My Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2008


Every year around this time, I like to compile my Top 10 list – recounting my favorite pieces posted during the year. I know that smacks of extreme narcissism but the damned site has my name plastered over every square inch so I think I regifted the humble pie a few years back. If one of you is eating it, check that Born on Date.

Anyway, I’ve been pimping this site big time due to my recent dive into the waters of  Facebook and the large number of reacquaintances I have forged in the last few months. In addition, I listed the annual reminder in the 2008 Christmas Card so I usually see a small spike in readership as my assorted friends and family are guilted into stopping by for a spell. I kid – of course – I don’t write this to have someone read it. I do it just because I need a parchment for these thoughts and this really is the best medium of late. What the hell, I’m lying again. Of course I want people to read this and speak of my greatness. I’m only human.

Anyway, this list represents my top 10 favorite posts of 2008. I’m not so sure this is in any specific order other than number one is truly my #1 pick. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll write a few words about each piece (why I picked it) and then you can follow the links to the source material to read the original. As always, if something ignites a spark, leave a comment. I look at this site as my historic record and you guys are a great component of that. So Comment away. Tell me I’m great. Tell me I suck. Whatever floats your boat.

With that said, on with the show.

10.   Time Out     (originally published on March 12, 2008)


On this site, I dabble in themes. There are the movie and TV show reviews/observations. The sports rants. The humerous anecdotes. The game show attempts. And then – the slice o’ life pieces which pay particular attention to the latest schemes my children have concocted in a bid to rid me of every last hair. (Too late, I tell them. Bic and Mother Nature beat ’em too it.) Anyway, this piece focused on that valuable tool in every parent’s arsenal – the Time Out – and the fact that I actually had to turn it against my little princess, Aria. But, she found a way to turn the tables. Read on to find out more.

9.   Why Not Y     (originally published on August 17, 2008)


I’m a movie fan – first and foremost but I do love me the sports and a smattering of TV shows (y’all know my Lost obsession). That said, I’ll usually partake in anything if someone shoves it at me with the maxim “Read/Listen/Taste/Touch… This”. Earlier this year, my best bud Sean passed Brian K. Vaughn’s comic series Y: The Last Man and issued the mandate – “Read This“. Now I’m doing the same to you.

8.   These Are a Few of My Favorite Things     (originally published on August 23, 2008)


This past summer, my wife Andi stepped into the role she was born to play – that of Maria von Trapp in the Gateway Theater’s summertime production of The Sound of Music. I have never been more proud, humbled or in awe of Andi and her talents. The whole production blew me away and this is my tribute to that experience.

7.   Home     (originally published on August 19, 2008)


Some time in the weeks between Andi’s first steps on stage and Colin’s leap to Kindergarten, I came to the realization. Though we’ve come from far away and our roots run deep eastward, we are Home.

6.   A Boy and His Dog     (originally published on September 19, 2008)


I never had a dog to call my own until I crested my third decade on this orb. Now I have two and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. This piece pays tribute to my son Colin and his blossoming friendship with our precious pooches.

5.   Theater of War     (originally published on September 26, 2008)


Shortly after the curtain dropped on Andi’s final performance, I was enlisted by the same theater company to join their Autumn production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I can’t sing, dance, speak or act but I do have a shaved head which fit the bill for the part they needed filling – that of Aide Warren, Nurse Ratched’s Right Hand of Doom. This piece recounts a little mishap as I worked through my first onstage fight scene. It’s all 100% true.

4.   Monster Garage     (originally published on November 7, 2008)


This tells about the House of a Couple Corpses that I waltzed through this past Halloween as Andi and I took the kids Trick r’ Treating through one of those picture perfect slices of suburbia. Hands down – the effort this homeowner went through to scare the Snickers out of ya’ wins Best in Show. Read on… if you dare.

3.   Behind The Curtain…     (originally published on October 14, 2008)


The title is much longer (you’ll see when you get there) but this one recounts the entire process of how I landed the aforementioned role of Aide Warren, how I kept the part, and the accolades and film offers lobbed my way ever since. Consider this my Master Class.

2.   6 x 6 = 36     (originally published on June 6, 2008)


For the past few years, I seem to find myself in a funk on my birthday. It’s the whole proverbial ‘Two Roads Diverged’ scenario – (i.e. What If I took this path and then…) Anyway, these pieces act as therapy and by the time I come out the back side of it, I’m ready to hug a unicorn or buy a bag of puppies.

1.   Off He Goes     (originally published on September 15, 2008)


Colin took a big step this year the moment he darkened the doorway of our elementary school and started his K-12 career. This piece recounts some tales from my past as color commentary on my feelings watching my son grow old so fast. If you have kids, read it and weep. If you don’t, feel free to point and laugh at me.

All my best to all of you in 2009.

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  • Enjoyed the re-read, as always,Ed! I did notice that with the exception of Aria’s entry, all of these were done in the second half of the year…must have been all of those Lost recaps taking up the first half! (BTW-CAN NOT WAIT!!!)

    So, Happy New Year to the Family Humphries, may 2009 bring you joy, health, and happiness! ( As well as to Ed’s faithful readers!)

  • @Aunt Sharon – When I first compiled the list, I had 14 chosen – 5 from the first half. But after the process of elimination, 1 remained from the first half. Guess, that’s the way the ball bounces. Maybe I’m picking up steam.

    As for Lost, I cannot wait myself. Just a scant few weeks to go.