Trivia of Terror


I’m back with a brand new pop-culture based trivia contest, just in time for Halloween. Last year, we rung in the holidays with the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown, which I hope to repeat again this December. Following that, we had the Breakin’ Big Hair Brawl – a battle royale through the world of Eighties-themed entertainment and then finally we chased that with Fists of Flannel, where we did the time warp to the grunge-fueled 90s.

Following that, I took a much needed siesta. Between the 3 contests, I came up with approximately 150 questions off the top of my head and I needed time to recharge. But… I’ve heard the call loud and clear. You guys demand more trivia and what better time to launch the new contest than during my favorite month of the year. Hence, the Halloween-themed Trivia of Terror.

Here’s how this will work. Starting October 5th, I will post a new round of 10 questions on this site. We’ll start on Monday October 5th and continue for 4 weeks. Questions will be posted that morning and then you have until 7:00 a.m. EST on the following Wednesday to submit your answers. I’ll tally the results and post them each Thursday, including updated  Leaderboards.

The rules are simple. Read the questions and then submit your answers via e-mail to As always, no cheating. You are on your honor which means no consulting with spouses, friends or neighbors, Yahoo, Google, Bing or any shady search engine your peering eyes and prying fingers can locate. There’s no major prize to be won here – just bragging rights  – so if you cheat, you only let down yourself, your kids, your dogs, your friends and family. Oh, and Taylor Swift. And she’s had a rough year, so if anything, think of poor little Taylor.

As mentioned above, I’ve dubbed this contest – Trivia of Terror. I’ve derived my questions from various areas of pop-culture that dabble in the creepy-crawly . Think horror movies, Halloween specials, shock rock, etc… The majority of questions are multiple choice so even if it’s not in your wheel house, swing away anyway. This is all about having fun so if you don’t know your Leatherface from your Pinhead, or how many times to call into the mirror to summon Candyman and not Bloody Mary – who cares. At the very least, you’ll learn something.

Finally, I want to throw some mad props towards a buddy from way back. Justin Ewell, a friend from the High School days whom was recaptured in the last year due to the magic of Facebook – anyway, he’s the mad genius who came up with the series of horror-themed posters that will be coming your way over the next few weeks. Each one is a work of art and I applaud his efforts.

So lock the doors. Say your prayers. And grab your boomsticks. For Trivia of Terror will steal your soul.

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  • Haven’t missed a question yet! Well, I have incorrectly answered my way to several not-winning positions, but I have not missed a contest yet.
    I’m in, baby!!

  • I’m out of this one. I hate horror movies. Yes I’m a sissy mary, I walked out of “I am Legend” and had nightmares for a week. Good luck everybody.