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UPDATE -   Looks like we’re merely a week away from launching the ads. They should be up sometime next week. Remember, I hope to keep them as unobtrusive as possible but if you can do me a solid and click every time you see a new one, those clicks will help pay for this site.

Well, it’s only taken three years but we’re finally making The Ed Zone into a household name. Or, at the very least, one understood by the regional dialect.

Thanks in part to the Lost posts, Netflix pieces and assorted pop-culture imagery on the site, the hit totals have been skyrocketing over the last year or so – a steady increase that really hit the rafters earlier this year when Lost returned to the airwaves and my site relocated a little bit of world wide web exposure.

The fact that Lost was giving us a big boost was not lost on my main man (and site designer) Sean and I. We noticed a marked improvement in traffic whenever I published a Lost post which has driven me to insure I get those posts up and available as soon as humanly possible following each episode.

The other large traffic driver has been the images. Essentially, any time someone Googles a subject for an image, The Ed Zone tends to leap to the forefront provided I have the pic here – even though most of the images I feature are on loan from other sites. So, things like the Lost pieces, female favorite Jacoby Ellsbury and that creep Neil Entwhistle have resulted in a boon of recurring hits.

So what does this all mean?

Late last year, Sean started selling me on the notion of allowing ads to run on the site. I sort of bristled at the notion. After all, this is my personal history here and despite the fact that I open it up to the world to view, placing ads on the site seemed to sully the experience. Plus, I worried what it would do to the layout which I think, as designed by Sean, has a nice clean aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye.

Sean dashed the majority of my fears. He mentioned that the ads would be small and non-intrusive but eye-catching. We’d look to partner with marketing companies that cater to the Blog market and thus avoid any of those annoying pop-up ads that dot frequent destinations like Yahoo, ESPN and other large sites. As he described it – just a few small boxes with some pretty pics and words. And, I would get final approval on anything before it went up on the site. I’m no so much worried about content so much as I am about keeping the layout nice and organized. I’m a bit OCD in that regard.

Plus, Sean helpfully reminded me that this domain (while not a bankbuster) ain’t exactly free either. So, even a few thousand clicks on these ads over a year would help pay for that and other ancillary maintenance costs. In fact, it’s doubtful we’ll see dime one off this deal but we could make it that we don’t have to pay out another dime to keep this boat afloat.

And that’s where you – my faithful reader – come in. We’re not certain of the launch date (it will likely be in a few weeks) but when the ads do go live, I’d like to ask that if you enjoy stopping by my site for a spell, that you do me (and the marketers) a courtesy and click on an ad or two. There’s no obligation to buy anything. We’re getting paid a tiny stipend based on number of unique hits so the more individuals that click the links, the more likely we are to stay in business here. It should be completely painless. Check out the ad and if you’re not moved by their products, then pop back to The Ed Zone and enjoy reading what you came for.

I promise to make it worth your while.

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  • Excellent idea! But add to the no-no list, those scary dancing people in the mortgage ads! And since I check your Head several times a day ( looking for more pithy comments, or something I missed in my first 5 reads of the Lost post) I can click away! That might change if ever I get a job…but ya’ never know!

    And are you SURE Sean is not your constant?

  • I think it’s a fine idea. I found it does help a little on my own blog, although I seem to be the only one who clicks on the ads. Google ads are very unobtrusive, and has some tasty treats, but I’m sure you and Sean have a scheme devised already. Good luck with whatever it is. I’ll be sure to click away.

  • Hey, I think that is a great idea. Let me know how it works out and maybe I’ll have my wife do it for her stamping and scrapping website.

  • I think it’s a great idea, if you can make any bit of extra cash, I’m all for it. You can count on me to click away.

  • It is pretty well established that I am no ones Constant, however, my services can be purchased for a nominal fee… Then maybe I won’t have to slag this blog with ads.

  • I can attest to Sean services and he has a very reasonable hourly rate plus free financing!!!

  • @prfkttear: Glad you gave me a few hours. Anyway, it looks like the post will be up tomorrow morning. I was aiming for today but the site that I get my pics from doesn’t have last night’s loaded (they are usually up first thing in the morning) so I’ll have to grab them after work. There’s a potential I’ll get the post up this eve but worse case scenario, tomorrow morn.

  • I was just wondering…do you take notes during the episode? Or would that be like a magician revealing his tricks?

  • No notes. No repeat viewings. No searching on fan sites.

    My super power is total recall over anything I’ve watched on TV or film.

    So, I do this completely from memory. Which now that I admitted that, may send some of you heading for the hills screaming “HACK!!!”

  • Eddie,

    I had never watched Lost until I got the first season for Christmas this year. When I get caught up I will read your “Lost” blogs. In which season did you begin your blogs?

  • @Aunt Suzanne – Welcome aboard!!! The Lost posts would have started in Feb ’96 (so that’s Season 3). The best way to find them is to hit the archives and select the Television archives.

  • sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight
    [the google] company’s gonna give me lots of money
    and everything’s gonna be (all right).