Nine Years Later


Nine years ago today, on one of those storybook examples of a New England Indian Summer’s Day, the type that usually fade with the true descent into Fall, Andi and I awoke bright and early on a fine Saturday morning with the sole directive that we were going to the chapel and we were gonna’ get married.

Here we are as close to a decade as one can come and it really still feels like the beginning. Sure – a lot has changed in the nine years since that brilliant, sun-dappled morning, with our zip code migrating several counties westward and an assortment of creatures, great and small, arriving to seek cohabitation under our roof, but despite the many milestones we’ve already climbed together, it really feels like the great adventure stretches onward. And that can’t help but fill me with anticipation and great expectations for where this road may continue to twist and turn.

While our wedding day was a blur, as the best of them always are, I somehow retain total recall over almost every second of the day. And it was a long day, by design, as we never wanted it to end. The wedding kicked off in the morning in Norwood, MA with our reception scheduled for that Saturday afternoon at the Lakeview Pavilion in Foxborough. We also made plans for an after party that evening – a wise bit of forethought as the moment the day started rolling, we were having a blast and as mentioned, didn’t want the dark to ever descend on a truly glorious day.

Seriously, this was a day, wedged in the middle of the month, at a time when temps usually top 59 degrees and the threat of snow is just starting to creep around conscious thought. And yet, we awoke to a forecast promising bright blue skies dotted with the tiniest wisps of cotton candy clouds, and a temperature of 80 dry degrees. Perfect Wedding Weather!!!

I remember standing in the church, alongside my best man and bestest friend Sean, as our amazing choir, stockpiled with great friends culled from Andi’s collegiate choir days, provided a stirring soundtrack to the festivities. And then a hush settled on the crowd as my beautiful bride-to-be made her grand entrance and glided down the aisle towards her date with destiny and a lifetime with me.

The knowledge that she had looked deep into my being and selected me – out of every single soul populating this vast Earth – well, that was enough to stagger me. Seriously, when you stop to really think about it – the fact that one person, who could literally have anyone on the planet, looks at you and lets the rest fade into the backdrop and decides that they are willing and wanting to give themselves over to you, with complete trust, to journey through this life and take in the sights, bound arm-in-arm with you, ONLY YOU – that’s simply mind-blowing and life affirming. It’s the mother of all Ego Boosts.

Of course, we knew a long time before that we were going to get married. In fact, we booked the hall and some of the particulars even before I laid a ring on her finger, as we knew we wanted to mark the Millennium with our matrimony. That’s not to say that she wasn’t surprised when the question was finally popped – out there in the middle of Lake Sokokis in Limerick, ME – adrift in a canoe as I desperately clutched the brilliant bauble in one hand while trying to steer the canoe to the perfect spot to launch my grand inquisition – in hopes that a speedboat wouldn’t pick that time to fly by and capsize us in its wake. Never a good omen.

Fortunately, we had nothing but smooth sailing – both to the center of the lake as well as back again, with the knowledge that she had said Yes – OFFICIALLY – providing a nice blast of wind to my proverbial sails.

Flashing forward to that wedding day, it really was a glorious day. And we made the most of it – soaking in every second of the ceremony and then enjoying every moment of the reception. From there, we went casual and migrated to the after party which stretched deep into the night before we departed on our honeymoon. I remember that following week, there would be moments where both of us would find ourselves wistfully reminiscing about the big day. Why did it have to fly by so fast? Why do the best times always do?

That’s a question that we ask ourselves more and more these days. And that’s the sign of a life well lived as we’ve begun to accumulate a number of “best days” and it seems they all fly by way too quickly. Nine years later and we have so many memories that live large in our shared scrapbook of life.

The nice thing is, as I look ahead to the unwritten pages, I spy a wide spray of empty canvas, awaiting the next thrilling chapters in our tale. I, for one, can’t wait to see how this story continues.

Happy 9th Anniversary Andi.

I love you, Always!!!

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