briefest cameo in the pilot to date. We knew Desmond was coming back and the second we found out the package was not a “what” but a “who”, then we knew it had to be Hume.

16.   And this Desmond is the Desmond who spent years in the hatch – found himself irradiated – pinballed through time – and ultimately found his lucky Penny. The same Desmond who was Faraday’s Constant. And my guess is that Widemore plans to reintroduce Desmond to those pockets of electromagnetic energy. Why? Sacrifice of some sort to rebottle MiB’s dark genie.

That’s all for now. See you next week for Episode 6.1, ‘Happily Ever After’.

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  • Ahhhh…I feel better now….

    Maybe MiB can’t randomly kill each one, because it automatically sets up the last one as the Successor, which would empower whomever it is. Best I got…

    I was hoping for more from the Jin and Sun story,of course I want to see them reunited, but their sideways story seemed sooo sideways that it was somewhat hard to embrace. Before the original crash, they were married with the blessings of her father, and somewhat against Sun’s will, now she’s seems to be the aggressor ( good for you, Sun, I saw Jin with his shirt off too!). I can believe that this would be the world if Jacob had not touched THESE people…but does that mean the movie will be about a different set of candidates?

    And I love Hurley’s increasingly pivotal role.

    My only other question I posed to Ron during the episode-Do we know just exactly how drunk or high the original creators were the night they dreamed this up?

  • I am still here. I will admit you had me until (as you can see by pep talk and relvation of stresses in my life) Carlos through out the April Fools line yesterday. Of course Sean’s post sealed it for me. See, this is why I rely on this post to point out things that others pick up that I miss.

    I did enjoy this episode, but agree with Sharon that the Sideways for Sun and Jin was strange as they were still a couple, but not married and it seemed they met more when Jim became an employee vs. Jin became an employee because they met and her father wanted him to work for him.

    As you usually point Ed this show is not just about the story lines but characters and their emotion. I thought the best scene was when Jin was able to see his daughter for the first time. It was a nice moment.

    I too called Desmond’s arrival as the package and can’t wait to see what role he plays. I have always enjoyed his character.

  • @Aunt Sharon – No movie will happen. Not on my watch!!!

    That said, you have a good theory on why MiB couldn’t/shouldn’t kill them off one by one.

    @Chris – I was sitting on this post when your Comments came in and I almost called off the dogs. Almost!!! You really hit my soft spot there. : ) Seriously though, I know those stresses to some degree (we were juggling all of the same stuff a few years back – minus the need to actually find a house) so I feel for you guys and while I know it will all settle, that doesn’t help in the short term. So, I’m glad this is an escape.

    Glad you pointed out the “introduction” to his daughter. As a Dad, stuff like that gets me every time.

    Now – isn’t it fortunate for all of you that April Fools comes but once a year!!!

    And no fair, Carlos, trying to undermine my game a full day before hand. Sean and I spent several precious minutes hatching this over beers and almost derailed all that meticulous planning. : )

  • Thank the lord in heaven! I didn’t buy it a bit! BUT I had to be respectful just in case since you had honest and valid points. But I can tell Tania and I went through some emotions here…including anger- like darnit he can’t do this- not to us but to himself!. he must finish this, his..his opus, his blogopus! I said man it has to be but this is too long, you mustn’t continue the joke for more than 24 hrs, dems da rules!!! And then Sean’s post, dude, I give you credit but really, the ADD moments into NCIS? Julianna was the best part.

    And I tried people! I mean I changed my darn Gravatar! And Chris man, with the ChiSox, and the baby! I was even going to start some ST2 quotes like “the needs of the many…”

    Good call on the Jin seeing his daughter, absolutely- for us dads, moms, parents….@Ed – did you see that scene in FRINGE tonight!!?????? ughhhhhh tears.

    I started to look forward to taking a crack at writing! Although I could NEVER compare, this post, once again, so well said and written. What a ride Ed, thanks.

    OK, I called Desmond too but apparently so did most of us…I love Desmond, can;t wait to see what happens. Now let’s clarify on this desmond- it’s hatch desmond? it has to be? huh? I guess I’ve been cool with two timelines but island time has always included island people….I have to admit, stating that this is hatch Desmond has puzzled me.

    And the bleeding timeline, with Sun losing her English, that’s interesting, like that theory. So true on jack, I noticed that…Love the way it’s all being laid out, the chess moves as you say..And all the pivotal roles, especially for Hugo…And Love that Richard came back! that was great….let’s get some heroics going, some Avengers assembling! Sad to see Sayid’s character go like that- not happy but there are plenty of character replacements in that way but love sayid’s ways and now he’s dead.

    “Welcome back, welcome back, w e l c o m e b a c k…”

  • sooooooooooooooooo happy it was just a joke. whew! i was going to have to mosey on into dudley and give you a good ass whipping! lol!

    i want to know why des is there….and if it’s hatch des, or if he recongized and knew sayid. and i have to say i kind of hate this new “infected” sayid. i liked the old sayid so much better! this one now has no soul. 🙁

    and for the love of god, if i have to look at claires rat’s nest hair one more time, i’m gonna scream. kate & sun don’t look like they have a dead squirrel on their head! and what do you guys think about locke telling claire she can “have” kate when he’s done w/ her? creepy!

    i love this show. i love this write up. thank god you’re not really abandoning us!

  • @Carlos – Sorry to burst your bubble. While I think you would have actually grabbed the reigns from Sean and actually steered the ship away from the “World’s End” that he was rapidly steaming towards, sorry man but the captain is back. Maybe I’ll let you cover Fringe next season.

    Which – on that note – I just finished watching my DVR copy a moment ago and what an episode. I knew we were going to get the “snatching” story but the Nina-hand was a surprise too. This show just gets better and better and like Lost, it does a great job of juggling the heady sci-fi with the heartfelt sentiment. The “fate” of the first Peter was very hard for this Dad to suffer through. Great acting by Walter tonight and I also dug that groovy retro titles sequence too.

    BTW Your Sawyer bid was the best. You know I have a soft spot for that guy and I almost bit, especiallly when he called me “buddy”. For a second there, I almost felt like Miles.

    This is definitely Hatch Desmond. Like Fringe, we know there is more than one of everything. The alterna-Desmond appeared briefly on the plane but we didn’t see anything else of him. But the island stuff is dealing purely with the characters we have followed all the way through – so this is the Desmond who took a sailboat across the world, got stuck in a Hatch, blew up in a Hatch, hurtled through time… and ultimately found his Penny. And now it appears, Widemore is manipulating him once more.

    I’ll say this much – that site I go to for these pics is a godsend. I needed a shot of Jack laying his hands on Sun and voila. Not sure where Sean goes to get his bikini shots. I hesitate to tread in his wake for fear of malware. : )

  • @Sarah – Claire is making the French woman look GOOD!!!

    Incidentally, I ran with another trick on Facebook and I think half the people there still think I took a part time job managing a local strip club. I’m gonna’ have a lot of explainin’ to do.

  • @Ed..Even the Fringe theme was a little more 80’s electronica ala Devo!

    Oh I know, no writing for me, man.

    Glad you liked the Sawyer bit..it was fun.

    “tread in his wake for fear of malware” seriously!? How do you do it??? I miss that. That is great stuff Ed!

  • @Carlos – On Fringe – I also loved that in the alternate NYC, they had Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz. Stoltz was the original star of the movie when Michael J. Fox couldn’t break free of his Family Ties contract but it was finally sorted out about 3 weeks into filming.

    Christopher Walken was almost Han Solo by the way. I’d love to see that playing over there too.

    This really has become an amazing show and will fill the gap Lost leaves.

  • Ed great post! Last week I told a guy I work with to start reading your lost posts. So Wednesday he comes over and said he’s not doing it anymore!! Haha!

  • Oh Carlos, your reference to a “blogopus” makes me wish there was an actual sea creature with that name. With eight limbs, just imagine how many posts I could crank out. Hell – I could probably even cover ‘Gossip Girl’.

  • I can’t read this post or the comments yet because I still haven’t watched the episode! I did just leave a comment on my post though–which I am sure is better than this one–just to point out, with a wink, that I am disappointed in all of you for not getting angry in the comments about obviously not having watched it. I figured even if you knew it was a joke, you’d still get angry. You are a calm bunch… well, except for when you think this isn’t coming anymore. Then you freak out. 😉

  • @Chris Blasphemy on my part. My apologies on saying Chi Sox!!!! And I knew it was the Red Sox that were down 0-3…so sorry!

    @Ed I caught that Stoltz was on the marquee but did not know those two facts! Interesting!