The Smorgasbord Showdown


For those that aren’t on Facebook but frequent this site, I thought I should post this little announcement.

After a little hiatus, I’m back – for one week only – to vex your brains with a mini-series of trivia questions.

For this contest, I have cobbled together three rounds of questions culled from those left over from our past contests. Most I had kept aside in case a tie kick-started a bonus round. With those contests ending their final rounds with a true victor declared, I didn’t need to bust out the extra questions. Well, why let them languish away when I can throw them your way and make or break your day.

The rules are simple. I will run 3 Rounds of 5 Questions Each. Round 1 is Monday. Round 2 will follow on Wednesday. And Round 3 will appear on Friday. Following that, we’ll crown a victor. If you use Facebook, I’ll post a reminder on contest days letting you know that the latest round is up. As always, I’ll post results and a leaderboard the day after each Round.

Remember – no cheating. No Google. No Yahoo. No Spouse. No Significant Other. No secretive cousin who scores you Ando everytime he visits the Dominican. Nothing.

Round 1 goes up Monday morning – March 30, 2009.

You’ll have until 6:30 a.m. EST – Tuesday March 31, 2009 to get me your answers. They can be sent to or via private message on Facebook.

Good luck.

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