The Breakin’ Big Hair Brawl – 80’s Trivia Contest


In a bid to provide further fodder to those of you who claim I have way too much time on my hands, I am back with another quasi-quiz show to help while away these nasty winter months. Before you go calling DSS, please note that I concoct these things after the house has been turned down for the evening, the kids are in bed and the rest of you are nestled snug on your couch traipsing through The Hills or pining over Bromance. Yeah yeah, I doth protest too much.

Anyway, starting next Monday – January 5, 2008 – we will launch a new trivia contest on these pages, similar in structure to The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown that I’ve run the past couple of Decembers. Where that focused on Holiday Pop Culture Trivia, this new contest aims squarely at Eighties Pop Culture (movies, TV, music). Most of my readers peg the 80’s as their formative years and I have a sneaking suspicion that the rest of you were alive during that decade – so we should all be on equal footing. Let’s just hope you were paying attention to Clara Peller.

The format will be the same. Six rounds of 14 questions each (yeah – 4 more per round than Ho Ho). Starting Monday January 5th, I will post Round 1 in the morning. Players will have until the following morning by 6:00 a.m. EST to send me their answers at Results will be posted that day. And then Round 2 will go up on Wednesday. We’ll continue in this fashion, with Rounds posted every other business day followed by answers the next day. The schedule works as follows:

Round 1     Monday January 5
Round 2     Wednesday January 7
Round 3     Friday January 9
Round 4     Monday January 12
Round 5     Wednesday January 14
Round 6     Friday January 16

With the results, I’ll also post a Leaderboard. The top 3 winners at the end of Round 6 will win Eighties Pop-Culture themed prizes. Nothing to write home about, just a trinket, but you’ll also hold bragging rights. Now, I still owe two prizes for the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown winners (Sean got his) and I’ll hold onto those in case any of the remaining two (Rob and Matt) win big here. That way I can send both out at once. Like I said, the big prize is the bragging rights.

So, check back Monday morning January 5th as we launch The Breakin’ Big Hair Brawl.

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  • I have absolutely no reason to be in this…but what the heck…it’s a good diversion from my endless job-search ( best interview question so far ” What is your avatar?” I am assuming that I did not get that job since I have not been notified that I have been bumped up to the next round of play-offs…)

    Anyway, hopefully I have caught most of the movies on reruns by now and by observing Ed, Jenna, Jason, and friends, I might have a clue on fashion and music, I will give it a shot.

  • No fashion questions. I wouldn’t be caught dead in leg warmers – well, not this decade at least.

  • I am sure I will not do nearly as well with this as with the Ho*3T. I was too stoned during the 80’s to remember what happened.

    Wait a minute… that wasn’t me…