The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown

The winner of the UFC? The Octagon?? Thunderdome???


Holiday Pop-Culture Trivia. That’s how we separate the superhuman from the rest of you bottom-dwellers. If you want to find a real champion, the eyes of the cyberworld are here upon my little postage stamp of web real estate – where over the next two weeks, a battle royale will wage to rock the pillars of hell. Or at the very least, to make the interminable march towards the Big Day, Christmas morn, fly a little more swiftly. Ohhhhh, I hope I got that new Jonas Brothers friendship bracelet.

As you know, over the last two years I have decided to inject some levity and bloodsportsmanship into my annual holiday party through the marriage of Holiday Pop-Culture Themed Trivia Questions with Traditional Yankee Swap. And, as we did last year, I use these questions as the springboard for The Annual Ed Zone Ho Ho Ho Throwdown.

The rules are simple.

Every other business day (starting Monday) I will post a series of 10 trivia questions. Anyone who would like to participate can simply ‘Ring In’ by leaving a Comment along the lines of “I’m In” or “OB1 and Done, baby”. Then e-mail me your answers to After each round’s deadline expires, I’ll post the results and we’ll move on to the next round.

As the actual party is usually so loud, not many people hear all of these questions unless you are on the hot seat and perched two inches away from my bellowing pie hole. Therefore, this little contest is fair game to anyone who wants to submit answers.

Now, as this is the wild, wild web, I know the answers are just a Google away. I’m going to get a pop culture-themed prize and display the winner’s name (and Mii likeness) on this site at the conclusion of all six rounds, so if you cheat, you cheat me.  And yourself. Oh, and your children. Your dogs and cats. And anyone who ever looked you square in the eye and declared you a kind, decent human. Hell – you cheat America and right now, America needs you more than ever you lowdown, dirty Canadian. 

Yup, you Google Gizmo and you’re basically dead to us all.

The last note – as my faithful readers can attest, I like to keep these posts visually interesting by sprinkling them with photos. I plan on posting photos with each question but in the case of multiple-choice questions, the photo displayed is not necessarily indicative of the winning answer. It just means I found a photo I liked. Also, in the instance where a photo would truly spoil a question, I’ll just post some random holiday-themed shot.

Remember, Round 1 will be up Monday morning – December 8th. I hope y’all join the fight.

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