Trivia of Terror – Round 2 – Results Edition


UPDATE – The answers and Leaderboard have been added below. Round 3 questions will be up on Monday morning – October 19th – around 8:00 a.m. EST.

With 12 contestants, we’ve got a good showing for this contest. While it doesn’t reach the heights of the 2o+ that we had for the 80’s and 90’s-themed bouts, 12 makes for a nice field of competition. I realize the Halloween horror can be a niche market that scares off all but the heartiest of souls.

And truth be told, I’m not much of a horror movie buff, despite the fact that I love the Halloween season. That said, I do read a lot of entertainment websites and I’m a voracious film fan so I’m usually in the know on most avenues of pop culture even if I don’t partake in it. So, I know as much about High School Musical as I do Hostel, even if I’ve never settled down to take in either scary movie.  For some reason, I’ve been gifted with a near photographic memory of any pop culture I run across and yet, I can scarcely remember my wife Alison’s birthday.  In fact, looking back at the Round 1 questions, I haven’t seen 6 of the 10 flicks featured in those questions and yet I knew enough about them from memory to craft the questions. That’s my superpower, I guess.

So, here we are with the Round 2 installment of Trivia of Terror. As I mentioned last week, this contest will run for 4 weeks, with a new round of 10 questions being posted each Monday morning.

I’ll be away Monday morning so I figured I’d post these questions early meaning everyone has an extra day to get me their answers. Contestants have until 7:00 a.m. Wedneday October 14th to send me their answers. The answers should be sent via e-mail to

As always, there is no cheating. You are on your honor – meaning you cannot hit up your wicked smart spouse or peruse the Internet in hopes of finding the solution to that which haunts you. Answer these off the top of your head and then send me your submission. Afterall, this is all in fun. No prize to be had aside from bragging rights.

To that end, I’ll post the results and updated leaderboard each Thursday.

May the best guy or ghoul win!!!

Round 2 – FIGHT!!!


1.   While Jason Vorhees has traditionally prowled the bunks of Camp Crystal Lake, by episode eight he decided to take a little vacation. Where did he “take” his trip to?

Answer: Manhatten

Correct – Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Patty, Tracy
Incorrect – Mark, Sharon, George

3d homer

2.   In The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episode that finds Homer pulled through a vortex and deposited, in full 3D, in the real world – what’s the first establishment he visits?
a.    Erotic Cake Shop
b.    Topless Donut Shop
c.    Bottomless Bakery
d.    Legs and Eggs Joint

Answer:   A, Erotic Cake Shop

Correct – Sharon, Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Matt, Joe,  Patty
Incorrect – Mark, George, Sarah, Tracy


3.   Which shock rock act sang the Jason tribute tune – “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)?
a.    Alice Cooper
b.    Rob Zombie
c.    Ozzie Osbourne
d.    Slipknot

Answer:   A, Alice Cooper

Correct – Mark, Sharon, Justin, Stephen, Matt, Joe, Sarah,  Patty
Incorrect – Kristin, George, Tracy


4.    What film contains the line – “Wolfman’s Got Nards”?
a.    Ghoulies
b.    The Monster Squad
c.    Teen Wolf Too

Answer:   B, The Monster Squad

Correct – Sharon, Stephen, Joe, Sarah,  Patty, Tracy
Incorrect – Mark, Justin, Kristin, Matt, George


5.    What horror legend was known as The Man With a Thousand Faces?
a.    Bela Lugosi
b.    Lon Chaney
c.    Boris Karloff

Answer:   B, Lon Chaney

Correct – Sharon, Stephen, Joe, Sarah,  Patty
Incorrect – Mark, Justin, Kristin, Matt, George, Tracy


6.    Which actor never portrayed a murderous Santa Claus?
a.    the WWE’s Bill Goldberg
b.    L.A. Law’s Larry Drake
c.    Roseanne’s John Goodman

Answer:   C, John Goodman

Correct – Mark, Stephen, Joe, Sarah,  Patty
Incorrect – Sharon, Justin, Kristin, Matt, George, Tracy


7.    Who said the following in song:
“The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom.”

Answer:   Vincent Price (in Thriller)

Correct – Mark, Sharon, Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Matt, George, Sarah, Patty
Incorrect – Joe, Tracy


8.    What scary movie features the line, “That’s some bad hat, Harry.”

Answer:   Jaws

Correct – Sharon, Justin, Stephen, Matt, Sarah, Tracy
Incorrect – Mark, Kristin, Joe, George,  Patty


9.    Which of these is not the title to a Child’s Play sequel:
a.    Bride of Chucky
b.    Son of Chucky
c.    Seed of Chucky

Answer:   C, Son of Chucky

Correct – Mark, Sharon, Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Matt, Joe, George, Patty
Incorrect – Sarah, Tracy


10.    What horror spoof was filmed under the title “Scream if You Know What I Did Last Halloween” but not released with that title?

Answer:   Scary Movie

Correct – Mark, Justin, Stephen, Kristin, Matt, Joe, George, Sarah, Patty, Tracy
Incorrect – Sharon

1.   Patty/Stephen    18
2.   Matt/Sarah    15
3.   Sharon    14
4.   Joe    13
5.   Justin    12
6.   Tracy/Kristin    10
7.   Mark    9
8.   Tom    5
9.   George    4

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  • This is great… but in my wonderful way only think I know 1!!!! 1/10 for me.. and its num 7.. Chucky those movies I did see and bought that squeal for my dad who LOVES that movie. ( I think, now second guessing)

  • Well…I have living with Jason to thank for a couple of those…2,4,and 7. I MISREAD 6-Ed is being tricksy again…And quite possibly being the oldest person in here is why I was the only one who missed #10…I wasn’t DATING when it came out!!