Trivia of Terror – Round 3 – Results Edition


UPDATE – The answers and Leaderboard can be found below. The final round of questions will be up Monday Morning, October 26, 2009 by 8 a.m. est.

Well, we’re midway through the contest and we still have a real battle on our hands – with it being anyone’s game up near the top. Of course, there are a few unfortunate souls who have apparently disregarded Tangina’s voice and crossed on through to the other side (sorry George) but they should still stick with it simply for the fun of it all. I can’t promise an all football movie trivia contest (as the aforementioned George seems to be angling for) but maybe he can make some last minute Rudy heroics in this skirmish.

We’ve got two rounds left including this one. Contestants have until 8:00 a.m. Wednesday October 21st to send me their answers. The answers should be sent via e-mail to

As always, there is no cheating. You are on your honor – meaning you cannot hit up your wicked smart spouse or peruse the Internet in hopes of finding the solution to that which haunts you. Answer these off the top of your head and then send me your submission. After all, this is all in fun. No prize to be had aside from bragging rights.

To that end, I’ll post the results and updated leaderboard each Thursday.

May the best guy or ghoul win!!!



1.   Which of the following is not a real televised Halloween Special:
a.    Martha Stewart’s Halloween Special: Bad Things, Good Things
b.    The Paul Lynde Halloween Special
c.    Bugs Bunny’s Howl-Oween Special
d.    MTV’s Haunted Cribs

Answer: D, MTV’s Haunted Cribs

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, Joe, Jim
Incorrect – Sharon, Matt, Tracy, George


2.   Which is the only Halloween flick to not feature Michael Myers:
a.    II
b.    III
c.    IV
d.    V

Answer: B, Halloween III

Correct – Stephen, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, Jim
Incorrect – Justin, Sharon, Matt, Joe, Tracy, George


3.   What is It’s alter ego (i.e. what’s that killer clown’s name)?

Answer: Pennywise

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Sharon, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, Matt, Joe, Tracy
Incorrect – George, Jim


4.   If you suddenly started hearing “Tubular Bells”, what horror movie catastrophe would be about to stike?
a.   Psycho Norman Bates would start slashing
b.    Jaws would start chomping
c.    Demon would take possession
d.    Michael Myers would start hacking

Answer: C, Demon would take possession (as it’s the theme to The Exorcist)

Correct – Stephen, Sharon, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, Matt, Joe, Tracy, George, Jim
Incorrect – Justin


5.   Which of these giant monsters has Godzilla never fought?
a.    Mothra
b.    Gojira
c.    The Smog Monster
d.    King Ghidorah

Answer: B, Gojira (that’s Godzilla’s original Japanese name)

Correct – Justin, Sharon, Matt, Joe, Tracy
Incorrect – Stephen, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, George, Jim


6.   Which of these is not the subtitle to a Tales from the Crypt film?
a.    Demon Knight
b.    Bordello of Blood
c.    House of 1,000 Corpses

Answer: C, House of 1,000 Corpses

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Patty, Matt, Joe, George
Incorrect – Sharon, Sarah, Kristin, Tracy, Jim


7.   Which of these Stephen King novels was not set in Maine?
a.    Needful Things
b.    Salem’s Lot
c.    Dreamcatcher
d.    Children of the Corn

Answer: D, Children of the Corn

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Sharon, Kristin, Patty, Matt, Joe, Tracy
Incorrect – Sarah, George, Jim


8.   Which classic movie monster did Abbott & Costelle not tangle with?
a.    Nosferatu
b.    Frankenstein
c.    The Wolf Man
d.    The Invisible Man

Answer: A, Nosferatu

Correct – Sarah, Patty, Joe, Tracy
Incorrect – Justin, Stephen, Sharon, Kristin, Matt, George, Jim


9.   Which one of these famous fictional monster hunters never tangled with Dracula?
a.    Blade
b.    The Charmed Witches
c.    Buffy
d.    Van Helsing

Answer: B, The Charmed Witches

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Jim
Incorrect – Sharon, Sarah, Patty, Matt, Joe, Tracy, George


10.   The Early 80’s creature feature The Stuff doubled as a commentary on consumer culture. What was The Stuff?
a.    Jello
b.    Yogurt
c.    Marshmallow Fluff
d.    Salad Dressing

Answer: Everyone gets this right. After further review, it’s really up to interpretation of whether it was a yogurt or a “dessert” which could technically mean a. or c. So, everyone gets it right.

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Sharon, Sarah, Kristin, Patty, Matt, Joe, Tracy, George, Jim
Incorrect – Nobody

1    Patty/Stephen    26
2    Matt/Joe/Sarah    21
3    Sharon/Justin    19
4    Kristin    17
5    Tracy    16
6    Mark    9
7    George    7
8    Tom    5
9    Jim    5

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