Happy ‘?’ Birthday, Andi!!!

Regular readers of my site know that I’ve made it an annual tradition to pay tribute to my immediate family when they hit a new birthday milestone. This year we have Colin hitting seven and Aria turning the page to five – both in May. Also, our labs Abby and Chatham will turn 9 and 8, respectively. Their birthdays roll around this Spring. Then there’s yours truly, who caps it all off in early June by officially stamping myself as late 30ish when I turn 38 on the 6th.

But first it’s my beautiful bride, Andrea (or Andi to me, you and everyone else who knows and loves her). Today marks her “?” birthdate. Yes, she’s the only one whom I leave the age off these pages out of some warped sense of chivalry. That being said, she’s somewhere in league with me but I’m definitely her elder, so that ought to give you a little hint at triangulating her temporal position.

The years don’t matter anyway. I think both she and I have held up pretty well and we have received numerous compliments from people of late who assume we are younger than we really are. It’s all in how you feel, and I think Andi and I both feel pretty youthful. We have a young family and a healthy spirit that helps guide that core towards happiness. Despite the occasional stresses that life tosses our way (for instance, my current joblessness), we keep it all together by making sure to laugh and have fun. In my mind, we haven’t aged a bit – even if this picture says otherwise.

Anyway, I really can’t say enough about the amazing job Andi does in keeping our family unit bound for glory. She does it all. In addition to the numerous household chores that confront us daily, she’s an accmplished singer who leads a Soprano section at the local church while also taking on paying gigs providing vocal accompaniment for funerals and weddings. And where our beautiful songbird took to the stage and blew me away a couple years back as Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music, she is following that performance up with a double-header this month. Last weekend, she costarred in a community theater production of The Love Boat – a fun little folly that was recast as a musical theater renditon of the beloved 70’s dramedy. In two weeks, she’ll take to the stage as Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. And already, I see the anticipation in Colin and Aria as they look to their Mom to transport them to a land far, far away.

Through the myriad of household chores, rehearsals and regular waitressing duties, Andi always finds time to settle for a spell and recharge with her family. In fact, her birthday wish was to have a nice, casual family outing this Saturday – on one of her few rests from rehearsal -  to bring the kids to  Build-a-Bear and cap it off with a birthday lunch. It’s not fancy but neither are we and if anything, it underscores what really makes us tick. That we are happiest when we are together.

This past year has been a tougher one than most. I don’t mean to shadow Andi’s day with gloom but the reality is that I am 7 months into my layoff. We have firm hopes that this year will bring forth good tidings. But no matter how far this rough stretch of road travels, the journey ain’t half bad when we’re in it together.

And it’s on days like this – when I can look to my wife and celebrate everything that she brings to my life – that I realize just how good I’ve got  it. She’s extraordinary in every way and  I love her more and more with every day.

Happy Birthday Andi!!!

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  • Happy Birthday!

    @Ed: I’m a Gemini too… born June 12, just six days and ten years after you! 😉

    Out of curiosity, what theatre is The Wizard of Oz being performed at? I have a four-year-old niece and nephwew (they’re twins) and I think they’d really enjoy going to see that (I’m guessing its for kids.) I’ve made it a point to take in more theatre myself too, I started volunteering at the Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro, Ma as an usher last year and I get to see shows for free. I just recently saw Peter Pan, and I’m looking forward to finally seeing Rent!

  • @PrfktTear – Or should I say, @ my Twin Brother-in-Arms.

    First off – you have instantly aged me in one fell swoop. Damn you and your dastardly youth. Not having to grow up in a decade where parents dressed their kids in the same upholstery they threw on their furniture immediately places you a step higher than me along the evolutionary ladder.

    As for the show, it’s in Southbridge MA and is being performed by a local community theater group out here – the Gateway Players. They have a website (gateway.org). I used to live in Mansfield so I’m very familiar with the Foxboro Orpheum and this troupe is in line with that one. Same idea.

    Anyway, while they have their own theater, for the larger productions (like this one) they use the local high school (Southbridge High School) which has a much larger auditorium. Performances are on the weekend of Feb 19, 20 and 21 (with afternoon matinees on the Saturday and Sunday). It’s a hike out here so you may want to consult Mapquest before committing but if you want, I can have Andi set aside tix at the door for you.

    While she’s the vocal/theater talent in the fam, I did make my debut on the Gateway stage a year ago in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Here’s some links to the articles I wrote, in case you’re interested in reading them.

    Anyway, I bring that up because next week, I’m planning on auditioning for their Spring show – Love, Sex and the IRS – which if cast, may see yours truly in drag. You know I’ll be giving my readers the entire backstage play-by-play, so keep those fingers crossed.

    Here are the links:
    1. http://www.edhumphries.com/2008/10/behind-the-curtain-the-completely-unauthorized-mostly-100-true-shocking-expose-of-one-flew-over-the-cuckoos-nest/

    2. http://www.edhumphries.com/2008/09/theater-of-war/


  • Ed, another great piece of writing from the heart. Please pass my happy birthday along to your wife. I look forward to meeting her someday soon

  • awww!!! so sweet. Beautifully written Ed! What great pics too! Love that top pic with the boys oh so dapper!
    Ed, to make you feel better I’m 41 this year in May! And I’m glad to say our kids love Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, all wonderful stories.

    Ed, regarding a job, weren’t you a BA? You have my email through this entry? Contact me, I may be able to help.

  • And since we’re on the subject of meeting people- you know The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens this year at Universal Orlando- you ever make it to Florida, you contact me OK?

  • @Carlos – I’ll be in touch via e-mail but Orlando is indeed our next vacation destination. We had the vacation funds socked away (still do) but have been sitting tight during my recent job woes. This link will give you the low down on how it all went down – one of those purely business decisions as it came on the heels of the greatest career, and bonus, of my life.


    Anyway – primarily I was a Client Liaison for a financial services firm. What that meant was that I was the middle man for clients who purchased and used my company’s record keeping system (as well as other products such retail web sites, etc). This meant that I would interface with the correct Systems, IT, Business Administration, Call Center, Operations, etc… personnel to make sure that their business needs were being met. So, I have a solid background in Operations Management, Communications, Project Management, Client Relationship Building, etc… One of those jobs where you wear many hats.

    Anyway, 15 years in the work force – divided by 2 companies. 7 at one and 8 at the last. Awesome experiences both times and although they both ended with unavoidable layoffs, we parted ways on the best of terms completely. Too bad I couldn’t make a living off Lost recaps. : )

    But – it goes without saying – that if we make it down there this year (fingers crossed) or whenever it happens, we have got to meet. That’s a promise!!!