Lost – ‘The Substitute’ – 6.4

Last week, my dear cousin Jason hit me up looking to see if I could do a solid for his own website.

See, in another corner of these Interwebs, Jason runs a joint called Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation – a site that caters to the action figure enthusiasts. While I mothballed all my ‘guys’ a long time ago in a playroom far, far away – Poe figured he’d lean on me for my Lost expertise to help him make sense of a forthcoming line of action figures tied to the Lost franchise. Now, this isn’t new ground by any stretch as a decent series of replicas were created by Todd McFarlane’s company a few years back. In fact, in Jason’s wedding, he featured an action figure in each table’s center piece and I happened to walk away scoring Kate Austen in a thicket of bamboo - a really unique curio. Anyway, that baby sits on the bar in my Man Cave, and I’ve often been struck by how well sculpted McFarlane’s team of artisans crafted our beloved Katie.

But that’s about the beginning and ending of my action figure chops aside from what I’m now relearning alongside Colin and Aria. That said, I do know my Lost and more importantly – I know what I like – so I told him he had my peepers should he need someone to apply the old “once over” for this new line of figures. Ahhhh, my kingdom for a time machine. MY EYES – THEY BLEED!!! What I spied in the screenshots he sent me was more horrifying than a dreaded Smoke Monster made of Boone and Richard’s matching guyliner. Here’s some of what I wrote for his site:


When Poe Ghostal hit up his favorite Lost obsessive looking for someone to provide an expert opinion on a new line of character action figures, I figured why not. While I have found my own web-based soapbox to offer up a weekly column spinning wild and crazy theories about what I think is really happening on that fantasy island, I realize that my powers are going to waste if they are restricted to one tiny slab of online real estate. As someone’s dead uncle once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Well – I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ let all this intellect languish on feverish, imagined queries like “Who Would Win in a Jello Fight? – Kate or Juliet.” That doesn’t help anyone – least of all my marriage.

So this morning I clicked on the links that led to Bif Bang Pow!’s line of 8-inch Lost action figures, featuring the likeness of beloved characters John Locke, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes and the nefarious Benjamin Linus. And the first thing that jumped to mind is, “Thunderbirds are Go!!!” So, that’s all our intrepid band of castaways need to fend off the amorous advances of a frisky smoke monster. Slap on their best Team America: World Police Halloween costumes and tear the place asunder.

Seriously though, these figures just give me the willies – projecting a creepy marionette vibe. I have no doubt that if I position these on my desk, should I dare take a moment to eyeball a Samus Aran maquette, I’d likely get shanked by that Locke-a-like.

Granted, I’ve been pulled to Poe’s island to bring my Lost expertise and gaze at the these figures through a newbie’s eyes. I’m not equipped with the proper schooling to discuss the finer points of articulation so serious collectors may see something that I’m missing. That being said, there’s no other way to put it. These things are freaky as hell and I’m not exactly sure what market they are intended to hit.

The serious Lost fan has already been rewarded with Todd McFarlane’s line from a few years back. In fact, I possess a Kate Austen embedded in a thicket of bamboo; a true showcase that served as a table centerpiece at Poe’s wedding. The modeling of the character is spot on and does what these sculptures should do – accurately represent not just the “person” but their true character. After all, when you strip away the genre-blending (and bending) mishmash of sci-fi, adventure and conspiracy thriller influences – Lost is at heart, a character drama with the core cast populated by very specific archetypes. That McFarlane series keyed in on that and each figure went a long way to celebrating these beloved (and loathsome) characters.

I see what the Bif Bang Pow! line is trying to do but I think they’ve gone about it all wrong. Essentially, they are trying to make exaggerated versions of these characters – cartoonish representations – hence the over-exaggerated body builds. That’s the marionette effect discussed earlier. From a stylish approach, I guess that makes sense, especially considering their background in the bobblehead business. But, the glaring problem is with the face sculpting. They are pretty much spot on and hence we find ourselves wandering frightened in the uncanny valley.

The natural faces perched atop an exaggerated body do this product a disservice. The line would be better served by going all out and simply making a cartoon rendition of these beloved characters. If you can’t faithfully reproduce something that is based off a living, breathing human then don’t even try. There’s no middle ground here.

I’m also struck by the strange clothing choices. Locke’s seems the closest with his rugged khakis and matching T-Shirt but Hurley has been inexplicably rendered as Hugh Hefner gone-to-seed. Weirdest of all is the sly, manipulative Benjamin Linus who appears as if he just wandered out of the Shire. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d spy the Hobbit Kevin Spacey.

Get those groans ready. This really is a Lost cause.


All right… enough playing around. Let’s get Lost.

1.    The perfect salve for a Kate episode is a Locke chaser. It seems like the writers know well my disdain for Freckles and her so-called life so they always make things right with my world, season after season. And often – the Locke episodes don’t disappoint. In fact, they are usually heavy on the mythological sweep that’s hooked us in the first place. And last night was no exception – with some big answers provided – assuming we are to believe the guy telling them, which might be a pretty tall order.

2.    Where last week we spent time completely away from MiB Locke – this week was his show completely, which is fortunate for me, as I don’t have to spend so much time making sure I hit all bases on the island. I’ve got pretty good recall over most things I’ve watched but sometimes hitting every plot point can be tricksy. Anyway, with the focus squarely on MiB Locke, Alterna-Locke and Sawyer – things were nice and tidy last night.

3.    We opened on Alterna-Locke having one of those mornings that fate likes to throw his way. The hydraulics on his van seized at just the right angle to send him sprawling to the ground once again and to add insult to injury, fate decided to soak his ass with ill-timed sprinklers. But then came the wrinkle. While this John Locke followed some elements of a prior script (the box company desk job, the failed walkabout), things haven’t gone exactly according to the original plan as Helen is officially still in his life and making wedding arrangements.

4.    Helen’s appearance is pivotal because it proves that this time line we are watching is not simply a “What If the Plane Doesn’t Crash?” scenario. If that were the case, Helen would have been long gone by this point. No, this is an alternate time line, created by a bomb blast that sunk an island in the South Pacific. It’s The Butterfly Effect. One tiny difference somewhere in the past can have long-reaching implications. Because Jack Shepherd detonated a hydrogen bomb back in the 70’s – a new time line exists where John Locke is still crippled – although it sounds like not at the hands of his Dad (more in a moment) – and while he is still yearning for a better lot in life, he doesn’t have it as bad as he once did.

5.    Which brings his Dad into the equation. When Helen was talking about eloping, she mentioned just inviting her parents and his Dad, which infers that Anthony Cooper/The Real Sawyer is no longer the bastard that tossed John out a window and is actually, actively in his life. That’s another big “tell” in an episode full of them.

6.    Of course, there was an assortment of the cute coincidences that Lost deals in. We already knew that Hurley owned Locke’s box company (that was revealed a few seasons ago) but now we learn in this reality, Rose works for one of his employment agencies. With Rose – as we have done so many times in this altered reality – we have to temper the sweet with the sour. Rose is gainfully employed and appears happy but is still diagnosed with terminal cancer. And as we know, the island became her oasis and her home when it healed her. While she has come to terms with her fate in this altered reality, it’s bittersweet knowing that she had it pretty good with Bernard before Jughead blew its stack.

7.    The producers have done a really nice job of peppering the supporting cast with the same people who played these roles over the years. For instance, Locke’s weasely boss Randy or as Hugo put it “that guy’s a giant douche.”

8.    Another little Easter Egg I uncovered is Locke’s alarm clock in the alternative time makes the exact same sound as the Hatch timer hitting zero. Geez – those things are vile enough without thinking if you don’t get out of bed in 108 seconds the world’s gonna’ end.

9.    I’ve always liked Katey Sagal in her appearances as Helen and wished Locke had gotten his act together the first time to really make time with her. She seems like the right blend of gravity that he needs. Anyway, it was nice to see her back and that scene where she talked about the real presence of miracles in life and that all she needs is him in hers was great stuff. I’m a fan of Modern Family and it’s nice to catch up with the Bundys after all these years and see them bringing their ‘A’ game. Ed O’Neill is aces on that show and Sagal injects a lot of heart into this one. Good stuff.

10.    I think the episode title, “The Substitute”, works on two levels – of which both are more connected than it initially appears. In the alternative time line, Locke finally connects with a job that seems right for him – substitute teacher. After all, aside from an unfortunate maiming, he did a pretty good job schooling Boone.

11.    And of course, the new career path sent him on a collision course with his old buddy, Bug-Eyed Ben, who in this time line is likely the worst history teacher you’ve never had.

12.    On the island, Ben presided over the “weirdest funeral” Frank Lapidus has ever attended. Great line, by the way.

13.    And again – that cinches it – with Locke buried (and apparently a banquet for crabs), the real Locke is truly dead.

14.    I thought Ben’s admission to murdering Locke was touching. He’s the Gollum of this piece. A twisted, wretched creature of whom once there was some shred of decency. He thought he was the grand manipulator but in reality, he has always been blinded by his allegiance to his precious – the island. In his admission of guilt, it became crystal clear. Ben is to be pitied.

15.    Last week, I made allusions to Stephen King’s The Stand and they are really starting to bare out at as we work through this season. While The Stand is an end-of-the-world allegory, it’s also an adventure yarn depicting the final stand between Good and Evil. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, both sides get busy recruiting soldiers to their cause. And that’s where we find old Smokey – at the outset of the episode – making a beeline for Sawyer in order to draft the rogue into his good graces. Of course, he has some more unfinished business with Richard.

16.    Utilizing the best pages out of the Devil’s Playbook, MiB first works on Richard’s final nerve, insinuating that Jacob always kept him at arm’s length – never ready to reveal his true purpose for being drawn to the island. It’s a similar tact he took with Ben in the fifth season finale when coercing him to murder Jacob. That’s the seductive nature of evil – offering up your greatest desires (even if it’s just a hint of a supposed truth) in order to win your allegiance. Having failed to sway Richard, MiB heads for an easier mark.

17.    And there Sawyer sits, drunk and defeated – ripe for the picking. At least, you have to imagine he’s ripe in that soiled John McClane wife beater.

18.    It’s interesting to watch the ultimate con artist trying to pull one over on one of the best (Sawyer). I’m standing by my theory that Sawyer will allow himself to get into MiB’s good graces but it’s all part of a long con and in the end, Sawyer will sacrifice himself for the good of his people. Mark my words. Y’all owe me a beer in May when I’m proven right.

19.    Which is what makes MiB’s reveals hard to swallow. I think like every good lie, it’s built on a foundation of truth – the best lies always are. In fact, I think most of the facts MiB dispensed to Sawyer are true but he’s spinning them in a different light. Last week I posited that perhaps Jacob is the bad man and he’s keeping MiB prisoner. Most of that is just me fooling around. While it would make for a decent twist, I think Jacob is pure of heart. He is the Light – the Good. But sometimes the methods of the Good can be maddening.

20.    One thing that’s clear is that we are starting to see substantial proof that despite MiB’s claims that there is nothing special about the island, it really is either the birth place or holding area for Good and Evil in the world. Think of the numbers emanating throughout the world. Once could argue that as much as the island has those special electromagnetic properties that send waves of energy out and heal Locke’s legs or eradicate Rose’s cancer – this is also the “heart” of the planet – sending forth waves of “Good” and “Evil” in the world – essentially influencing the true nature that lies in the Hearts of Man. With the balance disrupted, the fate of the planet is at stake, as Pure Evil now gains a greater hold without Pure Good to balance it out.

21.    MiB hints at that when he takes the white rock from the scale and tosses it in the drink – capping it with the line “Just an inside joke”.

22.    Not sure who that blonde kid is. First, I thought the initial vision was just Sawyer as a kid – thus hinting at MiB to seek him out.

23.    But then when he showed up a second time, in full Others regalia, I started thinking that maybe he was the Second Coming of Jacob. He did talk about “candidacy” which we now know is a big project of Jacobs.

24.    Which bring us to the Candidates. There were a number of them over the years (in fact – I saw a #313) and it looks like many of them have failed in their quest – most recently, #4.

25.    So here’s the breakdown:
4 – Locke
8 – Reyes
15 – Ford
16 -  Jarrah
23 – Shephard
42 – Kwon.

26.    You know what those numbers tell me. Jacob is a misogynist. Running the island is a man’s job. That’s right, there’s nothing for Freckles to do but get back in that kitchen and make me some bacon and eggs. I KNEW IT!!! She’s only here to play Eve and ruin this Eden. I’ve been saying it for years and now Jacob and I are on the same wavelength.

(Editor’s Note: The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the view of The Ed Zone, it’s management or their affiliates.)

27.    So, what is the true nature of MiB. I think he’s telling the truth that perhaps once he was a man – at least his real body was – but he has been INFECTED. And maybe that vision he saw is the person he once lost. A son? But if he was a man once, it’s clear he’s not any longer.

28.    My guess is the real man wants to get home but he has been infected by Evil that is not a Man but an Entity. And using that vessel, the Evil wants to break free of its island prison. Meaning maybe MiB is looking for his “Substitute” too?

29.    Which means all this talk of candidacy make sense. My guess is that Jacob’s body is the same. They are just vessels for the entities of Good and Evil. These vessels become the caretakers. Jacob is looking for another worthy vessel to take ownership of the island, as the Agent of Good – much in the same way MiB found his “substitute” once before – and potentially, once again.

That’s all I’ve got. See you next week for Episode 6.5 – ‘The Lighthouse’.

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  • First off, “our beloved Katie” is funny to read coming from you. You hates her. (I am assuming the “i” is a typo.) Actually, while I have my editor hat on, it is Kwon and not Kwan. No figure skating here. And it was an inside joke and not a private joke. Like Facebook status updates, we get your point. 🙂

    We couldn’t be more opposite. You like the Locke chaser from a Kate episode and I am the reverse. While I don’t hate Locke like I do Sawyer, I definitely dislike him. Enough of the sad-sack crap. We get it already. Do I feel sorry for him getting fired by the douche because he tried to go on a walkabout with the company dime? Not at all. In fact, doesn’t he ruin most everything he touches? Relationship with Helen or Boone in the original timeline for examples.

    That said, I loved how we had that perspective of how Smokey travels the island. Very cool, especially the subtle reflection in the windows of Sawyer’s house when he stopped to see what the noise was all about. I don’t think Richard is buying any of MiB’s rap though. He clearly is sticking to his guns, hence trying to convince Sawyer to come back to the temple. Also, it would seem MiB is now stuck in the form of Locke given what Ilana was saying as they walked the beach. Actually surprised by that given she seems to share the Others way of not saying anything when it seems they should… you know, tell people why you want them to do something? Which, actually, maybe they don’t because it is all about free will. Hmm…

    Thought the rocks on the scale was a cool thing. Think the kid is possibly Jacob and maybe Kristen is on to something with her wall post to you questioning if it could be Aaron. Of course, Aaron should be back on the mainland in that timeline.

    The reveal, partial anyway, about the numbers was interesting. While we see a relationship, we still don’t know what the order means, if anything. If the Kwon on the list turns out to be Jin, then maybe you are on to something with the need for it to be a man. I too noticed Kate, among other main characters, were not on the rock. She is on the list though. Not a candidate, but still important for some reason.

    With the introduction of Ben in the alternate timeline, I wonder if we will see Juliet there as well. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Sawyer meet up with her. What I think we are seeing is these people’s lives are still intertwined, but whether or not they will all come together to do something more important, hard to say. I still feel like they should do that, but I think as you mentioned before, they might not.

    I like that Ben fancies himself a manipulator but is always manipulated. I too thought his speech at the burial was well done. You see that he feels remorse for what he has done, yet still never comes clean completely. While he cops to killing Locke, he tells Ilana that MiB killed Jacob. At this point, you feel he’s fallen completely into self-preservation mode because he no longer has any other plan.

    Finally, I will have to agree that Sawyer is likely to take a circuitous path to good, kinda like he always does. The guy might be in league with MiB for now, but I think once it comes down to actually having to hurt many of the people he cares about, so anyone other than Jack or Sayid, then he’s not gonna do it. I’m sure he’ll still get a lot of others killed though. Pun intended. Oh, never mind the dirty wife beater, what about the poop-looking stain on the boxers? Did the guy sh!t himself because he was so drunk? Better put some pants on indeed…

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention the interaction between Sawyer and MiB at the house. You didn’t reference Sawyer picking up on MiB being confident, or not scared, like Locke. That even when Locke seemed confident he knew that underneath he wasn’t. Talk about being able to read people…

  • Sawyer is a master at reading people – hence his mad con man skillz.

    The “i” for “Katie” was intentional. Makes her seem even more precious to me.

    Fixed the other typos though.

    I liked the Smokey-cam too. As for Locke getting fired, he definitely had it coming although that doesn’t make that dude any less a douche. : ) If the owner of the company is calling you that, it can’t be good for a career. : )

    By the way – Andi said the same thing about Sawyer’s pants. I didn’t notice it but now I’m gonna’ have to go back and rewatch it… or on second thought – maybe I shouldn’t.

    As for the kid – I don’t think it would be Aaron per se, unless it’s Jacob reincarnated as Aaron but then that would be mixing time lines and I don’t think they are angling to do it. Time will tell.

  • She is precious.

    Oh, the guy is a douche no matter what. That’s why I called him that instead of whatever his name is. And speaking of that timeline, I like lucky Hurley over mopey Hurley. But, why not fire the douche and give his job to Locke? Oh, because Locke needs to meet Rose, become a substitute teacher and meet Ben…

    I don’t think it can be Aaron either, but it was odd that they chose a kid that would look like him at that age. The toddler Aaron had the crazy white blond hair too. Wonder what the blood on the hands was all about with the first appearance. Was it to remind MiB he has blood on his hands or something else?

    Oh, I also half expected Locke to grab a kid to ask where there teacher’s lounge was and have it be Walt. They’d obviously have to re-cast the actor though.

  • Wow! I have to admit, not much more to add. I loved the same stuff you all did, especially Sawyers ability to read MiB Locke at the house, good call too mention that Sean. I like the little journey to MiB’s cave too, one of the first action sequences we’ve seen in a while with Sawyer almost falling to his death. As far as episode order, and these three characters: I don’t mind nor have I really noticed who’s episode follows who- I still think Sawyer’s rocks, since last season especially, I don’t mind Kate or Katie, really. It’s probably just best she keep quiet. Locke- love his episodes, even this one, but definitely have to lean with Sean- I mean, “I didn’t attend the conference because of a personal issue that I’d rather not talk about” ?? You can’t truly think you’re going to get away with that. And the dumb a$$ has to open a DeLorean door on his van, yet he’s going to park in a “normal” spot?? BUT -it makes for a fascinating, well done character that we can relate to at some levels and not really hate him. I am starting to think, perhaps too easily, like we’ve mentioned in the past, MiB was lured there, against his wishes, only to end up having to play Jacob’s silly little game. Who knows. With the kid, seemed like it was Jacob…don’t know. Ed, you saw a #313? Are these in order of desire but arrival?? interesting. Nice write up/comments you two!
    Ed: glad you noticed the crab and this line: “…with Locke buried (and apparently a banquet for crabs), ” I was hysterical!

  • @Sean – nice catch with the blood on his hands. And the guy is a douche, no matter what.

  • No one picked up on the fact that They Were Climbing Jacob’s Ladder to get to the his cave? Or am I forgetting my bible songs?

    As much as I hated the old Locke-this one is growing on me. At least he is committed in his black little heart to what he is doing, whereas the OLD Locke kept trying to do what people thought he should be doing,or what his Man of Faith persona was trying to lead him to-I’m with Sawyer on that one.

    And I will admit that I rewatch the previous one with the captions. It’s not as good as having Ed with me, but it’s all I’ve got for now. Ron keeps pestering me with questions, and it’s all I can do to hang on!!

    Great post, as always, and I really look forward to Sean’s analysis too!

  • Good call on Jacob’s Ladder. I Googled it and it’s supposed to be Jacob’s ladder to heaven used on his flight from his dastardly brother, Esau. Could MiB symbolize Esau? I don’t know anything about that dude so I’ll just let that hang out here.

    Say what you will about Locke – LOVE him or HATE him – you have to give Terry O’Quinn props for his portrayal. The guy is giving a master class in acting going from weak Locke to powerful Locke and a few measures in between through the course of this series. He’s an awesome character actor.

  • @Carlos – No clue what the order is but I wonder if Jacob prophesized all the names a long time ago and then pulled them to the island in the order that they rose to prominence. So, even though Kwon is #42, he had to wait until the dude was actually born before pulling him to the island.

    I think the series is going to end with a new steward of the island. Maybe that will be Sawyer’s sacrifice. He doesn’t die but he is left to watch after the island.

  • Jessi wants to know why on the opening credits of the first episode the Island was underwater? Foreshadowing the end, or red herring?

  • No – That was to show that the alternate time line was indeed caused by the bomb going off. Essentially, the bomb sunk the island. So, when you see Jack, Locke and company off island (in LA) the island exists – it’s just submerged under water.

  • Great episodes! I agree, the perfect chaser for a Kate episode is a Locke episode. I’ve liked the character since day 1. That said, some of the Locke-centric episodes are dullards, or at least, maybe because he’s so pathetic he brings them down the tubes.
    #8: I’ll have to go back and listen to Locke’s alarm clock. Thats a neat little nod they put in there.

    #9: I grew up watching Married with Children, and always enjoy seeing the cast working. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Modern Family, but its nice to see Ed O’Neill working. Same for Katey Sagal, like you say, she’s really brought her A-Game here. She really fleshes out Helen and despite how little time she’s had on the show, makes her one of the most endearing sub-plot characters.

    #22 & #23: What really piques my interest about Blondie is that not only do WE not know who he is, but MiB Locke also doesn’t seem to know who he is either, which I think is very interesting.

    Following MiB’s encounter with Blondie, is it me or did it mirror Alterna-Locke, as both screamed something to the effect of “You can’t tell me what I can or can’t do”. Coincidence? I don’t think anything on this show is a coincidence.

    I just want take a moment and say what a great job Terry O’Quinn is doing. He’s already proven himself in prior seasons from making us pity, love, and hate Locke, but all the while making him one of the best characters in the show. But this season he’s done a great job separating MiB Locke from dead Locke, and of course Alterna-Locke.

    For a 52 year old actor (at the time in 2004) this role was quite a coup to land. He’s certainly had a busy career as a character actor, he’s been in a ton of roles that you’d recognize him from in various films and TV shows, including Young Guns, Star Trek: TNG (where he played a Starfleet Admiral), JAG, Homicide, and Alias (where He first met JJ Abrams).

    I guess thats all I’ve got for now! 😉

  • @PrfktTear – Terry O’Quinn also played Howard Hughes in the Rocketeer and then one of my favorite roles was Peter Watts in Millennium. Love the guy in everything he’s in.

    As for his MiB rant “Don’t tell me what I can’t do” what’s interesting in this episode is the alterna-Locke relates the Walkabout tale to Helen and actually does something the original Locke would never do which is admit that the Walkabout people were right and he was wrong. And then, over on the island, the supposedly strong MiB Locke is reduced to Locke’s traits which makes you wonder if we haven’t seen a chink in his armor.

    I’ll say this much, despite Sawyer’s affirmation that he’ll follow this Locke (with a nicely ironic – “Hell Yeah”), Sawyer is doing what he does best – executing the riskiest long con of his career. The biggest gambit ever is to fool the devil and I bet Sawyer pulls it off by the end of this season.

    One thing about the blonde kid – he told MiB Locke – “It’s against the rules. You can’t kill him.” – Now, is he referring to Sawyer or Jacob?

  • I haven’t seen the Rocketeer in YEARS. I didn’t realize he was in that film. I need to go back and watch that again, I remember watching that in theatres, it was a great flick.

    Very true, I think one of the things that made Dead Locke so pathetic was that he would never admit defeat. It seemed to happen again and again. Any good “leader” or whatever you want to call him needs to know his strenghts as well as his weaknesses. Even when I thought that Locke was back on track, when he failed to reunite the Oceanic 6, he broke down again and old Locke was back. There is such a thing as playing your weakness as a strength.

    So while Alterna-Locke was able to admit that weakness, but MiB Locke echoed shades of Dead Locke. So, yeah, that perhaps is some sort of weakness. Maybe something of Dead Locke survives in him.

    I thought it was interesting how Sawyer immediately knew it wasn’t really Locke. Then again, you can’t con a Con Man. I think he’s just sort of following along right now, not really convinced of anything. So, yeah, he very well could just be the inside man and when the time is right he’ll play a pivotal role in the defeat of MiB Locke.

    As far as who Blondie was talking about, your guess is as good as mine. For some reason I think if he wanted to kill him he would have already done it. He obviously needs him for something, whether its to serve as his “army” or maybe as a sacrifice or something. Maybe he needs Sawyer to take HIS place for him to leave the island?!

    I guess one other thing to remark on is the part when they were climbing down Jacob’s ladder. Even after having watched this show nearly since the beginning, I know better than to believe the teasers, but when they showed Sawyer falling I almost thought he was a goner. I’m the guy who watches it on slow-mo and even frame by frame to see if there is any nugget of information I can glean from having seen it. Usually it doesn’t come up with anything, but I guess at the end of the episode when you’re stuck feigning for more LOST, you’ll take anything.

  • I thought of the same thing last night about alterna-Locke and MiB both pulling out Locke’s long used line–at least I think he’s uttered that one in past flashbacks–about not telling him what he can’t do, but looks like PrftTear beat me to it. And, while I may dislike Locke, it is in part because O’Quinn is so great. He’s great in everything he’s ever been in.

    Like the thought about Jacob’s ladder and the information the search brought to light. As we well know by this point, everything is rooted in something from mythology, theology, science or philosophy with this show. Where’s the alchemy?

    I came away thinking the blond kid was referring to not being able to kill Sawyer, but it could have been in reference to Jacob, although technically he didn’t do it. Lots of rules about who can kill who. Remember that Ben and Widmore had a similar exchange about such rules.

    How about this ending; Jack is the new Jacob and Sawyer is the new MiB…

  • @Sean: Interesting question, where’s the alchemy? They’ve had just about everything else! No turning lead to gold!?

    I read a book in high school called “The Alchemest” by Paulo Cohelo, and it has become one of my favorite books. It’s a tale about following one’s personal legend; the path we decide to take that fills our heart with enthusiasm. Another idea the book presents is that when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

    It follows the story of Santiago, a young Spanish shepherd who dreams one night about finding treasure by the pyramids of Egypt. So upon meeting a strange man, who says he is a king, the boy sells his flock and boards a ship to follow his dream and find the treasure. On his journey he has many adventures, has many successes and many setbacks, but once he arrives to the pyramids, he finds that the treasure he sought was really at home where he originally dreamed of it.

    I’m not sure if this 100% relates to LOST, but I think the two main themes about following a personal legend and the universe conspiring to help you achieve something can be applied.

  • @Sean – I had the same thought. The last image is hundreds of years later, we see Jack going about his daily activities on the beach – catching a fish – frying it – and then sawyer comes out of the jungle and settles down on the beach.

    We close as Sawyer says “Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you.”

    And the circle repeats itself.

  • 4 – Locke (John)
    8 – Reyes (Hurley)
    10 – Mattingley – Other
    15 – Ford (James)
    16 – Jarrah (Sayid)
    23 – Shephard (Jack)
    31 – Rutherford (Shannon)
    42 – Kwon (Jin or Sun)
    56 – Burke – (Juliet)
    64 – Goodspeed (Horace, Ethan)
    70 – Faraday (Daniel)
    73 – Costa – ?
    90 – Troupe – ?
    115 – Bargas – ?
    117 – Linus (Ben, Roger)
    119 – Almeida – ?
    142 – Lewis (Charlotte)
    171 – Straume (Miles)
    195 – Pace (Charlie)
    222 – O’Toole – U.S. Military
    233 – Jones – U.S. Military
    291 – Domingo – U.S. Military
    313 – Littleton (Claire or Aaron)
    317 – Cunningham – U.S. Military
    337 – Martin (Karl) – Other
    346 – Grant – U.S. Military

    So it looks like there womens names on the wall, just not in the “numbers”.

  • I cannot take credit for it. I got it from the ABC site, who got from Dark UFO? I think. Yes, all of the other names listed were crossed off, women and men. I did recall seeing Mattingley, who if we remeber was hooking up with Juliet. It is intersting the numbers that haven’t been crossed off yet (except for Locke who he crossed off) are “the numbers” from Hurley and the hatch. Who knows what the others numbers are for or how those numbers are ultimtly significant.

    Can’t remember who said it but I like the “lucky” Hurley as well. Still funny, but not as troubled. Although you figure he still had to be hospital in order to get the numbers to win the lottery in the first place…

  • Great stuff everyone. Love that ending idea, and you can queue up some Devil Went Down to Georgia! Oh, and The Rocketeer had Jennifer Connelly, just sayin’ 😀

  • @Carlos: So did Requiem for a Dream!

    So, its Tuesday! We all know what that means! =) ***Light Spoilers***

    I don’t look into upcoming episodes, I like to be surprised. That said, without doing any extensive searching, according to Wikipedia, the title of the episode is Lighthouse. Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission and Jin stumbles across an old friend.

    So, where must Hurley convince Jack to go with him? We must finally find out what Claire has been up to. Is it really Claire, or is it MiB Claire?

  • @PrfktTear: Interesting movie too! Dude, the list with her is long for sure, and quite enjoyable!

    LOST now!