The Smorgasbord Showdown – Round 3 – Results Edition


Updated – Answers and Leaderboard are below.

Last day of the Showdown and only now do I think – “Man, I should have named it The Smorgasbord Smackdown!!!” – keeping it in line with my other previous pugilistic endeavors. And with that, all of my ten-cent words are spent. Me talk normal now.

Y’all know the rules but I’ll reprint again in case you still have Ashley Madison on the brain and are fixin’ to stray. You have until 7:00 a.m. EST Saturday April 4th to send me your answers. Send those to or via Facebook private message.

As always, no cheating. Meaning no Yahoo. No Google. No wiki. No Ashley Madison. Nothing.

Round 3 – FIGHT!


1.   According to the opening narrator, what year did the crack commando unit known as the A-Team get sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit – a year near and dear to my heart?
Answer:   1972 (the year I was born – to which Matt called me “Grandpa”)

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Matt, Rob, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Dan, Jim O
Incorrect:   Carlos


2.   Who are Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm?
Answer:   Scary and Sporty Spice

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Matt, Rob, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Dan, Jim O
Incorrect:   Carlos


3.   Which musician composed the title song to A Nightmare on Elm Street – Dream Warriors?
a.   Metallica
b.   Slayer
c.   Alice Cooper
d.   Dokken
Answer:   D, Dokken

Correct:   Sarah, Matt, Rob, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Dan, Jim O
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Carlos


4.   In the video game world, name one member of the romantic duo forever vexed by Ganon?
Answer:   Link and/or Zelda

Correct:   Sarah, Matt, Rob, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Dan, Jim O, Carlos
Incorrect:   Tracy R


5.   Which actor has played both Santa Clause and Linda Tripp?
Answer:   John Goodman

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Matt, Rob, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Jim O
Incorrect:   Dan, Carlos

1.   Sarah   (17)
2.   Aunt Sharon, Rob   (16)
3.   Jim O, Justin, Matt   (14)
4.   Jim M, Joe   (12)
5.   Dan   (11)
6.   Tracy R   (10)
7.   George   (8)
8.   Tracy M   (7)
9.   Carlos   (5)
10.   Sean   (4)
11.   Alex   (1)

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  • It depends on what browser you are using and how they parse the HTML. For instance, I am using Firefox and it is working, but likely not for IE. This has to do with the plugin I use here on the blogs to allow images and text to appear before a break. The plugin isn’t very good about making the breaks valid in the code and I should probably just roll my own so that it is done proper. Then I will release it upon the WordPress community and become a rockstar ninja and people will want to donate to a PayPal account for my fine work and I can quit my job and buy and island and drink umbrella drinks all day and never think about all you little people again…

  • Ahhhh………….so close!!
    Thanks, Ed, this was a great diversion during a difficult week! It looks like I will need another one next week, so how about something related to 60’s music? I will RULE!!

  • @ Aunt Sharon

    1 – Name the bands that Eric Clapton played with in the 60’s

    2 – What was the name “The Beatles” a tribute to?

    3 – Who recorded “Alley-Opp” and what was the subject about?

  • That was awesome Ed.! Thanks…that was the best I’ve done in any of them. Sweet! Congrats Sarah! You are the ruler of the Smorgasboard.

  • @ Joe- okay, off the top of my old head…assuming that the Smackdown No Cheat rules are in effect for all challenges on these pages…
    1. The Yardbirds ( not to be confused with The Byrds-as Aunt Ron often does) and Cream -and if I remember correctly from his autobiography that I read last year, he had a brief stint with a blues band in there too.

    2. One of their breakaway influences in England – Buddy Holly and the Crickets
    ( just finishing Philip Norman’s book on John Lennon-but I knew that anyway)

    3. Got me on about 30% of this one, it was the Hollywood -somethings – and it was based on the old comic strip of the same name about a caveman. And yes, I used to read it, but I never did have the 45 of these guys-or else I would go up into the attic and look at it!Along with my Beatles and Cream ones.

  • @Aunt Sharon –
    #1 – 2 1/2 out of 4 🙂 – Yardbirds, Cream, John Mayall and the BluesBreakers and Blind Faith (just makes the cut in ’69 – I love the song “Can’t Find My Way Home”…and this Clapton talk has got “Bell Bottom Blues” going through my head, another great song…)

    #2 – Yeppers

    #3 – you pretty much got it – Alley Oop the Caveman – and the band was The Hollywood Argyles

    I’d throw ya some more, as I love music trivia – but not sure we want to get Ed mad at us taking over his talkback section 😉

  • (and I know I have my 60’s and 70’s Clapton interwinded, as “Bell Bottom Blues is done by “Derek and the Dominos” 😉 )