The Smorgasbord Showdown – Round 1 – Results Edition


[UPDATE – The results are up. Look below for the answers and current Leaderboards. Round 2 will be up by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday April 1, 2009.]

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After a little hiatus, I’m back – for one week only – to vex your brains with a mini-series of trivia questions.

For this contest, I have cobbled together three rounds of questions culled from those left over from our past contests. Most I had kept aside in case a tie kick-started a bonus round. With those contests ending their final rounds with a true victor declared, I didn’t need to bust out the extra questions. Well, why let them languish away when I can throw them your way and make or break your day.

The rules are simple. I will run 3 Rounds of 5 Questions Each. Round 1 is up today (obviously). Round 2 will follow on Wednesday. And Round 3 will appear on Friday. Following that, we’ll crown a victor. If you use Facebook, I’ll post a reminder on contest days letting you know that the latest round is up. As always, I’ll post results and a leaderboard the day after each Round.

Remember – no cheating. No Google. No Yahoo. No Spouse. No Significant Other. No secretive cousin who scores you Ando everytime he visits the Dominican. Nothing.

You have until 6:30 a.m. EST – Tuesday March 31, 2009 to get me your answers. They can be sent to or via private message on Facebook. Good luck.

Round 1 – FIGHT!!!


1.   What are the names of Higgin’s two Dobermans in Magnum P.I.?
Answer:   Zeus & Apollo

Correct:   Joe, Sarah, Jim O, Aunt Sharon, Rob, Alissa, Dan, Jim M
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Justin, Alex, Tracy M, George, Sean, Matt


2.   Is the following quote from a CHICK FLICK (romance) or DICK FLICK (action)? A Bonus point is awarded if you give me the movie’s title.
“I now know why you cry but it is something I can never do.”
Answer:   DICK FLICK – Terminator 2

Correct:   Joe, Sarah, Jim O, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Rob, Alissa, Tracy M, Dan, George, Jim M, Sean, Matt
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Alex


3.   Which musician composed the theme song to Friday the 13th Part VI?
a.   Metallica
b.   Slayer
c.   Alice Cooper
d.   Dokken
Answer:   C, Alice Cooper

Correct:   Tracy R, Joe, Sarah, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Rob, Alex, Alissa, Tracy M, Dan, George, Jim M, Sean, Matt
Incorrect:   Jim O


4.   If you were looking for Moses Hightower, what’s the first place you should look?
Answer:   Police Academy (not Israel Dan!!!)

Correct:   Tracy R, Joe, Sarah, Jim O, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Rob, Alissa, Tracy M, George, Jim M, Matt
Incorrect:   Alex, Dan, Sean


5.   Which of the following was not a Survivor location?
a.   Gabon
b.   Micronesia
c.   Droubay
d.   Fiji
Answer:   C, Droubay (that’s the last name of the 1st drummer in the band Survivor)

Correct:   Tracy R, Joe, Sarah, Jim O, Justin, Aunt Sharon, Alissa, Tracy M, Dan, George, Jim M, Sean
Incorrect:   Rob, Alex, Matt

1.   Joe, Sarah, Jim M, Aunt Sharon   (6)
2.   Justin, Rob, Alissa, Dan, George, Jim O   (5)
3.   Tracy M, Matt, Sean   (4)
4.   Tracy R   (3)
5.   Alex   (1)

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  • And in other exciting news, Sean unveiled the latest redesign for the site. This has been an annual tradition of his and it always makes for a great surprise. I LOVE IT!!! Awesome work, man.

  • @ Ed – Had to put something for an answer..drew a complete blank on

  • Corrected the Leaderboard to dock O’Connor a point. I had him at 6. He should have been 5.

  • site looks great all! Ads too. I’m clickin. I was sad to see the first round started and I missed it then really sad when I knew the first question! Downhill fron there. You all rock cause I’d be in last place for sure. I’ll try round two.