The 2008 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown Winner’s Circle


Sorry – I had to taunt Joe one more time.

If you haven’t seen it already – check the post below for the FINAL results and Leaderboard.

Now, would you look at that. I helped to hasten the holiday. As I write this, we are buried in snow and mere days from the most wonderful time of the year. I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s edition of the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown. It’s more work than I ever realize it’s going to be (especially when you jump from 2 to 15 contestants) but I have a great time coming up with the questions and running the show, so it’s all worth it.

While Sean and I were tossing a few back at the British Beer Company we decided that next year, if we get started early enough, we can make the submission process a bit easier. So look for some high-tech wizardry for the 2009 edition.

Also – as I teased a few days ago – I’m planning on launching an Eighties Pop Culture themed trivia contest. Now, I know some will groan thinking the questions will all skew toward Balki and Punky Brewster – but remember this is the same decade that gave us Die Hard and Predator. I plan to hit all bases. The game will start Monday January 5th and run for 6 rounds – following the same structure we employed this time. I’ll post a reminder when we get closer.

As for this year’s contest, Sean won the big prize followed by Rob and then Matt in third place. I’ll mail Rob his prize (he’s in Ohio afterall) but will hand-deliver Sean and Matt their prizes the next time I see them. Don’t expect anything grand. Just a little pop-culture themed token to prove you won. Now, as for the rest of the world, I present a little celebratory video featuring our winners and their task master as one final treat.


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  • Once again, excellent job and I totally enjoyed it! I am, however, already plotting how I can plant someone in your party next year on MY behalf who will feed me the answers…not that I am complaining…I’m just saying…

    If the 80’s version includes Punky and Balki, watch out! I was there for that part!!I will probably screw up on the whole hair-bands part and whatever movies Uncle Ron took you and Poe to, while I stayed home.

    And, I will say, Sean’s got the moves!

  • Maybe it is just the photos we have in his collection, but why do the three contestants come off fruity, but Ed is a badass? We look like fruity elves (as opposed to pirates)! I will say, that is a cool little video though. ElfYourself indeed. (And yes, apparently if you smile for a photo, you are fruity whence put upon the torso of a dancing elf.)

    As for the contest, I am shocked I did as well as I did. I guess I should have played last year, although I remember one reason I did not was the questions he had at the party last year were more difficult than those this year. At least in my opinion. Now, I’m sure Ed can tell us for sure, but I think we got thru between 20 to 25 of the questions at the party this year. I think there were like 16 gifts and not everyone got their question right the first time. I did note that there were three questions from the party in the last round, which was surprising given I thought we eliminated most at the start. As I said before, I didn’t get much benefit from them as the one I thought I heard the correct answer for was in fact wrong. That and the one I got bounced out on, but I just couldn’t come up with it on the spot. (George Bailey in answer to who has a daughter named Zuzu, even though I was naming off everything but the character name.) I guess what I am saying is that since the party is so chaotic — with those childless parents all liquored up looking for a bowl in which to drop keys — that you don’t hear all the questions and answers unless you are down in front.

  • @Sean – I shuffled and reshuffled the deck of questions so there was no rhyme nor reason to how far some questions could survive. Just the luck of the shuffle.

  • All right Dan – You’ve officially scored an invite for next year. : ) Just don’t bring the keys to the CRX.

  • I’ll bring the Trans Am I just got…and then stuff you (and 5 of your closest guy friends)in the back of that!

  • Wow, yeah, ElfYourself. I appreciate the time and effort put into that, I do agree with Sean that we look a little, well, less-than-manly. Especially since my elf appears to be shaking his breasts.

    Anyway, thanks again for doing this. Count me in for the 80’s contest. Vengeance is mine!