Trivia of Terror – Round 4 – Results Edition


UPDATE – The results have been tallied and the winners revealed. Taking the top two spots are women which only proves one thing – the Chick Flick is Dead. Thanks to all for participating. I hope you guys had fun. My next contest will launch in early December (December 7th to be precise) when I return with the 3rd installment of the perennial favorite – The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – which focuses on holiday pop-culture (think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Rudolph, The Waitresses, etc). ‘Til then, have a Happy Halloween.

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Here it is – the final round. And once you finish these questions, you get to toss on your costume and head out into the night in search of purloined Pixie Sticks or whatever your confectionary poison might be (Circus Peanuts? – SHUDDER!!!)

Contestants have until 8:00 a.m. Wednesday October 28th to send me their answers. The answers should be sent via e-mail to

As always, there is no cheating. You are on your honor – meaning you cannot hit up your wicked smart spouse or peruse the Internet in hopes of finding the solution to that which haunts you. Answer these off the top of your head and then send me your submission. After all, this is all in fun. No prize to be had aside from bragging rights.

To that end, I’ll post the results and updated leaderboard each Thursday.

May the best guy or ghoul win!!!



1.   Which one of these TV stars never appeared in a House film?
a.    John Ratzenberger
b.    Hugh Laurie
c.    Richard Moll
d.    George Wendt

Answer: B, The good Dr. House never appeared in a House flick

Correct – Matt, Justin, Joe, Tracy, Sharon, George, Sarah, Jim, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin


2.   What future Academy Award-nominated screenwriter wrote The Blob remake, The Fly sequel and the 3rd Nightmare on Elm Street flick?
a.   The English Patient’s Anthony Minghella
b.    Michael Clayton’s Tony Gilroy
c.    The Departed’s William Monahan
d.    The Shawshank Redemption’s Frank Darabont

Answer: D, Darabont

Correct – Matt, Justin, Joe, Tracy, Sharon, George, Sarah, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin, Jim


3.   Which of these horror series did NOT feature an installment filmed in 3D?
a.    Saw
b.    Jaws
c.   Friday the 13th
d.   Final Destination

Answer: A, Saw

Correct – Matt, Justin, Joe, Tracy, George, Sarah, Jim, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin, Sharon


4.   Which of these numerically titled flicks is NOT a horror movie?
a.    28 Days
b.    13 Ghosts
c.    1408
d.    Five Million Miles to Earth

Answer: A, Despite the fact that Sandra Bullock stars in it, the rehab drama 28 Days is not a horror flick. 28 Days Later, on the other hand…

Correct – Kristin, Joe, Tracy, Sharon,
Incorrect – Matt, Justin, George, Sarah, Jim, Patty


5.   Which of these big Hollywood actors has never been killed in a horror movie?
a.    John Goodman
b.    Kevin Bacon
c.    Johnny Depp
d.    Al Pacino

Answer: D, Al Pacino

Correct – Kristin, Matt, Justin, Joe, Sharon, Sarah, Patty
Incorrect – Tracy, George, Jim


6.   What brand of toy was Chucky in Child’s Play (i.e. What we’re the dolls called)?

Answer: Good Guys

Correct – Kristin, Justin, Tracy, Sharon, Sarah, Jim, Patty
Incorrect – Matt, Joe, George


7.   Which out-of-this-world actor’s Halloween Mask served as the basis for the Michael Myers prop mask in the original Halloween?

Answer: William Shatner

Correct – Kristin, Matt, Sharon, Sarah, Patty
Incorrect – Justin, Joe, Tracy, George, Jim
8.   Which of these flicks is not based on the conceit that it is “found footage?
a.   Cloverfield
b.   The Blair Witch Project
c.   The Descent
d.   Paranormal Activity

Answer: C, The Descent

Correct – Matt, Justin, Joe, Tracy, Sharon, Sarah, Jim, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin, George


9.   Which one of these thrillers is NOT based on a foreign film?
a.   The Last House on the Left
b.   Quarantine
c.   The Vanishing
d.   The Hills Have Eyes

Answer: D, The Hills Have Eyes

Correct – Matt, Joe, Tracy, Sharon, George, Sarah, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin, Justin, Jim


10.   Which of these actresses is NOT a traditional Scream Queen?
a.   Jamie Lee Curtis
b.   Linnea Quigley
c.   Leah Ramini
d.   Barbara Crampton

Answer: C, Leah Ramini (although as Joe pointed out – having to work alongside Kevin James for multiple years is likely to make anyone a Scream Queen)

Correct – Matt, Justin, Joe, Tracy, Sharon, George, Sarah, Jim, Patty
Incorrect – Kristin

1    Patty    (36)
2    Sarah    (30)
3    Matt/Joe    (29)

4    Sharon    (28)
5    Stephen/Justin    (26)
6    Tracy    (24)
7    Kristin    (21)
8    George    (12)
9    Jim    (10)
10    Mark    (9)
11    Tom    (5)

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    THAT is f’n frightening!!!!

  • I got a 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got a huge laugh out of the Monster Mash video! Why is it I can see you actually making those moves??? You’re awesome!!

  • Thanks for putting this up, and that video was totally rockin’. Mmmmm-Mash Good.

    Can’t wait for the Ho-Ho-Ho Throwdown.