The Smorgasbord Showdown – Round 2 – April Fools Results Edition


Editor’s Note  (UPDATED) – April Fools!!! So, come one. Fess up. How many of you did I nail with those fake adult-oriented ads? I’ve received a few notes from people who bought it, including Dan M. who thought I had gone insane advertising Ashley Madison on my site. “The Ed Zone – Get your lovers here!!!”  So, let us know in the Comments below if you bought it and what you thought when you saw them.

I’ll have you know that I started planning this a couple of months ago – laying the foundation with those strategically timed updates that ads were coming. Then Sean launched the redesign with the Google ads and it just made it seem so legit.

I showed a co-worker the ads and when he spied the Trim one, he told me that I’m in the wrong line of work. Not sure if that means I should be chasing more creative endeavors or if he thinks I should start my own business.

Oh – one more thing. This little mini-series trivia contest was designed specifically to send traffic to my site. Yup, it’s a sham too – although the questions are real. Don’t worry, we’ll finish it out proper. And with that – let’s get cracking. Results are below.

You’ll notice that today we’ve launched our image-based ads, which typically provide greater visibility to the vendors meaning a slight bump in revenue to the ad hosts (meaning Sean and I). Basically, we stand the chance of making more scratch off these than the Google Ads. So, I hate to keep beating this drum, but you guys would be doing a solid in helping keep us afloat by clicking on the ads.

Now, as for the subject matter. I wrestled with it and at the end of the day realized that this is the way the ‘net works, or at least, the way commerce on the ‘net works. And I just care too much about this site to have to say a fond adieu to it. As you know, I work in the Financial Industry – a sector that is not living its finest hours these days and may just be on the booze-soaked slide off the back nine. With two kids, two dogs and two wives (errr… did I just admit that)… one wife to feed and support, I’ve got to cut some of the frill.

But like I said - this is my passion. This keeps me sane. So, I need to keep this site up and running. And I need to keep writing. Whatever it takes! Right?

Anyway, I’m trying to be discreet with my feelings. I don’t want to risk offending our new guests and in fact I am thrilled to have them here. They’re keeping the power running, providing we support them. Again, just clicking and perusing their wares is all it takes. And if you like what you see – no one’s the wiser.

All right, on with the show.

Well, here we are at the midpoint of this mini-series. Don’t worry, I’m busy dreaming up a 21st century contest. Maybe we’ll shoot for that in late Spring/early Summer. I miss y’all too.

You have until 7:00 a.m. EST Thursday April 2nd to get me your answers. Please send them to As always, no cheating.  No Google. No Yahoo. No ‘sexting’ me for the answers. Nada.

Round 2 – FIGHT!


1.   Which one of these 80’s movies did Ron Howard NOT direct?
a.   Gung Ho
b.   Cocoon
c.   The Flamingo Kid
d.   Willow
Answer:   c, The Flamingo Kid

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Joe, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Tracy M, Rob, Jim M, George
Incorrect:   Matt, Jim, Dan, Carlos


2.   What musician turned off his MTV and headed to Hollywood to score A Princess Bride?
Answer:   Mark Knopfler (from Dire Straits)

Correct:   Sarah, Joe, Matt, Rob, Jim M, Carlos
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Justin, Jim, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Tracy M, Dan, George


3.   Is the following quote from a CHICK FLICK (romance) or DICK FLICK (action)? A Bonus point is awarded if you give me the movie’s title.
“This time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.”
Answer:   Dick Flick – Die Hard

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Joe, Matt, Justin, Jim, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Rob, Jim M, Dan, George, Carlos
Incorrect:   Tracy M


4.   What famous mode of transportation did Devon Miles own?
Answer:   K.I.T.T.

Correct:   Tracy R, Sarah, Joe, Matt, Justin, Jim, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Tracy M, Rob, Jim M, Dan, Carlos
Incorrect:   George


5.   Which Marvel Superhero does Elizabeth Shue encounter in Adventures in Babysitting?
Answer:   Thor

Correct:   Sarah, Joe, Matt, Jim, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Tracy M, Rob, Jim M, Dan, George
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Justin, Carlos

1.   Joe, Sarah, Jim M   (12)
2.   Aunt Sharon, Rob   (11)
3.   Alissa   (10)
4.   Jim O, Justin, Matt   (9)
5.   George   (8)
6.   Dan, Tracy M, Tracy R   (7)
7.   Sean, Carlos   (4)
8.   Alex   (1)

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  • Ed Ed Ed!!!

    Don’t beat yourself up. This is tame. Anyway, I’m not sure I’m their target demographic but I’ve got your back. Two clicks from me.

  • Sex sells buddy!!! You should have been doing this ages ago.

    BTW You as ‘Baby’ is DISTURBING – although surprisingly, you seem to have Jennifer Grey’s old nose.

  • Eddie – I’ve left you a couple of messages. I really want to talk to you about this. If you see this, call me at work. Be there ’til 3.

    Luv, Mom

  • Took me a second look, too. Didn’t know you were baby. Hopefully noone has been putting you in the corner. A time-out, maybe, but not in the corner LOL

  • I know I didn’t put any answers in for this round, but isn’t the correct answer for the last one “Thor” and not “Elizabeth Shue?” Or was it just that the little girl thought she was Thor?

  • @Sean-the little girl thought she was Thor, then they ran into a Thor during their Adventure-I just can’t remember if he was a Good Thor or a Bad Thor…

    And I totally fell for the ads! BOTH of them!!

  • LOL..I never even noticed that Ed was baby..must have been too distracted by the Ashley Madison ad….

  • I was thinking sorry Ed no way I’m clicking on an Ashley Madison ad and trying to explain that cookie to my husband! LOL