Fists of Flannel – 90’s Pop Culture Trivia Contest


“Pop Quiz, Hot Shot.”

Know what 90’s movie that’s from or are you just curious to know what I know? Either way – have I got the contest for you.

Starting next Monday, February 2, 2009, The Ed Zone will launch a new trivia contest, similar in structure to The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown and Breakin’ Big Hair Brawl that I’ve run on this site over the last couple of months. Where Ho Ho hit Christmas and Breakin’ targeted the hazy, crazy 80’s – Fists of Flannel is about to get all angst-ridden on your collective ass.

That’s right, this new contest covers Nineties Pop Culture (movies, TV, music). While our contestants’ ages typically span a wide gulf, I am fairly confident that all of you were alive just a little over a decade ago. If you weren’t, then get off my site. Why aren’t those parental controls kicking in?

The format will be the same. Six rounds of 10 questions each (I dropped 4 per round to keep things more manageable). Starting Monday February 2nd, I will post Round 1 in the morning. Players will have until the following morning by 6:00 a.m. EST to send me their answers at Results will be posted that day. And then Round 2 will go up on Wednesday. We’ll continue in this fashion through six rounds.

The only change to the schedule (made simply to make my life easier) is I will run two rounds per week (not 3) meaning the contest will go for 3 weeks.

The schedule works as follows:

Round 1     Monday February 2
Round 2     Wednesday February 4
Round 3     Monday February 9
Round 4     Wednesday February 11
Round 5     Monday February 16
Round 6     Wednesday February 18

With the results, I’ll also post a Leaderboard. The top 3 winners at the end of Round 6 will be declared the victors and will hold exclusive bragging rights until the next trivia contest rolls around (in about a week or so – SAYYYYYYY WHATTTTTTT?!?!?!?) .

On Monday February 2nd, the Fists of Flannel are flying.

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  • Looking forward to it. However, I will probably come in last. I was watching Barney on tv and anything that was a cartoon in the movies with my then toddler, David. ….Still waiting for the 70’s trivia game.

  • @Suzanne – I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself. As for a 70’s game, the only issue I have is that I wasn’t alive in the 70’s so I don’t know anything about it.