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Looks like the Jack Pack ain’t the only one doing the time warp back to those hazy, crazy days of peace, love and the Dharma Initiative. Yup, I’ve been tripping alongside them. Now, if only I could remember where I left that Constant.

I’ve got to give mad props and big ups (sorry – still stuck in that 90’s groove after Fists of Flannel) – anyway, a hearty slap on the back is owed Joe D. for putting in a little bit of overtime after his marathon Photoshop sessions for Flannel to place my mug on some Dharma digs. He crafted three of them for me and I think I’ll use these in rotation for each of the Lost posts.

Thanks again, Joe.

With that said, on with the show. Let’s get Lost.

1.   Not a lot of island activity this week but plenty of activity in getting those voted off back on board. This was a tight, fast-paced hour that once again, provided a good dollop of information and answered a few lingering questions while keeping the main mystery just off-stage. I’m repeating myself but for anyone who still holds on to the maxim that the Lost writers don’t answer any questions, you must be stuck back in Season 3. If anything, this season has been akin to the scene in A Clockwork Orange where we, the viewer, have our eyes pried open and are being blasted with rapid fire information in a bid to retrain our brains. Some of the stuff they’ve thrown out there, especially the time travel stuff, is pretty ballsy for a mainstream hit show but I think it’s awesome that ABC trusts in the producers to reward the loyal fans who have stuck by the show. They know that by now, the casual audience has jumped ship – which leads to lowered ratings than the first season – but consistent ones. And that frees them to tell their tale without compromise. So, for once, I applaud the network for letting these guys wave their freak flag proudly.

2.   So, we know some of the Oceanic 6 is back on the island. At the very least Kate, Jack and Hurley made it intact. But what of Sayid, Sun, Ben, Frank and while I’m at it – the entire plane? During one of Locke and companies’ flashes a couple of weeks ago, they came across their ocean front estate completely trashed. This is when they located those boats – one of which had a bottle of Ajira Airlines water inside. So, did the entire plane crash or were just the key people transported from the plane to the island when it crossed the window


3.   On the topic of windows, we got a good explanation from Mrs. Hawkins about the island. As we suspected, the island moves through time and space but along a sequence of waypoints (or windows) around the Earth – usually located above areas of intense magnetic activity. This calls back to that episode from Season 2 where Rose journeyed to Australia to seek out a faith healer who had taken up residence in the shadow of a mountain that supposedly had a massive well of magnetic activity – which may make that one of the island’s stops – or at least, one of the entrance points to make your way to the island.


4.   Also during her speech, Mrs. Hawking discussed a “clever fellow” who came up with a series of mathematic equations and helped locate the island. We know that outsiders have been on the island as far back as 1954 (according to the US Army photo that Jack was looking at) so the question is – who is this “clever fellow” who found the island. I’d say we can discount Faraday as he wasn’t born. And it doesn’t sound like Mrs. Hawkins was describing herself. I don’t think it’s Richard Alpert or Joshua simply because I think they are indigenous to the island. And we know when Ben made his way there. My guess is that it is either Alvar Hanso – the benefactor of the DHARMA Initiative – or the DeGroots, those scientists he bankrolled to create this initiative. Let’s go with them as the leading candidates – and thus far, we have only seen them in a grainy orientation video.

5.   That said, based on where this episode ends, with Jack and company apparently on the island sometime in the late 60’s or 70’s, I think there is the potential that they may come face-to-face with the DeGroots.


6.   I know I’m skipping around here, but while we’re on that tangent, that last scene – with Jin rolling up in his brand new Little Miss DHARMA van proves that when Locke pushed the wheel, he put a stop to the time hiccups but didn’t necessarily restore the island to present time. So, wherever we are in time, it appears to be before the Purge but it seems enough time has elapsed since Locke left for Jin (and presumably the others) to integrate the DHARMA Initiative. Which, suddenly, brings that opening scene of this season – with Daniel Faraday working at the under-construction Orchid Station – make a lot of sense. This will likely lead to Daniel’s presence in that time period warning a young Charlotte to leave the island.

7.   So, now for a time table check. All of the main characters are together in the same time period and location. They are on the island – lost sometime in the late 60’s/early 70’s. The rest of the world (including Widemore, Penny, Desmond, etc) are in the year 2008.

8.   I was talking to my buddy and he mentioned that his wife pointed out that in this day and age, nobody could purchase 78 tickets without raising a red flag. She’s got a point there but I’m willing to grant the writers a little dramatic license. Plus, it was a decent gesture on Hurley’s part to try and save a few more people from being victimized by a plane flight designed to replicate Flight 815 as much as possible. Then, there is always this argument. I’m watching a show about a time-traveling island that uses ghosts to pass MASH notes and dispatches a sentient cloud of smoke to bitch-slap its enemies so proper FAA conduct is the least of my worries. Just roll with it people.

9.   The same guy also mentioned that there is the issue of Jack conveniently being called to visit his Grandfather at a nursing home – which ends up producing the pair of shoes he needs to turn Locke into a makeshift Christian Shepherd. In this instance, I’m not so sure that is an issue of writer’s convenience so much as additional evidence that the island works in mysterious ways. We saw this happen last season in the episode where Michael kept trying to off himself, off island, and was unable to do so. At the time, he was confronted by Tom, who told him “The island won’t let you do it.” Michael kept pulling the trigger on a loaded gun and the gun wouldn’t fire.


10.   In fact, in last night’s episode, we were reminded of the island’s influence when Jack kept trying to leave Locke’s letter with the deceased and yet, the letter kept turning up. Jack started to buy into it, telling Ben that he felt the island wanted him to read that letter. And when he did, he got a simple, heart-breaking confession. “I wish you had believed me.” Now, the big question is, what is Locke referring to? Something he said when he returned to the mainland or is he focused more on his constant arguments for faith in the island’s power versus Jack’s clinical approach?

11.   Thus, those shoes appearing in his grandfather’s case – and more importantly – the summons he received on that particular day, do not seem as up to chance or convenience as we might expect. The long arm of the island touches all of them.


12.   There was some nice foreshadowing of what’s to come – in terms of Jack’s need for blind faith – with Ben’s discussion of the apostle Thomas needing physical proof to believe in the resurrection of Christ. Shades of Jack and a soon-to-be resurrected Locke?

13.   And who knew Ben spent so much time in Sunday School? That guy continues to surprise.

14.   So – the Oceanic 6 may be back – but I have a feeling we’ll see some flashbacks to our new off island mysteries. Let’s take a tally:

15.   First up is Kate – who crashes Jack’s pad offering up a late night booty call provided he never asks her where Aaron is. Jack – I know it was late and you’re lonely but – NEVER?!?!?!?!? Damn, we guys are all the same. We’ll say anything for… oh, where was I? Anyway, the big mystery is what happened to Aaron. I’d say the smart money is that he is with Claire’s Mom – that’s the safe bet anyway – but there was something eerie and creepy about Kate so who knows.

16.   Second – despite his assertion that he is not going to that island – Sayid ends up in custody, alongside a federal marshal (shades of Kate’s maiden voyage). I’m thinking that Ben’s connections pulled the strings on that one but why have him extradited to Guam unless it’s for trumped up charges in Guam which is a good possibility.

17.   Third, why is Hurley on the plane clutching a guitar. My buddy Joe thinks that Charlie got to him – in one of his ghostly visitations – and convinced him to join the crowd and to make sure Charlie was represented by clutching his guitar. I’d say that’s a great guess by Joe.

18.   Incidentally, there was a cool little shout out to one of Lost’s best writers – Brian K. Vaughn – who actually writes comics for his day job. Vaughn is responsible for Y: The Last Man, an amazing graphic novel that tells the tale of a world where due to some mysterious catastrophe, every single male being on the planet drops dead immediately – all but one knucklehead – and then deals with how society would break down and rebuild in the wake of that event. In the airport, Hurley was seen reading the Spanish-language version. I’m not an avid comic reader but I’m not a comic snob either and when my buddy Sean tossed that my way last year, I figured I’d give it a go. Hook. Line. And Sinker. An awesome, AWESOME book. A great read. And a fantastic story. Reading through it – I instantly knew why Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse courted Vaughn to join their camp. His books read like a serialized show like Lost. I did a write-up on it over here so check it out and if you are a huge Lost fan or just want to see all men die (who doesn’t – am I right, bitches?) then check it out.

19.   Fourth, who laid the smackdown on Ben? And what mysterious errand did he run off to do. If memory serves correctly – he said, “I have to make do on a promise I made for an old friend.” It hit me. Last season, he promised Widemore that he would kill Penny as Widemore had been responsible for the death of his “daughter”, Alex. So… DID BEN KILL PENNY??? As creepy as that is – it would serve as inspiration for Desmond to travel to the island and get his revenge. As Mrs. Hawkins’ said, “The island isn’t done with you yet.”

20.   All right – I think that about covers it. There was that random dude on the plane who spoke to Jack, offering condolences, and I don’t think that was done to kill time. I’m wondering if that guy was planted by Widemore as a way of getting an “in” on the island.

That’s enough for now. Let me know what you guys have.

See you next week for Episode 5.7 – ‘The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham’.

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  • This show makes my head spin, and I love it! Days after the episode, Bobby & I are still talking about it, trying to process the episode. This totally helps.

    Question for you – when Jin was shown at the end of the show, do you think his face showed that he recognized Kate, Jack, & Hurley? Bobby & I say yes, a friend of ours says no….what do you think?

  • Quick question…did someone take a series of headshots for you, with appropriate expressions??
    I’ve only read this through once, but, like the show, I usually have to check it twice. I like the idea of the guitar representing Charlie, I just hope there isn’t a bag of designer hair products for Boone and his sister!

    And never ask again…Andi is your constant…or Sean.

  • First off a big hello to everyone, sorry I’ve been missing. Huge project at work (over on 03/28), major deadlines, computer-less a for a month or so, holidays, etc. I know there’s no excuse for such a disappearance but I have read when I could.

    @Ed, you’re still doing a great job as always. Hopefully I can get in on the next competition in April/May! Fists of Flannel, great stuff, love it.

    @Aunt Sharon, I must agree with you on last week’s posts, with the Rally Killer, I was all into that. I have to say Kate is super hot but there’s something about Juliet that pushes her to number 1 for me, she’s got some hidden hell cat inside, I just know it. Can’t really do an FMK on them, kill one of them, heck no!

    My biggest concern is Sun’s kid! Aaron too but we can safely assume he’s with grandma. Now Sun’s kid is probably with grandma too but how could Sun abandon him? I mean, Aaron isn’t blood to Kate and via next of kin and all that he belongs with Grandma, but Sun’s kid???

    Re: # 6. I caught that Jin had to integrate himself into Dharma but great one on : “…-with Daniel Faraday working at the under-construction Orchid Station – make a lot of sense. This will likely lead to Daniel’s presence in that time period warning a young Charlotte to leave the island.”

    Why no plane crash?? I thought that was peculiar. Also, it seems that when jack was killing time flying for free, on all those Oceanic flights, back and fourth, he should of brought a buddy along, he may have gotten his wish!

    I still wonder about the “space” part in the island moving in space and time. I can almost completely buy everything the show throws at us from a theoretical stand-point (not that I need to, I roll with whatever and enjoy it) but when they get this close I like to explore…It’s difficult to buy that the island is physically moving but then I wondered, if time is changing isn’t physicality irrelevant? In an equation involving space and time, if time is in flux, be it extreme or not, if its space is constant- you’re still not going to be able to see it unless you are ON the island- it’s all relative to the observer….isn’t that Relativity? In other words, the island is not constantly moving, hence why Jacob said we must move the island, something that is not done often. And I think that means the time shifting was engaged, so to speak, but under normal circumstances the island simply sits in a distorted level of time. Remember the timing of the probes was off? Also, Faraday and company were able to go back and forth from the freighter for a good amount of time, it was just difficult and a certain path had to be followed. This isn’t much based on last night’s episode or anything just talking about the moving in space part of the island that has been in my head for a while.

    On another note, I have been absolutely fascinated this season. Looking at this show in its entirety, it’s so awesome. When it’s all over (assuming it ends well!), I would love to sit back and read the entire LOST novel, or at least have some sort high-level summary of it all! And I think you nailed it with #1 and “…And that frees them to tell their tale without compromise. So, for once, I applaud the network for letting these guys wave their freak flag proudly.”

    Can’t wait to see whatever conflict ensues with Locke and Widemore next week!

    Glad to hear the shout out for Brian K. Vaughn!! He’s actually been producing the past 6 or 7 episodes too. What exactly does a producer do anyway??

  • I don’t know if it was just me, but this one had the heaviest religious vibe yet. I never put a lot of stock in that being a part of this, but now it certainly seems so. Remember the two bodies in the cave way back in Season 1? Maybe those were Adam & Eve as you, or someone else, suggested. Maybe they have four toes on each foot. 😉

    I like that Ben is still Ben. His response of “Who cares?” to Jack’s query about what happens to the other passengers of Flight 316 was great. I think you are spot on about his errand. He did call from a marina, right? I’d say if he didn’t succeed in killing Penny, he at least tried. Either way, it seems likely Desmond beat the crap out of him and yes, it is likely that he ends up back on the island. I was going to guess that all three of them — Desmond, Penny and little Charlie — would somehow end up sailing there anyway.

    My guess was that Aaron was with Claire’s mum too, but Kate was awful weird. That look was like she killed Aaron or he’s dead or something bad happened to him though. My hope is she went to Claire’s mum and gave her the whole truth about Claire, Aaron, Jack, Christian, etc. I guess it was true though, she will not raise him.

    Speaking of Christian, I continue to think more and more will be revealed about him and his role as we go on. He’s such a huge linchpin. I liked the grandfather too. For a minute, I thought Jack would take him along for the ride. I’m sure we’ll see him again anyway, but probably in a flashback.

    No mention of Frank being the pilot of Ajira 316? Looks like the island wants everyone back that left (i.e. not just Oceanic 815).

    Since Locke’s crew found the Ajira water bottle, you have to now wonder if Juliet picked off someone we care about when they were on the boats. You figure Jack’s crew knew where the camp was, so it stands to reason it was them. Of course, now they are reunited with Jin, who was previously reunited with Sawyer, so you think they are now all together in the past and at the time they are building the Orchid station where Faraday showed up at the start of the season. I’d say you were spot on there. How they get back to the future on the boats is a mystery. Is the island not done flashing yet?

    “Y: El Ultimo Hombre” was awesome. I like that Cuse and Lindelof threw that in there to tribute Brian K. Vaughan. He wrote “The Little Prince” this year and I hope he has a few more!

    I hope that Andi is Ed’s constant and not me…

  • Holy Head this is a lot of questions. There’s no way I can answer them all so I’m gonna’ hewn in on a few and let the rest of you answer and discuss the rest.

  • @Sarah – I just think that was Jin surprised to see them back (and in his current time period).

  • @Aunt Sharon – All I know abou the headshots is that I will never run for President. That’s pretty much assured now.

  • @Carlos – Welcome back!!! Sean and I were actually wondering aloud a few weeks ago what happened to you so it’s good to see you back – with a whole bunch of compelling info of your own. Great stuff there.

    Regarding Jack – Something just hit me. I wonder if he was the key to getting back to the island. At the very moment he read Locke’s note – “I wish you had believed me” – there was a wash of realization across his face – like suddenly, he was a true believer. And in that instant, they traveled back to the island. I wonder if that was key. To believe in magic.

    As for the island moving – I think it’s less physical and more dimensional. When you get into time travel theory you also get into multiverse theory and I wonder if that’s wht’s going on here. That the island moves among dimensions.

    As for a producer, basically it just means that Vaughn gets paid more. The Exec Producers do all the heavy-lifting (i.e. casting, etc) and then anyone listed as a Producer usually has a voice in the creative direction and thus gets more pay. It’s basically a prestige title to tell the talent that they want them sicking aroud because they value their input. Vaughn is the man, and deserves it.

  • @Sean – Good call on the marina thing. The fact that he stopped to call from the marina tells me that he may have succeeded or killed Penny and seriously wounded (if not, killed) Desmond. If Desmond were still up and able, I don’t think Ben would make the call from a few hundred yards away.

    Also, I missed noting the Frank thing (by the end of these pieces I sometimes lose a few threads). Good pick up there.

    Sean is NOT my constant!!!

  • Okay, I just realized/thought of a wrinkle in the marina thing. Desmond likely flew to LA, not sailed there. Also, and this is just because my memory sux, but when Penny told him he could go to LA, did she say she was going with him? I want to say that did happen, but I’m not sure. Anyway, if they are all in LA, they could certainly stay on a boat there as well! Maybe.

    There was definitely a lot of realization flowing into Jack with this episode at different points. He is obviously one of the main players in this deal but I’d think the fact that he read the note and then they flashed out was a coincidence.

    I don’t think the movement of the island is dimensional or thru the multiverse. If we use a comic book definition of the multiverse or dimensional travel then they’d be moving to different realities than their own but staying in the same physical location and time in both. They appear to be staying in the same reality but moving to a different physical location and time. I was thinking it is more likely moving thru wormholes that open and close at different times and places on the planet and they are calculating the event windows with the equations, equipment, etc. in the church basement.

  • I think Kate brought Aaron to Claire’s mother for his own safety. Once Ben has threatened you with anything, you may as well give up…He is my most favorite Evil Person in all of TVLand! His ” Who cares?” is completely classic and had me gasping out loud!
    Any chance that the two bodies could be the remains of the 2 frenchmen who were went into the Temple ( one voluntarily…stupid)?

    Maybe if Ben killed Penny, he knew that Desmond would now follow him back to the Island, since he knows who to see-Daniel’s mother ( mother’s know EVERYTHING!)

    And Jin’s face was perfect ( his abs ain’t bad either, but that type of comment sends these discussions where some fear to tread!), so I am not sure if he recognized them and thought they had LEFT the Island- or he had his own memory intact and he knows that he is in a time period where THEY cannot be…

    and his abs ain’t bad either…

  • Let me amend that a bit… in comics, sometimes when traveling across the multiverse, time can change, so maybe that is a possibility. I can’t think of any dimensional travel where time changes though. Of course, I am basing most of this on the Fantastic Four, but a little bit on DC’s weird Crisis stuff (and they get heavily criticized for how out of whack that gets).

  • Thnaks! Glad to be here! Good call on Jack and the realization. Absolutely possible that it was that moment. Anyone else out there wonder why it took him so long to read it??! I mean, we understand everything he’s gone through etc, but jeez, I would’ve read it some point, the curiosity alone….
    Also, anyone else notice 316 referring to John 3:16, the most widely “mentioned” bible passage ever or does this go without saying?

  • We watched the episode last night and loved it! A couple of things I noticed… The “Lamppost” as a doorway to another world was a great nod to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. The religious imagery is interesting to me as well (Locke as a Christ figure – dying by hanging – resurrected to save others who didn’t necessarily ‘believe’). But the thing that gnaws at me is that painting at Jack’s house. A figure in white with a non-descript black head…there’s a red shiny box in the painting as well. Did anyone see that?

  • @Sean, yeah, good stuff, i could never get into Crisis at all….On Penny and Desmond, he must have flew, which was a surprise last week since I thought it would take them forever to get to LA from Oxford. And yes, she did say she would be with him, I thought that was a great, touching moment. That all seems logical, marinas and all but I sure hope she’s not dead. If Penny was killed though, the show will change- can we say BENNNNNNNNNN!!!!! LOST II- The Wrath of Desmond.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if for just a moment they showed Christopher Lloyd playing Doc Brown in a Dharma suit working at the Orchid Station circa 1955??

  • Not much to add that has not already been said, but I agree with you Ed that the “random” person at the counter and then in first class with them will probably come up again downt the line. I liked how calm Hurley was as he tells him to buckle his safety belt. I too believe the guitar is sometype of tie to Charlie like he will be reunited with him on the Island and brought the guitar to him.

    It will be interesting to see where Sun, Syaid and Locke end up on the Island. Ed you mention the lights start when Jack reads the letter. I also noticed that i9t happend when Ben walked away toward the front of the plane AND Jack read the letter. I wonder if he had some way of facilitating a crash or mechanism to transport them to the island?

    I though the woman talking to Locke in the prevues for next week as the officer who had Sayid in custody. My first thought when I saw Sayid on the plane and Ben banged up was the Sayid beat up Ben and somehow Ben got him arrested. But in 36 hours and then to be sent to Guam so quickly? Not likely. It will be interesting to see how Sayid and even Hurley came to be on that plane. Also for Ben I didn’t even think of the fact that he might have went after Penny, knowing she would be around once he saw Desmond. I wonder if Desmond will go after him on the Island if that is the case.

    Finally loved the fact the Frank was the pilot. His realization that everyone is on the plane and that they are not going to Guam was great.

  • All the “John 3:16” overtones about the Flight number make some sense (especially if Locke is going to ‘come back’ next week…)
    But it got me thinking what the other flight would have equated to…

    John 8:15
    15 – You judge me by human standards, but I do not judge anyone.

    Not sure if that means anything in terms of the “first flight to the island” – but I always thought there was alot of judging on the island (Smokey judging who was worthy – the talk of “we’re the good guys”, etc) – so I guess I just smacked into a theory deadend – oh well…

  • hi,
    do you know who painted the painting in Jack’s apartment which figures prominently @ 22:49-24:31 in “316”?