Lost Cause – Part 1

Here’s a brief programming note.

My cousin Jason runs his own Blog – aimed at the action figure enthusiast – over at poeghostal.com. While I lack the encyclopedic knowledge of that world, he recently came-a-callin’ to me looking to see if I could give a new line of Lost figures the once over and provide my knee-jerk critical reaction. I did him a solid knowing that some day, some genius would bust out an Ed Humphries mold with 98 points of articulation and fifteen different catch phrases (“I THROW LIKE A GIRL!!!”) and he’d be first in line to review that bad boy.

So, if you’re interested in reading what I had to say or you just want to be really freaked out by some creepy little concoctions that some “genius” thought consumers demand, then please follow the links and read on.

I gave him two pieces – one post written as my first-blush reaction and the other written after I paged through the official press release. I’ll link to Part II tomorrow.

So go on now. Get Lost.

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  • Blech… I love me some toys and I love me some Lost… but those just look awful. Is it me, or does Ben bear a certain resemblance to the puppet, Lady Elaine Fairchild from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?

  • You nailed it. Puppets have always creeped me out and this is the first time I’ve gazed upon an action figure and made that connection to all those malicious marionettes that you know are just waiting for you to close your eyes so they can creep up and start pulling your strings…

    Just a real strange design aesthetic – that’s for sure.

  • It’s like they could’ve been used as the marionettes in ‘Being John Malkovich’. I wonder if the heads are interchangeable??