Trivia of Terror – Round 1 – Results Edition


UPDATED – Answers and results have been appended to each question and you’ll find the leaderboard below. Round 2 questions will be up on Sunday October 4th sometime in that morning, due to the holiday and the fact that I’ll be away on Monday. I’ll send up the Bat signal as soon as I have the questions up.

Here we are with Round 1 of Trivia of Terror. As I mentioned last week, this contest will run for 4 weeks, with a new round of 10 questions being posted each Monday morning.

Contestants have until 7:00 a.m. Wedneday October 7th to send me their answers. The answers should be sent via e-mail to

As always, there is no cheating. You are on your honor – meaning you cannot hit up your wicked smart spouse or peruse the Internet in hopes of finding the solution to that which haunts you. Answer these off the top of your head and then send me your submission. Afterall, this is all in fun. No prize to be had aside from bragging rights.

To that end, I’ll post the results and updated leaderboard each Thursday.

May the best guy or ghoul win!!!

Round 1 – FIGHT!!!


1.   Which sitcom geek costarred with Ozzie Osbourne and Gene Simmons in the 80’s rock n’ roll horror flick, Trick or Treat?
a.   Silver Spoons’ Freddy
b.   Welcome Back Kotter’s Horshack
c.   Growing Pains’ Boner
d.   Family Ties’ Skippy

Answer:   D, Skippy
Correct: Stephen, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Kristin, Sharon, PAtty
Incorrect: Justin, Matt, Tom M, Joe, George


2.   Which sweet specter is self-billed as “the ghost with the most”?
a.   Boo Berry
b.   Beetlejuice
c.   Candyman

Answer:   B, Beetlejuice
Correct: Stephen, Justin, Matt, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Kristin, Sharon, George, Patty
Incorrect: Nobody


3.   Give me the name given to the captured C.H.U.D. in the horror-comedy, CHUD II. (Hint: It’s also the subtitle of the film).

Answer:   BUD the CHUD
Correct: Stephen, Matt, Sharon, Patty
Incorrect: Justin, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Kristin, George


4.   In Night of the Living Dead, the zombies beseiged a farmhouse. In Dawn of the Dead, they hit the mall. What did they attack in the third flick, Day of the Dead?

Answer:   A military bunker
Correct: Stephen, Matt, Tom M, Patty
Incorrect: Justin, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Joe, Kristin, Sharon, George


5.   Which international superstar said the following:
“Now I have a story that I’d like to tell
About this guy you all know he had me scared as hell
He comes to me at night after I crawl into bed
He’s burnt like a weenie and his name is Fred”

Answer:   Will Smith (the Fresh Prince)
Correct: Stephen, Matt, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Joe, Kristin, Patty
Incorrect: Justin, Tom M, Sharon, George


6.   Which rock group recorded the entire soundtrack to Stephen King’s directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive?

Answer:   AC/DC
Correct: Stephen, Justin, Matt, Sarah, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Sharon, Patty
Incorrect: Mark, Kristin, George


7.   Which horror icon terrorized folks in the suburbs, “in da’ hood” and finally in space?

Answer: Leprechaun

Correct: Justin, Patty
Incorrect: Stephen, Matt, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Kristin, Sharon, George


8.   Which space-based horror flick had the tag line “In Space No One Can Hear Your Scream”?

Answer:   Alien
Correct: Stephen, Justin, Matt, Sarah, Mark, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Kristin, Sharon, Patty
Incorrect: George

Craven, Wes

9.   Before he terrorized entire squads of nubile cheerleaders in flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, what subject did director Wes Craven teach as a professor at Clarkson College?
a.   Woman’s Studies
b.   Sociology
c.   Humanities
d.   Creative Writing

Answer:   C, Humanities
Correct: Justin, Matt, Sarah, Kristin, Sharon
Incorrect: Stephen, Mark, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Patty


10. Which major film director launched his career with the shlockfest, Piranha II: The Spawning?
a.   Sam Raimi
b.   James Cameron
c.   Tim Burton
d.   Michael Bay

Answer:   B, James Cameron
Correct: Stephen, Matt, Sarah, Tracy M, Tom M, Joe, Sharon, Patty
Incorrect: Justin, Mark, Kristin, George

Patty     9
Stephen     8
Matt     8
Sarah     7
Sharon     7
Tracy     6
Justin     5
Tom     5
Joe     5
Kristin     5
Mark     4
George     1

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  • Ed, Not sure what happened, but I had sent you an email with my answers. I guess I should have sent it through facebook. I only three right anyway!

  • Good to see that my guessing ability still has me solidly in the middle of the pack!!