Fists of Flannel – Round 2 – Results Edition


[UPDATE:   The answers have been appended to the questions below. At the very bottom you’ll find the current Leaderboard. Round 3  Questions will be up Monday February 9th 2009 – by 8:00 a.m. EST]

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an Ed.”

So here we are at Round 2 and it’s still early yet. At this stage, it’s anyone’s game. Especially if someone can tap Joe’s PC and provide evidence of his lying, cheating ways. (Joe – I kid. I used to room with you so the way I figure it is if I have all this useless knowledge in my head, it stands to reason that others do too.)

Anyway, Noelle brought up a good point in the comments last time. Regardless of score, she’s just here to have fun and play the game. And that’s what this is all about. Seriously, winning the Fists of Flannel is not going to make you Michael Phelps overnight. Watching Pineapple Express and getting into character might but not winning the Fists of Flannel.

With that said, we have 5 more rounds to play. Everyone has until 7:00 a.m. EST tomorrow (Thursday February 5, 2009) to submit their answers to As always, no cheating. No Google, Yahoo, Wiki, spouse, dog that tells you who to kill, nada, zip, etc…

Round 2 – FIGHT!!!


1.   Who killed Laura Palmer?
Answer:   Her Father, Leland Palmer (he was possessed by the spirit BOB – hey, it’s David Lynch. Don’t blame me. I don’t write this stuff.)

Correct:   Jason, Jim O, Stephen, Suzanne, Matt, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, Sean, Patty, George, Rob
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Stacy G, Justin, Joe, Sharon, Scott, Noelle, Stacy S, Jim M, Jamie


2.   Name the Saved by the Bell character (not actor) who went on to pursue fame and fortune on the Las Vegas strip in Showgirls.
Answer:   Jessie

Correct:   Jason, Jim O, Stacy G, Justin, Stephen, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Sharon, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, Noelle, Patty, George, Rob, Stacy S, Jamie
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Suzanne, Scott, Sean, Jim M


3.   Which of the following acts was NOT on the bill for the first Lollapalooza concert in 1991?
a.   Smashing Pumpkins
b.   Siouxsie & the Banshees
c.   Ice-T & Body Count
d.   Nine Inch Nails
Answer:   A, Smashing Pumpkins

Correct:   Jim O, Justin, Stephen, Joe, Natisha, Sharon, Dan, Tracy M, Noelle, Sean, Patty, George, Rob, Jamie
Incorrect:   Jason, Tracy R, Stacy G, Suzanne, Matt, Sarah, Alissa, Scott, Gwen, Stacy S, Jim M


4.   Who died on October 31, 1993 outside Johnny Depp’s Hollywood night club, the Viper Room?
Answer:   River Phoenix

Correct:   Jason, Tracy R, Jim O, Stacy G, Justin, Stephen, Suzanne, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Sharon, Scott, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, Noelle, Sean, Patty, George, Rob, Stacy S, Jim M, Jamie
Incorrect:   Nobody


5.   Which of the following female artists did NOT record an MTV Unplugged session?
a.   Alanis Morissette
b.   Gwen Stefani
c.   Hole
d.   Shakira
Answer:   B, Gwen Stefani

Correct:   Jason, Tracy R, Jim O, Stacy G, Stephen, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Sharon, Tracy M, Noelle, Sean, Rob
Incorrect:   Justin, Suzanne, Alissa, Scott, Gwen, Dan, Patty, George, Stacy S, Jim M, Jamie


6.   In Independence Day, what brand of computer is the technologically advanced alien mother ship compatible with?
Answer:   Apple (I’ll accept Mac as well) At the end of the movie, Jeff Goldblum connects his Powerbook to the mother ship using the world’s largest USB connection and uploads a virus to it, even though Mac’s historically don’t carry viruses.

Correct:   Jason, Tracy R, Jim O, Stacy G, Suzanne, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Sharon, Scott, Dan, Tracy M, Sean, Patty, Rob, Jim M
Incorrect:   Justin, Stephen, Matt, Gwen, Noelle, George, Stacy S, Jamie


7.   Which of the following people did NOT guest-star on an episode of The X-Files?
a.   Leonard Nimoy
b.   Alex Trebek
c.   Jesse Ventura
d.   Jodi Foster
Answer:   A, Leonard Nimoy (Trebek and Ventura were in the same scene playing Men in Black and Jodi Foster played the part of Betty, the tattoo that drove a guy to murder.)

Correct:   Jim O, Stacy G, Matt, Joe, Natisha, Sharon, Noelle, Sean, Patty, Rob
Incorrect:   Jason, Tracy R, Justin, Stephen, Suzanne, Sarah, Alissa, Scott, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, George, Stacy S, Jim M, Jamie


8.   Which of these is NOT the title of a classically defined chick flick:
a.   True Romance
b.   Boys on the Side
c.   The Object of My Affection
d.   When a Man Loves a Woman
Answer:   A, True Romance (although that Christin Slate was DREAMY!!!

Correct:   Jason, Jim O, Stacy G, Justin, Stephen, Suzanne, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Sharon, Scott, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, Noelle, Sean, Patty, George, Rob, Jim M, Jamie
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Stacy S


9.   Who said the following:
“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.”
Answer:   Agent Smith – The Matrix

Correct:   Jason, Jim O, Justin, Stephen, Joe, Sarah, Alissa, Sharon, Scott, Dan, Sean, Patty, Rob, Jim M
Incorrect:   Tracy R, Stacy G, Suzanne, Matt, Natisha, Gwen, Tracy M, Noelle, George, Stacy S, Jamie


10.   In the world of television, who is Art Vandelay and what does he do for a living?
Answer:   George Costanza’s alter-ego (and I accepted almost every job you threw at me because he’s had many fake occupations)

Correct:   Jason, Tracy R, Jim O, Stacy G, Justin, Stephen, Matt, Joe, Sarah, Natisha, Alissa, Sharon, Gwen, Dan, Tracy M, Sean, Patty, George, Rob, Stacy S, Jamie
Incorrect:   Suzanne, Scott, Noelle, Jim M

1.   Joe/Rob   (19)
2.   Sharon/Jim O   (18)
3.   Natisha   (17)
4.   Alissa/Sarah/Sean   (16)
5.   George/Stacy G/Tracy M   (15)
6.   Jamie/Matt/Stephen   (14)
7.   Jason   (13)
8.   Justin/Dan   (12)
9.   Gwen   (11)
10.   Jim M   (10)
11.   Scott/Suzanne/Patty   (9)
12.   Brian   (8)
13.   Stacy S/Noelle   (7)
14.   Alex   (5)
15.   Tracy R   (4)
16.   Kristen   (3)

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  • Well…this could be the best thing that will happen to me all day!! Assuming, of course, someone does not offer me a job, in which that MIGHT trump, but I’m not sure.

    And for the record, who is Laura-and now Leland- Palmer and what show/movie were they in?

  • “Who killed Laura Palmer” was the tag line to Twin Peaks. Leland Palmer was her Dad.

  • I know it’s a game….and for “FUN”…however….question 8: Having never seen True Romance and attempting an educated guess, the question terminology “classic” chic flick threw me. Object of My Affection had same-sex storylines which is why I went with that as “non-classic” chickflick. True Romance really was my backup answer only cuz i knew the other 2….But given the fact that only a couple people got it wrong i suppose i’m the only so-and-so that read into it too much. Don’t mind me, I’m just cranky today. Still love ya, Ed 🙂

  • Who would have thought Hole did MTV unplugged..must have sounded like S@#t

  • Agent Smith? Right movie, wrong character. Those movies sucked anyway. Should have gotten the ID4 question, too. It was just on a couple of weeks ago. I’m slipping.

  • @Stacy – True Romance is a Quentin Tarentino-scripted piece of pulp fiction that had Christopher Walken talking fruits and veggies with Dennis Hopper before capping him, had Patricia Arquette beaten to a bloody pulp by James Gandolfini before setting him on fire, and has a stoner Brad Pitt giving directions to some wayward mobsters. And then it ends in a brutal gunfight that kills almost every character with the exception of the two main characters – although one loses an eye.

    Let’s put it this way. If my wife came to me with those 4 titles and asked me to recommend one for her and her friends to watch on Mom’s Club Movie Night – I’d likely be served if I offered up True Romance. The other 3 titles all apply. In fact, the Object of My Affection, has Jennifer Aniston falling in love with her gay friend – which makes it tragic that she can’t find true romance with her true soul mate. Chicks dig that s#@t!!! : )

  • @Matt – What do you mean “Agent Smith? Right movie, wrong character”?

    Are you implying that I have the wrong answer there, Mr. Anderson. Because I assure you I do not, Mr. Anderson.

  • I was thinking the same thing Justin! I remember the 80’s better somehow!!

  • I never saw ANY of the chick flicks in question( because I would have to be hogtied and dragged in…or seriously bribed by Auntie Ron to go see any of that genre) and I picked True Romance on a guess that our Ed was being tricksy again! But it sounds like something I would like!

  • @Aunt Sharon – Check out True Romance immediately. A great, great movie. That Chris Walken/Dennis Hopper scene is an absolute classic sequence – a master class in acting. And the film is stockpiled with great character actors including:

    Samuel L. Jackson
    James Gandolfini
    Christian Slater
    Christopher Walken
    Dennis Hopper
    Val Kilmer
    Brad Pitt
    Gary Oldman
    … and of course, Bronson Pinchot. (I know – WHAT?!?!?!?)

  • I will Netflix it immediately!

    Not to rush…but did ya’ see Lost last night???

  • Yup – My post is ready to go. It will be up in the morning. I just need to grab my pics.

  • Ed, not all girls like chick flicks. Some of us like porn. Umm, did I just say that out loud?