The 2008 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 5 – Results Edition

Editor’s Note – The answers have been appended to the questions below. And at the very bottom, you’ll find the leaderboard. Round 6 (the final round) questions will be posted Friday December 19, 2008 by 8:00 a.m. EST.

Two rounds left and we are starting to get some separation at the top. And with separation comes arrogance. And arrogance leads to temptation. And temptation leads to the dark side. Or wait, is it temptation leads to arrogance? I always get that mixed up. All I know is they all end up leading to you waking up in some strange bed with a nasty midichlorian infection.

Hey – we’ve all been there. Right?


Anyway, back to the show. I still say this is almost anyone’s game. Round 5 begins now. Remember to buzz in below and e-mail your answers to The deadline for submissions is 6:00 a.m. EST Thursday December 18, 2008.

Round 5.

1.   Who plays the Bob Cratchit in The Muppet Christmas Carol?
(Answer:   Kermit, But we did get a few ‘Mickey Mouse’ responses leading me to consider threatening that Reading Comprehension Test again.)

Correct – Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Angela, Steven, Brian, Dan, Stacy


2.   What holiday movie is this quote from:
“Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”
(Answer:   A Christmas Story – And Again, Joe continues to struggle with the Leg Lamp… let’s put it this way, of the 4 people who got this wrong, 3 dropped out of the contest this round and never submitted an answer.)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy, Joe

3.   In The Simpson’s Christmas Special (the very first episode aired), what festive occupation does Homer score to earn enough money for holiday presents?
(Answer:   Mall Santa)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy


4.   If Christmas is for Christians and Chanukah is for Jewish people, what holiday is “for the rest of us”?
(Answer:   Festivus)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy


5.   What does Aunt Bethany “recite” for her Christmas Eve blessing in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?
(Answer:   The Pledge of Allegiance)

Correct – Steven, Tracy, Matt, Jason, Justin, Rob, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Angela, Brian, Dan, George, Stacy, Chris


6.   What is Frosty the Snow Man’s catch phrase when he comes to life?
(Answer:   “Happy Birthday!”)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy


7.   Which of these is not a title of a song in The Nightmare Before Christmas?
a.   Jack’s Lament
b.   Jack’s Obsession
c.   Jack’s Big Idea
(Answer:   C, Jack’s Big Idea)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Matt, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Tracy, George, Jason, Stacy


8.   What Volume of the Very Special Christmas audio series does the Run DMC rap classic Christmas in Hollis appear on?
a.   I
b.   II
c.   III
d.   IV
(Answer:   A, Volume I – And I have to give MAD PROPS to Rob for actually ‘singing’ a few bars in his answer.)

Correct – Steven, Tracy, Matt, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Angela, Brian, Dan, George, Stacy, Aunt Sharon


9.   In A Charlie Brown Christmas Special, what denominations of cash does Sally suggest Santa could gift her with if her list proves too complicated for him?
(Answer:   “Tens and Twenties” – She just wants her fair share. She just wants what’s coming to her. Some of you said “Twenties” but you needed to provide both denominations.)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Matt, Jason, Rob, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Tracy, George, Justin, Stacy, Chris

10.   What “holiday” movie features the following line:
“Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”   (Hint – It’s not the one in the pic above).
(Answer:   Die Hard – Two Things, First – I explicitly said “It’s not the one in the pic above and yet I received Reindeer Games as an answer. Second – Justin got it right but somewhat argued that it’s not a line but a sign and yet Alan Rickman does read the sign, thus making it a line.)

Correct – Angela, Steven, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy, Chris

1.   Sean O   (47)
2.   Rob M   (46)
3.   Matt D   (45)
4.   Joe D   (43)
5.   Aunt S/Steve K   (42)
6.   Justin S/Jason C   (41)
7.   Chris K   (38)
8.   George A   (29)
9.   Angela   (27)
10.   Tracy M   (26)
11.   Brian M   (18)
12.   Dan M   (14)
13.   Stacy S   (12)

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  • You have no idea how much my heart sinks when I see ANYTHING to do with Nightmare…Here goes anyway…

  • Ed, can you check my answer for number 8. Unless I had a typo I am pretty sure I put volume I. I want a recount like Al Franken!!!!! Also for number 10 I will fess up, I misread that one (or I misremembered misreading it) as I though it said it WAS the one from the picture. I would have missed it anyways as I didn’t remember that “line/sign” from Die Hard. At least I got a Nightmare question right (nice guess by me. I agree with Aunt Sharon, lay off those questions. I am also very disappointed that I have two wrong anwers from Christmas Vacation, which I love. I need to re-watch that movie and fast.

    Finally, Ed I did notice that that picture of you dressed up as a caveman (not sure what it had to do with any questions) was from one of my Halloween parties in Brighton. Good times. I assume the pot holder is so you could handle the fire you apparently discovered!

  • Chris – Corrected (although it didn’t change your total on the Leaderboard as I had that tallied correct (7 right, 3 wrong).

    As for you and Sharon – one of two things. Either SEE that movie in the next year or I may actually have exhausted those questions. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    As for the Caveman pic – I threw that in there because it embodies electric sex. And that was from your Halloween Party. The night of that party it was about 10 degrees outside and me wanting to go “full caveman”, I didn’t wear shoes.

    Never go full caveman.

  • Ed, Worth a try to get another point up! Hey, did you do two costumes that year, Blair Witch Project and Caveman, or come two years in row? I hope you still have the video of the Blair Witch Project as I bet it is worth taking a look at, what… almost 10 years later….

  • I saw Nightmare when it came out and didn’t like it, although Poe is somewhat incredulous at this fact and is ordering me to SEE IT AGAIN! And those Special Christmas cd’s will be my undoing…I still don’t know how many or what years they came out…Although I did hear a U2 Christmas song on the all-holiday music radio station-and when I went to iTunes, damn if it wasn’t off one of those!

  • @Dan – You did miss a round. The last is up tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it. I’ve been championing you as The Little Engine That Could.

    @ Chris and Aunt Sharon – Next year, I’ll give you guys a call before drafting the questions to insure you’re comfortable with the subject mattr. Kidding!!! I’m just being snarky after 2 years and 120 questions made from scratch.

    @Everyone – Once we finish Round 6 and crown the winners, I’m taking a little siesta for the holiday. I’ll still post but the official game will be done. That said, I have roughly 60 or so Eighties Pop Culture Trivia questions burning a hole in one of the 5 million pockets adorning my parachute pants and if there is interest, I was thinking of filling January with that contest as the segueway before Lost starts up. If I hear from enough people that there is interest I’ll queue it up after the holidays.

    P.S. The questions came from a game I invented for Andi’s 30th Birthday Party a few years back. I think we got through 6 of them at the party so they are all fresh. Oh – I named the game…. Andi Land.

  • Ed, any heads up would be appreciated by me! I love the Elf questions as I relly liked that movie and have seen it many times. So keep them coming!

    Gee, I was surprised I didn’t remember you coming two years in a row… Oh wait, alcohol was involved… I am not so surprised. My friend Tony still laughs about screaming at the top of his lungs. Plus I think you taped “the flapper” making out with “Fozzie Bear” in the kitchen.

    Love the idea of the 80’s trivia. Just to warn you I will let Melissa know as she is the queen of 80’s music/trivia. Music especially. In fact she filled out an application for “Rock and Roll Jeopardy” (triva question, remember who the host was before they hit big on another show?) and was rejected because they said she had “too much industry knowledge”. She could have been the Ken Jennings of of Rock and Roll Jeopardy!! She was cheated.

    I can’t wait for LOST! I am down to about two shows that I watch every week. “How I met your Mother” and “Chuck”.

  • I find it funny that question 1 gives away the answer with the picture, so everyone should have gotten that, but yet, question 10 explicitly did not and some people answered that anyway.

    The Sally question clearly has “denominations” and that is plural people, suggesting you need more than one! Ed is so correct about the reading comprehension! We are five rounds deep and despite it being called out just about every time, people still aren’t reading close enough.

  • Agreed with Sean on his points involving questions 1 and 10. And here’s a little more color commentary on question 1.

    I posted that pic (mainly because it was the best I could find) knowing full-well that the answer was in the pic. But I also posted it knowing that some of you would know the answer was in the pic and might second-guess yourselves into not posting the correct answer by thinking there is no way I would post a picture of the answer above the same question.

    That, on this very family-friendly site, is what we refer to as a mind-f#$k.

    On the topic of Reading Comprehension, the Reindeer Games answer is a good one (let’s call it my #2 in the Hall of Shame) but the absolute BEST (or worst) example of poor reading skills is Justin’s answer to the following question:

    “In Home Alone, Kevin’s parents are headed to Paris when they leave him behind. Where are they traveling to in Home Alone 2 when they abandon him…”

    Justin’s answer: He got on the wrong plane.

  • @Chris – I’ve got to find that tape. Is that the same party that you and Steve went as Devo (complete with avant-garde traffic cones on your head)? And the Bear and the Flapper is legendary and may have paved the way for future celebirty couples like Bennifer, TomKat and my personal favorite – Kerryookie.

    The Caveman party also saw Mookie arrive as a life-sized Ty Beanie Baby – a costume his Mom made for him. I can only assume that he came after Trick r’ Treating. But what do I know. I’m just a Caveman. Your primitive customs of going door to door begging for sweet treats are strange and confusing to me.

    The Rock and Roll Jeapordy question – I’m going to go with, Seacrest – OUT! I know I’m probably wrong.

    As for that story, that is a good one and she was definitely robbed. A similar thing happened to me at UMASS. HBO was on campus filming some college trivia game that they were going to air (I think the format was that you answer a question and then bang a cab driver). Anyway – I was selected to participate and I nailed every question before the other guys could say a word. (They were all pop-culture, TV and movie based). The guy running the booth said I had to be cheating, tossed me a T-Shirt and told me to beat it. I could have been the next Matt Lauer.

    So – it’s done then. I’ll put an official announcement up soon but on Monday January 5th – we’ll kick off the Eighties Trivia game (name TBD).

  • I don’t remember the Eighties..but I will play and try to be the spoiler for one of you guys that were at the Christmas Party and are keeping the charging Aunt Sharon at bay in the Throwdown!!

  • Ed, I think that was party of the Devo costume. One of my better ones. Good guess but the answer is Jeff Probst of Survivor!

  • Actually I said he got on a plane to New York City…..doesn’t make me right….so I can somewhat read…just the not the family part….

    And I am still happy he got dropped in the Good Son…he would have made a terrible Hobbit