Fists of Flannel – Round 1 – Results Edition


[UPDATE:   The answers have been appended to the questions below. At the very bottom you’ll find the current Leaderboard. Round 2  Questions will be up Wednesday February 4th 2009 – by 8:00 a.m. EST]

I hope you’ve been studying because it’s on like Sisco’s Thong Song. (Yeah, I originally had Donkey Kong but that is soooooooooooooo 1983. And then I went Brian’s Song, but that’s just sentimental pap that doesn’t move anyone… oh, and it’s too 70’s. So Sisco it is.)

Anyway, most of you are repeat offenders so you should be in the know with what’s expected here. But for anyone new or for some of you perennial bottom feeders who apparently are unable to retain any prior knowledge whatsoever, I’ve posted the rules below.

Fists of Flannel is similar to the other contests I’ve run. Essentially, we’ll run through multiple rounds of 90’s pop-culture trivia. Movies, television and music are the staples but every once in awhile a fringe entertainment creeps in.

The format will be the same as the other games. Six rounds of 10 questions each (I dropped 4 per round to keep things more manageable). Round 1 starts now. Players have until tomorrow morning (February 3, 2009) by 6:00 a.m. EST to send me your answers at Results will be posted that day. And then Round 2 will go up on Wednesday February 4th. We’ll continue in this fashion through six rounds.

The only change to the schedule (made simply to make my life easier) is I will run two rounds per week (not 3) meaning the contest will go for 3 weeks.

The schedule works as follows:

Round 1     Monday February 2
Round 2     Wednesday February 4
Round 3     Monday February 9
Round 4     Wednesday February 11
Round 5     Monday February 16
Round 6     Wednesday February 18

With the results, I’ll also post a Leaderboard. The top 3 winners at the end of Round 6 will be declared the victors and will hold exclusive bragging rights until the next trivia contest rolls around (in about a week or so – SAYYYYYYY WHATTTTTTT?!?!?!?) .

One more thing. NO CHEATING. Which means, no Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia or spouse. You have to answer these off the top of your noggin.

Without further adieu, begin these FISTS OF FLANNEL!!!

Round 1. FIGHT!!!


1.   In 1997, which fictional movie character received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the MTV Movie Awards and who presented it?
a.   Jason Vorhees – presented by Kevin Bacon
b.   Chewbacca – presented by Carrie Fisher
c.   Godzilla – presented by Raymond Burr
d.   Freddy Krueger – presented by Johnny Depp
Answer:   B, Chewbacca presented by Carrie Fisher (she was making amends for the snub at the end of the original Star Wars.)

Correct:   Justin, Joe, Jim O, Sarah, Stacy G, Stephen, Dan, Natisha, Gwen, Alissa, Jim M, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Scott, Jason, Suzanne, Matt, Rob, Kristen, Alex, Stacy S, Noelle


2.   In the movie Twister, what is the nickname of the device that Helen Hunt is obsessed with launching into the center of a tornado?
Answer:   Dorothy

Correct:   Scott, Jason, Joe, Jim O, Sarah, Stacy G, Matt, Stephen, Dan, Rob, Kristen, Natisha, Gwen, Jim M, Stacy S, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sharon
Incorrect:   Justin, Suzanne, Alissa, Alex, Noelle, Sean


3.   If you were rollin’ down Rodeo with Vivian Ward, what movie would you be in?
Answer:   Pretty Woman

Correct:   Scott, Justin, Joe, Suzanne, Sarah, Stacy G, Stephen, Dan, Rob, Natisha, Gwen, Alissa, Alex, Stacy S, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sharon
Incorrect:   Jason, Jim O, Matt, Kristen, Jim M, Noelle, Sean


4.   Which rap superstar recorded Ninja Rap for the Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtle sequel?
a.   MC Hammer
b.   Vanilla Ice
c.   LL Cool J
d.   Young MC
Answer:   B, Vanilla Ice

Correct:   Jason, Joe, Jim O, Sarah, Stacy G, Matt, Stephen, Rob, Natisha, Gwen, Alissa, Alex, Stacy S, Brian C, George, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Scott, Justin, Suzanne, Dan, Kristen, Jim M, Tracy M, Noelle, Jamie


5.   Which of these is NOT a real celebrity endorsed video game?
a.   Shaq Fu
b.   Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair
c.   Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen in Double Trouble
d.   Aerosmith’s Revolution X
Answer:   C, Double Trouble

Correct:   Scott, Jason, Joe, Suzanne, Stacy G, Rob, Natisha, Alissa, Jim M, Sharon
Incorrect:   Justin, Jim O, Sarah, Matt, Stephen, Dan, Kristen, Gwen, Alex, Stacy S, Brian, Tracy M, George, Noelle, Jamie, Sean


6.   What popular office supply do Romy and Michelle claim they invented?
Answer:   Post-It Notes

Correct:   Scott, Jason, Joe, Jim O, Sarah, Stacy G, Matt, Rob, Kristen, Natisha, Gwen, Alissa, Jim M, Alex, Stacy S, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Noelle, Jamie, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Justin, Suzanne, Stephen, Dan


7.   Which of these is NOT the name of a real grunge band?
a.   Funboy the Dog Criminal
b.   Temple of the Dog
c.   Mother Love Bone
d.   Paw
Answer:   A, Funboy the Dog Criminal (this is actually the name of a fictional band I created in the 90’s. Listening to BCN, I would hear their rundown of local gigs and it’s in the local music scene that you come across the wackiest titles. It doesn’t matter how good the music is – you just know the band is never going to break out with a crazy name like they’ve chosen.

So I decided that if I were to ever manifest some musical ability followed by ambition, then Funboy the Dog Criminal would be my band name. I even came up with the concept for our first road trip – The ‘Leavin’ with the Loot’ tour and my buddy Joe designed a great ‘fake’ concert T for the fictional tour as a birthday gift. It had concert dates on the back and a logo on the front (of a dog with one of those cartoon bandit masks standing over a sack with a big $ printed on it).

Anyway, at a Dave Matthews show, some dude approached me and went on for 20 minutes about how much he loves Funboy and how he’d seen them at Daytona the year before. So, if I ever disappear from this site, you’ll know it’s because I’ve gotten the band back together.)

Correct:   Justin, Jason, Joe, Suzanne, Jim O, Stacy G, Matt, Stephen, Rob, Kristen, Natisha, Alissa, Jim M, Alex, Brian C, George, Jamie, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Scott, Sarah, Dan, Gwen, Stacy S, Tracy M, Noelle


8.   Which television character famously rebutted George Bush with the following phrase – “Hey, we’re just like the Waltons. We’re praying for the end of the depression, too.”
Answer:   Bart Simpson

Correct:   Justin, Joe, Suzanne, Jim O, Sarah, Matt, Rob, Alissa, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sean
Incorrect:   Scott, Jason, Stacy G, Stephen, Dan, Kristen, Natisha, Gwen, Jim M, Alex, Stacy S, Noelle, Sharon


9.   What city was The Real World: Season One set in?
Answer:   NYC

Correct:   Scott, Justin, Joe, Suzanne, Jim O, Sarah, Stacy G, Matt, Stephen, Dan, Rob, Natisha, Gwen, Alissa, Jim M, Alex, Brian C, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Jason, Kristen, Stacy S, Noelle


10.   What rock group was on stage when Drew Bledsoe famously crowd-surfed and crushed a person in a 1997 Boston-set club show?
Answer:   Everclear

Correct:   Justin, Joe, Jim O, Sarah, Matt, Rob, Alissa, Tracy M, George, Jamie, Sharon, Sean
Incorrect:   Scott, Jason, Suzanne, Stacy G, Stephen, Dan, Kristen, Natisha, Gwen, Jim M, Alex, Stacy S, Brian C, Noelle

1.   Joe   (10)
2.   Rob/Alissa/George/Sharon   (9)
3.   Jim O/Sarah/Stacy G/Natisha/Brian/Jamie   (8)
4.   Matt/Tracy M/Sean   (7)
5.   Justin/Stephen/Gwen/Jim M   (6)
6.   Scott/Jason/Suzanne/Alex   (5)
7.   Dan/Stacy S   (4)
8.   Kristen   (3)
9.   Noelle   (1)

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  • Okay…I’m over my head here…I am only playing to keep Perfect Attendance Pin!

  • Crap…soo close! If only I had gone with Bart instead of my fallback Homer. I actually got #5 right-which is reflected in the final total- but not on question breakdown. The Funboy anecdote was hysterical! How could your own sister not know that story???

    As soon as you hit the TV shows, I’ll be cooked…

  • @Aunt Sharon: Funboy was something that I figured only Ed, Joe, myself and maybe Justin would know for sure. Everyone else would just be guessing or narrowing down the answers. Plus, there is a band named Fun Lovin Criminals that could trip people up. It is an awesome anecdote with the likely baked dude at the DMB show! This is the life of Ed…

  • I actually have never heard of any of the bands Ed used- whether real or imaginary ( I know,hard to believe that I am not up on my grunge lore). I thought the Funboy one was a play on that Bounty Hunter show…

    And PLEASE tell me that Ed and the baked dude started talking about their favorite songs and even threw out a few lyrics!

  • Apparently pop trivia just isn’t my thing! Judging by those results, at least you know I didn’t look up the answers. I’m going to keep playing though, even if it is just for kicks.

  • BTW…I knew there was a reason Funboy the Dog Criminal was vaguely familiar to me, but it was probably because of a passing reference you made to it. I don’t recall ever hearing the story.

  • @Noelle: I wouldn’t worry about it because you could score 10 on the next one. Some rounds work out to be harder than others, except for Joe and his magic trivia googles. I thought this round was pretty tough and only knew five for sure.

    Also, not to throw Dan under the CRX, but he scored a 1 on the first round of the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown, so at least your weren’t the first! 😉

  • @ Sean – no, no, no – it’s magic trivia “goggles” – I put them on and I see the answers in my brain…

    I just want to beat Justin – I’ll throw a few questions if it’ll make you feel better…

  • I have stopped trying to beat anyone in these things…..I agree with Noelle

  • I just read the Funboy Band anecdote to Uncle Ron. Since we’ve never even heard this story before, we are wondering just how many more of these are in Ed’s Head…and how many beers it would take to pry them out!

  • I’m just curious of the shirt – I haven’t seen it since the Mansfield/Nashua days

  • Last time I saw it was in Brockton when we were packing to move here. So I think it’s in a box.

  • @Joe: I asked him if he still had the shirt when I sent in my answers. Don’t let him fool you, he said he used it to wash the car and then clean up after the dogs. A waste of fine art…

  • Don’t believe him Joe. It’s somewhere in the basement. Sean is welcome to come over and search. And clean.