Lost – ‘Because You Left’ & ‘The Lie’ – 5.1 & 5.2


Arctic blasts that steal your breath away. Ice encrusted snow the color of television tuned to a dead channel. And three hours of Lost!!!

Ahh, January. The most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, the first Lost post always find me a little rusty but I can work my way through the mire fairly quickly. You see, I have total recall over most any piece of entertainment I’ve ever viewed (apparently remembering that it was WKRP’s Mr. Carlson who guest-starred on Different Strokes as a local deviant with designs on Dudley is my super power). So, I figure another paragraph or two and it’s like I’m back, pedaling that proverbial bike.

Here on this 4th day of the work week, I flip the calendar pages backward and find that it’s been 8 long months since we last saw the Jack Pack or Oceanic 15 or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days. In the interim, I’ve stained my deck, run a couple game shows, acted Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway where I worked my ass off in 16 rehearsals to insure the 23 minutes of stage time I had were pitch-perfect, gotten reacquainted with approximately 42 old friends via Facebook that I thought were lost to the ravages of time and then settled back down to ponder the meaning of all these lingering Lost threads that need tying before May 2010. Like the numbers, for instance, and their insidious way of working themselves into the most random of places. Some great meaning there or just a coincidence?

Well, with that out of my system, I’m feeling the juices flowing. When we last left off, Desmond and Penny were reunited, Ben was cranking a wagon wheel and present day Jack was charged with bringing the man in the box back to his favorite island destination.

With that said, on with the show. Let’s get Lost.


1.   Because You Left marks the first chapter in Act 3 of this story and as proper fiction has taught us, Act 3 is where we get resolution to the main conflict. While a number of interesting plot threads were woven into the tapestry last night, it’s pretty clear that showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse know where this show will end – which is a far cry from the muddled mess that Chris Carter spun his once-great X-Files into when it neared its sunset years. Cuse and Lindelof have the luxury of knowing their end date – May 2010. Counting last night’s episode, there are 36 hours left to tell this tale and it would seem that over the course of those two hours, they have set their pawns in motion towards realizing their end game.

2.   I’ll get into plot particulars in a moment but I love how so much of what we’ve theorized over the last few years is starting to bear fruit. Specifically, the time travel or time distortion aspect of the plot. While cryptic hints have been dropped throughout the past couple of seasons that the island’s location is not so much an issue of where but when, last night offered up proof positive in the first few moments.

3.   That first scene, with a mysterious man awakening in a pastoral location brought to mind the opening segments of the last few seasons. Season 2 opened with Desmond tossing on a record (Mama Cass’ Make Your Own Music) before going through the rigors of a normal day only to end in the reveal that he was the man in the hatch. Season 3 began with a despondent Juliet tossing on another sunny ditty (Downtown) before the big reveal that she was an inhabitant of Othersville and now we have the Season 5 open, mimicking Desmond’s morning routine only to shake things up and reveal a man we’d only seen before on those cryptic orientation videos. A man possessing many inexplicable candle-related aliases (Dr. Halliwax, Dr. Wick, Dr. Candle) is actually Dr. Pierre Chang. Although he plays a doctor on TV he apparently serves a chief role in the DHARMA project, as he’s summoned to the under construction Orchid station to review a mysterious find.


4.   And it’s there, upon reviewing the sonar imaging of a wheel shaped object buried in the rubble, that Dr. Chang spells it all out for us. Whatever power lays beyond that wall, holds the ability to alter time.

5.   And to underscore that comment, our own time-tripper Dan “The Man” Farraday comes be-bopping along with some explosives a few moments later providing a great WTF moment to send us off on a commercial break. (Or me fast-forwarding through said break. I love my DVR – it’s like I’m a Time Traveler!!!)

6.   So, there it is. The island isn’t lost in space. It’s lost in time. And anyone caught within the radius is tripping the rift along with it.

7.   There is one catch. If you notice, anyone outside the radius was immune (i.e. The Oceanic 6). Almost anyone inside the radius are tripping together. Their surroundings change depending upon what time they land in, but they remain the same. We see that with the people on the small boat as well as those on the beach. BUT… Locke was hanging with his posse of Others when the light went bright and upon his awakening, he’s all alone.

8.   My take – island visitors are impacted by the effects but indigenous people are not. I believe Richard and his band of merry men are the true inhabitants of this island – the true “Others” and they are immune to the effects. So, Locke gets pinballed from one temporal spot to the next but they stay put where they are/were. Now, I raised this to someone who called out Juliet but hear in mind, she’s not indigenous to the island. She was drafted by Ben’s shady corporation Mittelos Bioscience (Mittelos is an anagram of Lost Time, by the way) and brought to the island. Same as Ben. In fact, if Ben were there, my bet is he would be skipping along the space-time continuum alongside Juliet. But Richard has been shown to be ageless (he appeared to both Ben and Locke as children appearing exactly as he appears now). So that’s my theory. He’s a native.

9.   We also see that the same sickness that impacted that dude (Fisher Stevens) on the freighter last season is impacting Charlotte. If you remember, the key to surviving time travel is to have a Constant. Faraday sees the blood running from Charlotte’s nose and that sends him back to his journal to confirm what we know. Desmond is his constant – his anchor. Which grants him the ability to reach out to Desmond and implant the power of suggestion.

10.   If you recall last season’s time travel episode, the Lost brand of time travel involves a person’s conscience moving. Essentially, your body doesn’t physically move from one time to another (as that would eventually place two of you in the same place hence opening a paradox). Instead, Lost time travel posits that your conscience moves forwards or backwards in time and takes residence in your body – in a way, explaining déjà vu. So, when Desmond wakes and tells Penny that they need to head to Oxford to hunt down Daniel’s mother, he refers to it as a memory. A newly minted memory.

11.   Daniel also refers to Desmond as special. He goes to great pains to explain that time travel follows string theory – in that the string remains the same connecting two points and that you can go backwards and forwards along it but can never deviate from the end result. Essentially, destiny. The road may change a bit but the end result will always be the same and no matter what someone does to change that destiny, course corrections will set in to insure the destiny is fulfilled. This has been an overarching theme on the show. Think back to the Charlie’s death from a few years ago. Charlie was destined to die and no matter what was done to avert that, there was always a new way for him to die. Try as hard as he might, Desmond realized he couldn’t alter Charlie’s course.

12.   So, when Daniel says Desmond is different – I’m not sure he means that Desmond can alter time so much as small changes can be made concerning Desmond who appears to be in tune with time travel outside of the island. In other words, Desmond is something that can be influenced to cause future actions to occur.


13.   The true key to the island’s power appears to be Locke. In fact, Locke ends up being the true barometer of where the island is in time. When he initially wakes in the jungle, it’s several years back – on the day that Yemi’s plane crashes on the island. Time table-wise, that’s likely in the late 90’s, predating the 2004 Oceanic crash by several years. As I’m writing this I’m rethinking my theory. Locke gets shot in the past and remains shot in the present and future. So, I don’t think its his conscience that’s traveling but his physical body. But, Desmond clearly had his conscience travel and not his body. So, that may be what makes him special.

14.   Anyway, the following meeting with Richard proves that Locke is in the future. He’s still shot and Richard provides two key pieces of information.

15.   First he gives him the compass. This is the same compass that was in the pile of artifacts that Richard showed a young Locke years earlier as a test to define what type of man he was. Remember, he told Locke, choose the item that belongs to you. Young Locke picked a knife which set Richard off – saying Locke had failed the test. Now, years later, he gives him the compass and says that the next time they meet, for Locke to give it to him – even though Richard won’t know him. My guess is the next time they meet is prior to that event – meaning Locke will travel back before the test, give Richard the watch which Richard then makes part of his test for Locke to choose what rightfully belongs to him. Where that goes, I don’t know, but I think it’s a personal test for Richard to prove that Locke is the “chosen” one and perhaps does change the future. If Locke picks the correct item as a child then Richard doesn’t storm out and perhaps Richard doesn’t settle on Ben as the Others leader later in life – thus changing the course of destiny.

16.   Which leads into his second directive. That Locke must die. Now, Richard says that Locke must die to save the island. I think to complete the biblical allusion, Locke must die – and then be resurrected – to save the day. Yup, that’s where I think that is going. Again, it’s a plot thread for the rest of the season so how this all plays out is anyone’s guess.


17.   Now, I’ll throw you a curve ball. We know there are at least two factions at work here. Ben’s group – the supposed “Good Guys” and Widemore – who I believe looks to this island as the proverbial fountain of youth. Miles dropped the note that Widemore has been looking for the island for 20 years. I’ve often felt that Widemore may have been a previous inhabitant of the island. He calls it his, often, and last season, was seen bidding on that painting and manifest from the Black Rock. What if he were banished from the island, an indigenous member, and is now doing everything in his power to get it back under his control.

18.   But here’s the curve ball. Last season Jack was warned by Hurley who passed on the following message from Charlie – “You are not meant to raise him.” Then a ghostly Claire warned Kate “Don’t you dare bring him back, Kate!” We assume that both messages from beyond the grave allude to Aaron. What if they actually reference Locke. Don’t you dare bring him back. You are not meat to raise him… from the dead. What if Locke’s death and resurrection actually provide the catalyst for whatever terrible calamity will apparently occur. We know Locke is easily duped. Falling for Richard Alpert’s plea to die (and then be reborn) might be the ultimate sacrifice or it might be the ultimate con.


19.   Before I get off all the time stuff, I have to focus in on that final meeting between Ben and that old woman. That’s Mrs. Hawking (allusion to Stephen who has a lot to say about black holes, worm holes and time travel) who Desmond encountered in his first time travel after the hatch blew. Even then, two years ago, she discussed his role in destiny – that he was meant to go to the island and push the button and save the world. And now, she’s here monitoring the temporal tea leaves looking for the next Event Window – which I assume will be the moment that they can get access to the in flux island, provided they are all in the right place at the right time.

20.   Also, 10-1 she’s Faraday’s Mommy.

21.   Now for some random thoughts.

22.   I’d like to think the “I [HEART] Shi Tzus” shirt is just a goof but knowing this show, I’m not taking anything for granted. I’ll expect the Lost obsessives are already feverishly working to break the code.

23.   What’s the deal with the creepy law firm and their Door-to-Door Blood Drive? My guess – they’re employed by Charles Widemore who is looking for leverage to break Kate and get her to divulge what she knows about the island or perhaps Aaron is key to the island and he needs him to get back.

24.   When Sayid tossed that assassin onto the Dish Washer rack, killing him with the exposed knives, he realized my greatest household fear. Every time I open that thing, I just know I’m taking my life into my own hands.


25.   I don’t believe that the fire arrow archers and the Brits that Sawyer and company later encountered are one in the same. I think the fire arrow guys reflect a visit further in the past (likely, the true Others). As for the Brits, I don’t believe they are DHARMA (the uniforms were different) so that’s a mystery to me. But what if Sawyer and company were in the future and that is a sign of things to come – of Widemore’s men!!!

All right, that’s enough for now. Let me know what you guy’s have.

I’ll be back next week for Episode 5.3 – Jughead.

Because You Left – 5.1


The Lie – 5.2


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  • 2 things that i question…the dr at the beginning, he has a baby on the island…why bother showing a baby if it doesn’t mean anything? who does the baby grow up to be?
    second, maybe widemore was on the island, but had to move it at some point, leaving crazy ben in charge? i say this only because widemore says to ben ‘this was my island first’ (he said that right?).
    by the way, i am thoroughly confused.

  • Stacy – About the baby. One of two things. I’ve read some people think the baby grows up to be that dude Miles (the Ghost Whisperer)… or, they may have shown the baby to illustrate a point. You know how baby’s can’t be born on the island. Maybe it wasn’t always like that. That the issue didn’t develop until they discovered that energy source. So, they show the baby to illustrate that this is the point when that problem startedd.

    2. I absolutely agree Widemore was on the island. Like I said, I think he is one of the true inhabitants (like Richard) and was banished for whatever reason. So, I think you are right on with that.

  • Ed, my only addition is that I think law firm was hired by Ben, not Widemore. To push Kate to go back to the Island. Another thing I just thought of, was why was Sun in LA? I wonder what she and Widemore agreed to? Now that she is there I know they will try to convince her to go back as well. Also looks like Hurley trusted Syaid vs. the ghost of Anna Lucia. He did the opposite of what Ben wanted when she told him not to get arrested.

  • @Chris – First, a 6:50 am post on a Sunday morning? Looks like you’ve officially joined the Dad’s Club. Welcome to early morning rising. Here it is 7:26 am and the only thing causing me to write this a 1/2 hour later than you is I had to bring the dogs out, find Super Why for Aria on PBS Kids and fire up the coffee maker. Otherwise, we would have been in synch.

    For the rest of you, congrats are in order to Chris and Melissa. They are brand new parents to a little boy, Anthony!!! Congrats again.

    As for the law firm, I think you nailed it. That does make perfect sense so I say we go with your theory.

    As for Sun, maybe she’s the Wild Card. We know she blames Ben and Jack for Jin’s “death”. Maybe she’s working as a double agent for Widemore to find the island again for him.

  • Yes, it was an early morning. The little guy did actually sleep 2 1/2 hours in the overnight, which is 2 1/2 more than the night before. Up to that point he was an “Up all night, Sleep all day” kind of guy. Hopefully he flips that around. Thanks for the congrats. We didn’t watch the episodes until Saturday (also love the DVR!) and typed that post with the little guy in my arms. Tough to do the one handed type. I am sure you will see some more early morning, middle of the night posts from me going forward.

  • @Chris – Colin was exactly the same way. He would nap throughout the day (not a full on sleep) and then be up all night. Or, it was more of a hour on, hour off – all night long. I remember thinking that he would never sleep and hence we would never sleep. All right, truth be told, I remember thinking that I would be dead in 3 days max. But it did pass and he became a champion sleeper by 3 months of age. So these things do settle.

    That said, I think I was the only person keeping Carson Daly in business and I discovered that TNT apparently owns only 3 movies – Shawshank, Next of Kin and Conan the Barbarian.

  • Ed, in my sleep deprived state I thought of something I wanted to run by you and everyone else who is into Lost. I know Syaid blames Widemore for killing his wife, but why would Widmore do that? Could Ben have had her killed and blamed Widmore to get Syaid to work for him? Just something that didn’t make sense.

  • @Chris – I think that is exactly what happened. We know Ben is a master manipulator and that seems right up his alley.

    And I promise you – sleep will come. I know these early days well and it seems like it won’t – but it will.

  • Since I am late to the party this week, I don’t have a ton to add, plus I didn’t really feel like this one opened up tons of new questions. Feels more like it just sets a pace and tone for what is to come.

    That said, I think Hurley is kind of a douche. I can’t remember if I like him or not. I think I did, but I don’t now. I think Widemore was with the British soldiers and not a native. The flame arrows are from the natives/others. Both these groups are further in the past than we think, maybe before Dharma arrived. Based on Richard not traveling with Locke, it seemed apparent to me that natives don’t move in time.

    Congrats to Chris and Melissa!!!

  • Thanks Sean. Hey, what makes you hate Hurley all of a sudden? I assume it is sudden as you couldn’t remember if you liked him or not. I have always liked his character. He is comic relief. He tries to get along with everyone. He said he would not help Syaid when he said he must lie, but then helped him when he was hurt. He is kind of baby at times so I can see where maybe you would be annoyed, but hate? I guess if someone rubs you the wrong the way that’s they way it is. I liked how Anna Lucia said, “Libby says hi” after she “pulled” him over.

  • @Chris: You are right, “hate” is a pretty strong word to throw around here. I think I don’t like him. He definitely annoys me. I seem to remember this feeling coming about the time of the VW bus episode last year. If I weren’t so lazy right now, I’d dive into the archives and figure it out. I agree that he’s comic relief, but is that his only purpose? He is sometimes that everyman that lends a different perspective others don’t see, but not often enough. Hmm… maybe he’s more complex than I think. That said, he definitely annoyed me in this one. A lot.

  • About Hurley, he actually bothers me a bit. I liked him at the beginning when he was all comic relief. As they try to get deeper into his neuroses, I think he becomes more trouble than he’s worth.

    On the flip side, I didn’t like Sawyer one bit at the beginning and now I find him to be GOLD. He always cracks me up with his quips and he does the tortured hero/bad boy thing right. He’s the Han Solo of this piece.

  • This was a great season opener.

    I’ve always liked Hurley, but when he starts to freak out I get irritated. I guess that’s just his character, and why he’s the “every dude” and a follower, not a leader. I loved how he threw the hot pocket at Ben! Its bizarre to see Ben off of the island. I still can’t fathom why he turned himself in. Obviously it was to get away from Ben, but presumably Ben was eventually going to take him to Jack and Sayid, so this only just complicates things.

    I’ve always thought that time travel/time dilation had a big part to play in the show, and this episode proves my theory right!

    As far as the “I <3 Shi Tzus” t-shirt, this has nothing to do with theories pertaining to the show, but I find it extremely hard to believe that he’d be able to find a shirt big enough to fit him in a random convenience store. The dude has got to at least be a 4XL or 5XL, don’t tell me they keep those sizes in stock!

    @Ed: As far as Sayid real zing your greatest household fear, I don’t usually put the big knives in the regular silverware area, I just stick to forks, spoons, and small steak knives. Anything larger for carving/chopping I place in the top area. Its a legitimate concern, especially since you’re in the kitchen near water where you could easily slip and fall!

  • @prfkttear: Right on with the T-Shirt sizes. I can’t even find the right flavor of Gatorade when I go to my local convenience store, let alone a Mu-Mu.