Lost Cause – UPDATE

[UPDATE – I spoke with Sean and as he alluded to below, he is going to take this post over from now through the end of the season. If things get easier for me then I’ll take the reigns again, but for now you are in good hands. Sean will have his thoughts concerning Episode 6.10 – ‘The Package’ up in the morning.]

This is a tough one to write.

As many of you know, I started this Blog back in the Winter of 2006 without much direction. At the time, my good buddy Sean was looking to stretch his web design muscle and get busy crafting a few different templates – in a bid to work out his creative kinks and really show us all what he can do with his great power. It’s clear, looking at the various designs he’s imprinted here over the years, that this guy really knows what he’s doing. This is a very professional looking gig I’ve got going here.

Anyway, back then I hadn’t a clue what to write about so I decided – Why not do a weekly post on Lost? And then it just steamrolled.

Now, I know this sounds like I’m shuttering this store but it’s quite the opposite. The site will flourish. But I am tossing a changeup – which with baseball on fast approach is an apt metaphor.

You’ll notice that instead of your usually schedule programming, there’s no traditional Lost recap today. Last night, Episode 6.9 ‘The Package’ aired and while it didn’t hit the peaks of last week’s ‘Ab Aeterno’ (really – what could?), it was a solid piece that continued to shuffle our chess pieces to where they need to be. I dug it.

And that’s likely to be my only commentary on the subject. With heavy heart, I’ve decided to cancel the weekly Lost post.

Please hear me out.

A number of factors have contributed to this decision. First of all, the job hunt. This piece takes a few hours of each Wednesday morning to pull together and that’s a few hours that I think would be better served scouring the world for my next nine-to-five. I’m seriously in crunch time now and really can’t afford the distraction or else, my cause truly will be lost.

Secondly, there’s the play I’m doing in May. I’m on-stage roughly 93% of this thing and I have a helluva’ lot of lines to learn. We’re 5 weeks out from opening night so I need to buckle down. What free time I have needs to focus there.

But most importantly, I’m just not feeling the response any more. While I think a handful of you still read this post, it’s not the community it once was. Each episode used to spur double digits of comments and for every person that commented, we knew there were 10 more silent observers. Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard from 3 or 4 of you at most – and always the same 3 or 4 of you. Hell – the webmaster has even gone missing.

I’m not writing it if nobody is reading it. I thought maybe it was a fluke but after sitting tight for a few weeks, I’ve decided to cut bait now – when I need the time most.

So, I’m sorry. I had a pretty good run. This community WAS a pleasant discovery, way back when.

But what once was found… has now been lost.

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  • This makes me eternally sad…I can hardly figure out the Jin/Sun story without your input!I totally understand, when I hit crunch time ( which was remarkably like ” panic time”!) I did not have a play to do at the same time. I, for one, will miss this space immensely. And I appreciate all the time and effort it took to dissect the story, for those of us without the imagination or brainpower to do it on our own.

    Will you at least consider a series wrap-up?


  • I’m sad too Ed 🙁 Although I totally understand your reasons. I do read it every single week even though I usually don’t comment. I think maybe my musings about how hot Sawyer is might not add much to the discussion 🙂 Good luck with everything going on and I hope you land that dream job!

  • Wow… or rather, WTF (why the face)!?

    I caught the title of the post on Facebook and after reading Burke’s comment there, I figured it was safe-ish to venture over here to see what was up without fear of spoilers. (I haven’t watched the episode yet.) That said, I didn’t quite expect this.

    So, here are some thoughts, in your Lost bullet point style:

    1. Are you crazy? All the reasons you reference are why you should continue to write this weekly post. It is a release for you to get your mind off that job search and away from sinking completely into your stage character.

    2. How can you throw in the towel so close to the finish line? This series is going to look mighty odd when looked back upon several years in the future. You know, when the inevitable movie or mini-series is made. I know the current creators and network want nothing to do with it, but at the rate they are remaking everything for the sexting generation–you know, to dumb it down–that it is only a matter of time before this gets the treatment too.

    3. Don’t be hating on the lurkers. You know they are coming based on the web stats and we have tried in vain over the years to encourage them to comment. It hasn’t happened, and at this point, likely won’t, although Alissa has above.

    4. True, some regular contributors have fallen off the board as the seasons, and even episodes within a season, have progressed. I am guilty of this for the past three weeks. I fell behind a couple weeks and have only caught up last weekend. With the comments having already been filled shortly after each episode aired, I didn’t feel I had anything to offer, nor that anyone might even see them. I have gone back and read the posts though.

    5. Therefore, to continue your baseball metaphor, I am going to pinch hit for you this week and write a real post. I will watch the episode tonight and get it up here soon, hopefully tomorrow. Maybe the readers will come out in support of this comment, and hopefully my post, and convince you that all is not lost.

  • Ed,

    I echo Sean’s comments and like he I have been reading the posts each, but have not had much to comment on in recent weeks. But I always look forward to this post every week. Over the past two weeks I have been traveling on Tuesday of each week and missed the episode live and had to catch up so by the time I read the post you already had many comments and I didn’t have anything to add.

    With that being said I certainly appreciate the reasons you give as you have a lot going on, which I relate to. But I agree with Sean on the distraction part of it. As you know Meliss and I are expecting a girl in August, as a result we put our house on the market which sold in a month. We now close on 4/30, but we have yet to find a new house. So we will be moving to her Aunt’s place until we do find a new house and close. So now we are looking at the prospect of moving twice within the span of a month or two, with a 14 month old, a crazy 90 pound dog that will surely be thrown off and of course Melissa being more pregnant every day. I look forward to getting, pardon the pun, getting LOST for that hour each week. As well as the time I take to read your wrap up to see what I missed, which is usually at least two things you wrote about.

    Last thing again to Sean’s point about being so close to the finish line. When the Sox started the playoffs in 2004 for some reason I decided to keep the sports page each day they were in the playoffs. Not sure why. I threw the rest of paper out and piled up the sports pages day after day. After they went down 0-3 to the Yankees I thought about chucking them all since I figured they were done. But I keep piling them up as they came back and won the ALCS and then the WS. I have since bundled those and placed them in a paper bag and will open them at sometime in the future to relive those exciting days. I imagine what I would have thought if I had chucked them after game 3….

    Well that’s my two cents for what it is worth. If this is the end I thank you for writting them this long as it helped keep me engaged to the show.


  • Oh, one more thing. I was totally going to comment this week because when Widemore said the package was a who and not a what, I totally called who it was. Even though I was sitting alone in my living room and I have no proof of this. I won’t say who it is was since Sean has not watched it yet and may still be looking at the comments.

  • As a lurker… NOOOOOOO! I read this every week, and enjoy it (and many of the posts that continue the discussion)

  • First off, April Fool’s anyone???
    Second, with the facts mentioned, I still read and I love to read what you write and all the comments. And Sean- I did ask about you the other day, see what happens when you hang back??

    Many times, as echoed above, by the time I get to read, most has already been said. I usually comment anyway but it’s true, not much more to offer when I read late Wednesday evening. But I look forward to this every week! I’m breaking rules to read now at work! (server/proxy bypass for a moment in time) Also, the questions and craziness of the show has steadily declined; therefore, less comments, less theories, less questions because of course it’s all coming together, wonderfully so and perfectly recapped each week by Sir Ed. There are still a few of us here! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one!

    Your reasons, I highly respect, and I thank you for all of these LOST recaps, they have added tenfold to the entire LOST experience but I completely understand.

    Come on! Chris has got a baby on the way! And that White Sox story broke my heart!

    But…..April Fool’s anyone??? Please??? Bueller?

  • Nooooooooooooooo!!!

    Ed, please, reconsider! I read this EVERY week, and have doled out your site to several LOST fan-friends Bobby and I both have, and everyone loves reading it!

    I have been guilty of not commenting much, but not because I don’t like the write up, but because like Carlos said, it’s all coming together….sort of! And like Alissa said, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear how hot I think Sawyer is (hands off Alissa, he’s mine!) 😉

    I know the job hunt is heavy on your mind, and the play is a huge committment, but I also know how much you LOVE to write and what an outlet it is for you….and i also know how much you LOVE LOST!!

    We only have 7 episodes left, and I want to theorize about what is going to happen with you! Please please please pretty please (okay, I’m begging here!) reconsider! And post the recap! Why is “the package” there??? I’m so confused!

    Don’t leave a girl hanging!

  • Oh DUH!!! Of course it’s an April Fool’s joke!!! I think it’s telling that the jokester has left this space to the fools for the day

    April Fools…on March 31st-how perfect is that!!!

    @Alissa- feel free to comment on how hot Sawyer is, even if it’s your only comment! Heaven knows my Sayid comments should be edited!!

  • Hello everyone.
    Ed, we here at LOST and company love this post. We look forward to it every week. Let’s finish it up man, you can do it. We all want to hear more about me, and the package. And a big hello to Sarah and Alissa!

  • As Sean mentioned above, he’ll be driving this from here on out. I may pinch in from time to time, should time free up, but it’s his baby now.

    Of course, I’ll read what he says. It might be nice actually sitting in the back seat for awhile.

    I appreciate all the kind thoughts and conspiracy theories… I’m just sorry to disappoint but I’m confident Sean can drive you all home.

  • Jeez Eddie, I was looking forward to you cleverly revelling in lastnights episode, seeing as Kate only had maybe 2 lines. I thought you would make some clever remarks about her lying motionless (and quiet). Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck in the play and of course in your job pursuit. Its tough out there. I myself am the only one working in my household of 5 adults and one 17 year old. I’m available to help out with Colin’s stickers if you need to free up some more time.

  • I will try to have it done for tomorrow, but definitely Friday at the latest. Of course, if everyone yells loud enough now, maybe you can convince him to return sooner. I didn’t have much luck when I talked to him earlier, so keep the comments coming!

  • Carlos, I didn’t even think of April Fools a day early! Wouldn’t put it past Ed. I do agree with you I think the lack of comments are also due to the fact that there are fewer questions. Each week we get a few more answers so there is not as much to wonder about.

    I watched this again with Melissa and she picked up a couple of things I missed. I think the TSA person who “released” Jin was an other. Mikahal was definatly an other. I thought it was interesting that Jin shot him right through the same eye he was missing on the Island. Also, it almost seems as though Sun’s inablity to speak english on the island is tied her inablity to speak english in the sideway’s flash…

    I also hated the fact that the weather update played over the scenes from next week. We know it was raining! I am hoping for a Hurley sideway’s flash next week. I think that is all we have left…